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  1. Juice Plus
  2. Struggling too, my mrs only allows it around twice a year if i am really lucky. never wanked so much in my life.
  3. you must be extremely constipated at all times?
  4. I would have thought that would probably kill you, prescription codeine is only 12mg or the strongest 30mg.
  5. Only co-codimol though its like 8mg codeine.
  6. Ultimate performance manage this kind of transformation all the time.
  7. He was called Nocarbs or something like that.
  8. Gave up work to look after 7 & 11 year olds, i am pretty sure they should be in school. Lazy B1tch
  9. Unlucky, perhaps changing your profile picture may also change your luck?
  10. If you pass please change your profile picture. If you fail please change your profile picture.
  11. I voted conservative, postal vote so i dont have to be in smelly church with other people today.
  12. Immigration isn't a problem, i heard Corbyn say it himself.
  13. Its only temporary though while she is ill.
  14. Pretty gay post. i like it.