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  1. Dat dere death wish time brah? U still suckin air fam? Or is u pushin up daiseys innit fam...?
  2. Hatred keeps me going btw
  3. Here well over 10 years you bunch of noob phaggots
  4. benidorm is paradise imo that place
  5. yeah put the meter on it an see if its drawing current mate. Theres youtube vids that outline the procedure
  6. Welcome brah
  7. battery is fooked brah get it tested
  8. Can I sleep on your couch @latblaster brah?
  9. The thai's murdered Zyzz on a hit ordered by the auzzie biker gang that Chestbrah ratted out when he got busted with roids. Fact......
  10. Firstly one must be a peado to even want to reside in such a bastion of hedonism and immorality SickCvnt approved
  11. Anyone who mixes cola with whiskey is a ghey phaggot key den
  12. Facebook is a Zionist spying mechanism only used by mugs
  13. Taurine and water before bed = zero hangover you phaggots