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  1. Sounds like a plan I just don't see the point in cutting on a blast tbh unless you're fat, you can maintain muscle with a ml of test a week so might as well get rid of fat in your downtime with a short aggressive cut and then you can use all your blasting time to build muscle. DNP and clen is always good if you've overdone it a bit and have gotten a bit chubby for your liking, otherwise you can get away with some T3, or even nothing but your test if it's only a little bit. I prefer just whacking in the T3 cause I feel MUCH better on high doses of T3 for short periods than I do on even low doses of DNP. If I've spilled over though then bring out the big guns, DNP.
  2. Sounds more like a bit of an upset stomach tbh. Happens to a lot of people on orals. Feel like you need food, not actually hungry in reality though.
  3. Typically, I cut more toward the end of a cruise. If I decide to use DNP (normally in the winter) then I just do it in the middle, but if I'm just using T3 then I'll bang in a high dose for a few weeks (used 150mcg last time), then drop straight down to 75mcg on day 1 of the next bulk cycle to get a nice bit of rebound-bulk going on for the first week or two. If you blast and cruise, then actually cutting on a blast is something I'd only do if you've got a lot of extra weight to lose. Otherwise, you can stay below 12% just throwing in quick aggressive cuts during each cruise.
  4. If you want to get bigger but stay lean or get leaner over time, short bulking and cutting phases or throwing in mini-cuts periodically, are the answer really. With a recomp the caloric intake has to be absolutely spot on for anything to happen other than just slowly losing fat. I typically throw in a mini-cut every cruise, but might also throw one in on a cycle if I've spilled over too much already. Just a quick aggressive cut for 2-3 weeks using DNP or high-dose T3.
  5. Yep. I risk being involved in a car crash and dying every time I get behind the wheel, or even walking out in the streets - but obviously, although there are risks, I accept those risks and do everything I can to keep myself safe. Same with the steroid use.
  6. Thinking about the best potential outcome of what I'm doing.
  7. Followed it when I first ever used T3. Followed a T3 only protocol on the next cycle using the same T3 dose. Had better results on T3 only! Thing is, we have Reverse T3 to think about as well. RT3 is a reuptake hormone that eliminates excess T3. Where does this hormone come from? It's directly synthesised from T4. If you take T4 with your T3, you're providing a resource for RT3 to be made, thus potentially lowering the level of free T3 within the body; conversely, if you take T3 only, T4 production is suppressed, there is no source for RT3 to be made, therefore the dose of T3 you take is the dose you get
  8. He's one of the people that got me fascinated with T3 tbh
  9. Ausbuilt had his nan on DNP as well didn't he Some would say he's a nutter, others a genius.
  10. Two pages of nutters so far just lurking on the forums and never posting
  11. If you're using steroids just for motivation, you're clearly not enthusiastic about it enough to go the distance and actually achieve anything noteworthy. Don't waste your time and money when you're just going to give up a while down the line anyway.
  12. NGL, I read "17" as "17" for a few seconds, thinking "That doesn't even make sense!" before realising that "17" means "it".
  13. Wear trackies, compression leggings or high socks. Basically, cover up your shins
  14. I swear we see this thread once a month. I've been ordering from MP for 4 years and never had a problem.