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  1. Any other labs produce aromasin the way dhacks used to? 100x12.5mg
  2. Hopefully its produced soon then
  3. Sildamax are the ones to get
  4. Non that iv come across just saw it listed on wondered why no one makes it? Same with equipoise cypionate
  5. Anybody any experience with this?
  6. Used their var very good. Just could do with being 50x50mg lol
  7. 250mg sus m w f 150mg npp m w f 25mg inj tbol preworkout 2iu ansomone ed Full knee replacement rebuild
  8. Stick ur hand in ur pocket an get it tested if ur that worried?
  9. How many ppl wud pay the price tag for 10ml tho? Talkin not much change out of a tonne
  10. Good luck on the eq
  11. Says liquid oral on the label
  12. Anybody seen or used these before?
  13. They look very intresting
  14. Used their tren ace an test e very happy