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  1. 5.30am, i dont have the energy after work.
  2. UKM, i am not on this planet.
  3. I think i have been here since 2004.
  4. I can confirm that you are correct having both myself.
  5. Lot of people with small feet about.
  6. No excuse for doing crossfit though.
  7. Thats Paulo, he got too old
  8. Same as mine but i have a pre teen boy next to mine at all times. Usually Phillipino.
  9. I would like to see pics please. I sometimes get the same but not consistent so tend to ignore it.
  10. Join a closer gym so you don't have to rely on dad for a lift.
  11. Do you live a long way from the gym?
  12. Thanks for letting us know.
  13. Probably the best reply yet. When posting nudes in the bath ideally we would like to have an empty bath so he may need to take some pics especially for UKM. (no point in bath nudes if there are bubbles covering everything).
  14. no clue, i have tried it on 4-5 occasions.
  15. Adex even at 1mg a day does nothing to stop gyno on me, I have to use Letro 2.5mg e3d.