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  1. How so? Always made good gains from it myself. Personally prefer to go heavy on a main exercise though and then go for 10 sets on a secondary exercise, so for example I might go heavy on squats and then leg press for 10x10 or 10x6.
  2. I love a bit of GVT and all and it does hurt, but I'd probably puke after a straight set of 100+ Depends how good your cardiovascular conditioning is as to which one you'd find more torturous I suppose. Have you tried advanced GVT as well? Basically the same but lower reps, 10x6 and stuff like that. Prefer it myself, just seems less boring somehow.
  3. Ugh, not this c**t again...
  4. You didn't answer my question you c**t.
  5. I wouldn't say that, I was watching some of his other videos and he comes across pretty well, and gets fuckloads of birds' numbers.
  6. @MidsGuy21Is the guy in the orange cap what you'd define as a "cuck"? Just tryna learn the lingo.
  7. Technology is making people lazy, physically and with their food choices. Machines and AI are killing us already. That's enough deep thought for today, my brain hurts now.
  8. T3. Lots. Test is also a prescription drug
  9. I don't think a WWE ring is meant to support that kind of weight
  10. Lucky bugger, 3 weeks worth of 5 days a week training nearly killed me Just about handle 3-4 days a week normally.
  11. These events wouldn't be even half as popular as what they are if they were tested. People watch to see these freaks lifting superhuman amounts of weight. It'd lose its appeal if the weights being lifted were dramatically reduced, which would happen because these amazing feats of strength simply wouldn't be possible without drugs.
  12. These types of things give me acid reflux, not good for training.
  13. I used to just bite them off but they kept growing back so sorta pointless and very messy (and a bit painful as well). Using the oregano oil on them stings but they go away completely after a few weeks.
  14. I get them under my arms, my auntie got me into using oregano oil and it works really well tbf. Best to google "oregano oil skin tags" if you want more info on how to go about it, just be aware that you'll smell a bit like pizza all the time if you apply it every day
  15. If you're not on drugs, not a great idea. Bound to lose some muscle and being on such low calories is going to cause metabolic slowdown after a week or two unless you're on thyroid drugs (though refeeds obviously help a bit).