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  1. Test only is the way to go for gains, feel good factor smooth recovery [ if your one of the minority that actually does pct anymore] and zero bad sides imo
  2. U must take a train of cawk and subsequent discharge of semen in u angus first brah. whatever it takes nom sayin
  3. Injecting mkat fukn rawks yo........not srs...............well semi srs..........inb4 heart failure
  4. Have you ever tried a pipe bro? That chit fukin rocks srs
  5. ^^^ this
  6. The stretchy hillfigger distresses demin jeans will adore your ass and bulging cock brah. I found a glorious pair in tk max
  7. You should have exposed them to your erect throbbing member and threatened to bum them to death brah...always works srs
  8. I'm a pussy magnet. srs
  9. I always wear a rubber when smashing that sloots back door tho
  10. Have you been site injecting into your knees brah?
  11. Perhaps that preparation-H cream would help bruv? Fuckn hate quacks myself
  12. If it kept you awake for that long OP its certainly not ephedrine.
  13. Fcuk the new year...I want to see a world war and mass distruction. Let the fittest survive. The world is full of soft ponces. I will eat their flesh when the apocalypse begins