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  1. AIDS..?
  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery Paul
  3. Get well soon mate. I've known you on the boards since muscleweb and learned a lot from you. SickC
  4. Sometimes drank wine or whiskey or both also.
  5. Gradually worked up to 20 pints of lager or cider a day since before last xmas. Been dry 2 days now. I'd start drinking in the morning and throughout the day. Held the job down but enough was enough and I'm done with that poison now
  6. back in shape

    Respect amigo
  7. Anything less than farting is ghey and attention seeking repressed homosexulality
  8. Salam breh
  9. Dat dere death wish time brah? U still suckin air fam? Or is u pushin up daiseys innit fam...?
  10. Hatred keeps me going btw
  11. Here well over 10 years you bunch of noob phaggots
  12. benidorm is paradise imo that place
  13. yeah put the meter on it an see if its drawing current mate. Theres youtube vids that outline the procedure