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  1. Very rare for blood pressure so be affected so badly from moderate doses like this in such a small time frame. I'd suggest having a week off and then take your BP again and see what's up. Definitely avoid clen if you've got BP issues generally. Oh, and the effects of T3 don't stall btw I've used 100mcg for 8 weeks straight, for example, and it was effective toward the end as it was at the start.
  2. Just had my favourite quick-and-easy meal atm, especially good for cutting since the calories aren't very high - pot of Ko-Lee Go-noodles with 125g of ready-cooked frozen chicken breast, and green beans. Pour the boiling water into the pot of noodles, then whack the chicken and green beans in a bowl and microwave for 5 minutes while the noodles cook. Then tip the noodles into the bowl of chicken and green beans and mix it up (if you put the right amount of water into the noodles then it makes a nice thin sauce that works a treat on the chicken). Bit less than 500 calories, roughly 30g of protein and a good balance of carbs and fats, plus makes a very decent portion size.
  3. I've always done it. Pulled up blood once, was enough to make it worth my while for me. Takes very little effort.
  4. Only one of those I ever use is Waterbury's, so I voted that one. My 3 favourites are either 10-8-6 with 2-3 minutes rests; Vince Gironda 6x6; or Yates HIT.
  5. Holy f**k, a newbie wrote a thread about losing weight and actually spelled "lose" correctly
  6. Yep, cluster sets/cluster reps, all this stuff falls under those I like to use them when I'm cutting as well, keeps the weight pretty light without going high with the reps and I just feel like it burns more calories than a more standard approach.
  7. Any asthma med will do the trick. Ephedrine, clen, salbutamol.
  8. Some days I think I look good, others I just think I'm too small.
  9. I was taking the piss out of the thread title, I'm assuming you meant to write "new member" rather than "new number"
  10. Teachers are a right bunch of filthy bastards I reckon. One teacher used to lock girls in the cupboard when they misbehaved, never did it to any of the guys so we reckon it was some sort of perverted fantasy thing - then he got the sack and there was a rumour that a cum-sock was found in his desk, probably BS but he was weird. There was a talent show on as well when I was in year 11 and a bunch of the slaggy birds in my year did some slutty chair-dancing show. One of the maths teachers got up and was like "I'm not watching this, it's disgusting!!" and walked out, but a bunch of people reckon they saw him having a fiddle about it his pockets as he walked out like he was trying to stop his semi showing and we reckon he was off to the gents for a quick tug
  11. Ok then babe, give me your new number and I'll help you out xx
  12. Might have been her last day as well? Either that or sick of the job and wants the sack One of my mates shagged our French teacher a few years ago. She's pretty decent looking for a 40 year old tbf. She married another teacher while we were in school and both of them added all of us on Facebook, then they got divorced and she was slagging him off all over FB, then posted up pics with her new BF (big juiced-up black fella) with captions like "Feels nice to be with a REAL man, now"
  13. I still remember we had one fit teacher in our school, really fu**ing fit an' all. My mates dared me to chat her up, so I asked her if I could ask her something after class and went for it. Talked about the work for about 30 seconds and then went for "You know, for a teacher you're REALLY fit". She gave me a death stare and told me to stop talking and leave or I'd be reported to the head of year for innappropriate behaviour. I like to think she might have gone for it if she wasn't married
  14. The program "Are you smarter than a 10 year old?" was clear proof that we don't use a lot of the s**t we get taught in school once we finish mandatory education, and therefore forget it.
  15. Any type of progressive overload is good for hypertrophy and increasing density (i.e. shorter rest times/same amount of work done in less time) is one of several tried and tested methods of overload When I'm training on upper lower splits I typically have heavy and light days, and my light days are based around Vince Gironda principles - he believed in decreasing rest periods as a main method of progressive overload. 6x6 is my favourite - pick a weight that you cna do 12 reps to failure, and attempt 6 sets of 6 reps with that weight, with 30 seconds of rest between sets, then one you can perform all 6 reps on all 6 sets then decrease the rest periods by 5 seconds on your next workout, until you can complete all the sets with just 15 second rests. Making that progress would mean that your former 12RM is now probably about your 20RM, which is a big strength increase.