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  1. Anyone who mixes cola with whiskey is a ghey phaggot key den
  2. Facebook is a Zionist spying mechanism only used by mugs
  3. Taurine and water before bed = zero hangover you phaggots
  4. @Burt_Reynolds I was watching you being interviewed on the Jonathan Ross show last night. I suspect HIV could be playing a hand in this lack of gains tbh
  5. Das it mane. Test combined with proviron and legit var fckn rawks
  6. Test only is the way to go for gains, feel good factor smooth recovery [ if your one of the minority that actually does pct anymore] and zero bad sides imo
  7. U must take a train of cawk and subsequent discharge of semen in u angus first brah. whatever it takes nom sayin
  8. Injecting mkat fukn rawks yo........not srs...............well semi srs..........inb4 heart failure
  9. Have you ever tried a pipe bro? That chit fukin rocks srs
  10. ^^^ this
  11. The stretchy hillfigger distresses demin jeans will adore your ass and bulging cock brah. I found a glorious pair in tk max
  12. You should have exposed them to your erect throbbing member and threatened to bum them to death brah...always works srs
  13. I'm a pussy magnet. srs
  14. I always wear a rubber when smashing that sloots back door tho