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  1. I go through a lot of whey protein and egg protein powders, and I use BCAAs when I'm cutting. I do believe that the BCAAs help because I tend to cut very aggressively a few times a year for very short periods, and with a heavy drop in calories often means I might not be consuming as much protein as would be optimal for muscle maintenance so BCAAs help with getting the aminos in. Other than that, no supplements are essential for muscle gain or fat loss since they can all be gotten through diet.
  2. If you use a drug that directly speeds up your metabolic rate, your heart rate is very likely to increase. That's quite a big jump for 50mcg but the combination of tren and T3 will likely be behind that.
  3. Yep, one of the few in the industry that has a fully developed competitive physique and talks more sense than the majority, rather than relying on good genetics and coaching to get him to where he is.
  4. I love John Meadows. I dunno if it's just me, but to me he looks like the kinda guy you look at and think "That guy looks dumb as f**k, his face is just gormless" then he opens his mouth and you realise he's very intelligent.
  5. I was also planning a bit of DNP at the start of June cause the weather up to the point I'd started planning it had been shite, but by the looks of it, that cycle might be a death sentence
  6. Just picked up a chicken pitta with lettuce and garlic sauce on the way home. Delish, pretty healthy (it's literally just grilled chicken breast and grilled pitta bread) and great macros
  7. Midnight Meat Train? Was a great film tbf, wasn't knocking the film itself!
  8. Question is, did you have to pay for order 1?
  9. My mate's dad taught me a valuable life lesson when I was a teenager - if you're on a one night stand, always finger her first and have a cheeky sniff of your fingers. If it stinks, use two Johnnies and don't put you fingers anywhere near your gob or anything you're going to put in your gob, until you've disinfected them.
  10. The only person Ray Winstone knows how to play, is Ray Winstone. I always said the same about Vinnie Jones, only film he was in that he didn't basically play himself in was Midnight Meat Train, but that's because he had one line the whole film and all he had to do was just look emotionless the whole film and butcher people.
  11. But... my bollocks
  12. I thought this was just something all blokes did - scratch your bollocks, then have a cheeky sniff of your fingers when nobody's looking. My mate thinks I'm weird for doing it, though. What's your verdict, fellas?
  13. I just don't see it happening tbh, unless you carb-load before bed and then train upon waking and even then I still don't see it happening. All in all, I just don't see the point in it while you're bulking. If you don't have much time to eat at work then a quick whey & oat powder shake as a meal replacement would be perfect.