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  1. Went on a bit long, someone should have thrown in the towel...
  2. Don't you mean... CRAZY?
  3. I tend to eat this stuff after I come BACK from the gym... oh yes!
  4. I never have a problem drinking enough water. I tend to have 5-6 meals a day and wash every meal down with a pint of water. I always take 2l USN bottle to bed with me as well and get through at least half of it per night. Plus if I'm at the gym I normally get through a couple of Lucozade Sports there.
  5. Exact fu**ing same situation I was in when I tried out CBT a couple of years ago mate! I mean, I'd give her one, she had a decent body and that, but she had a bit of a race-horse face and like your situation, she wasn't really my type... but she always wore short skirts and she'd always have her legs crossed, and every 10 minutes or so she'd obviously start to get a bit of a dead leg or something as she'd quickly uncross them to cross them back the other way and it was always the motion that made me stare right where all the action was, and it just so happened to make it appear I was having a quick gander at her crotch Being on test, was enough to give me some material for when I got home.
  6. Why would you want to look like someone whose shoulders are hardly wider than their hips
  7. Definitely not below 10. Good ab genetics so they're popping out hard, but elsewhere he looks a little soft.
  8. Still got a bunch of Crystal Heat that I picked up a couple of years ago, definitely the real deal.
  9. Yep! Just hoping I can get to that stage in good time. I've not had trouble on the gains front, put on about 30lbs of actual muscle in my first couple years of training as a natty and then added another 30 in the last couple years on gear. So gone from 140lbs with abs before I started, to just over 200 with similar bodyfat. I try and stay pretty lean year-round as it just makes the physique look so much better, so I try and stay between roughly 8-12 percent. For the last year I've done 2-3 bulk and cut phases per year rather than longing them out once a year. Actually, I'm planning to just start using my blasts to bulk, and then mid-cruise I'll do a 10-day cycle on DNP whilst cruising to trim off any gained fat, seems like a good idea to take advantage of DNPs muscle-sparing properties to cut on a cruise dose of 250mg and get away with it. I used to HATE DNP but realised that I failed to consider that I was using the crystal stuff and taking my dose all in one go, and with the crystal stuff you get a spike after a couple of hours so obviously taking a couple tabs in one go isn't going to be at all pleasant. Tried it again splitting my doses and it's fine. Yeah, I'd say he's about 15% there.
  10. Looks fu**ing awesome, but in particular I've picked him because we're the same height and I see a lot of similarities in our physiques in his physique photos from 5 years ago, in terms of insertions, skeletal shape and so on. So crossing my fingers that I can at least look similar about 5 years down the line, if all goes well
  11. Nope, on a flat motorway I said "up to about" btw, not 130 on the dot. Probably closer to 120 tbh. Let's say just for argument's sake anyways that it's 110mph. The max speed limit is 70. I normally poodle along at 90-100. What the f**k do I even need any more than 110 for
  12. Well, typo, I meant about 130, but yeah.
  13. Speed limit is 70mph on motorways. My little 1.6L Fiesta Titanium goes up to about 130mph and accelerates nice and quickly. No f**ks given.
  14. She literally linked to her Instagram (i.e. the world's biggest photo sharing site) in the OP
  15. Nobody can really say apart from you tbh. Balancing volume and RPE is the difference maker. My best mate started lifting with me a few months ago as a total beginner, I noticed his definition of "failure" isn't the same as mine was as a beginner so I've got him doing 3-4 sets straight sets instead. He's been making great gains on that even in a caloric deficit, whereas if he pushed much closer to failure on his worksets then I'd have had him sticking with 2 sets. So all depends on if you feel the last sets are worth it as, generally, you don't need to go to genuine failure 3-4 times on one exercise on a regular set scheme.