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  1. Wildcat tren depot love it
  2. Any benefit to this.over just straight test e? Is 100mg pheny 50mg prop 50mg ace per ml
  3. Always thought malay tiger only did amps??
  4. Start it a week before jabs
  5. Any one any experience with it considering either 1g test 500mg npp or 1g npp 500mg test. How was gains vs sides etc
  6. Worst comes worst sb labs it is lol
  7. Only difference mine had to urs. Plus more info on the front of the box
  8. Seems ok lacking some writtin on box compared to ones i had. Foil tab packagin looks same which is the important bit lol
  9. Can only be a good thing haha
  10. Anyone had these before?
  11. Eminemence are very good
  12. Mega test 350mg (y) spot on stuff. Used like their t400 with pheny in best
  13. Ap clen good Balkan good Sb labs my fave so far just not always easy to get hold of
  14. I had this was initially ment to be key hole, ended up bein totally opened up an 4 procedues done in 1 iv ended up with a full knee replacement so dont always be so sure