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  1. Have you ever tried a pipe bro? That chit fukin rocks srs
  2. The stretchy hillfigger distresses demin jeans will adore your ass and bulging cock brah. I found a glorious pair in tk max
  3. You should have exposed them to your erect throbbing member and threatened to bum them to death brah...always works srs
  4. I'm a pussy magnet. srs
  5. I always wear a rubber when smashing that sloots back door tho
  6. Have you been site injecting into your knees brah?
  7. Perhaps that preparation-H cream would help bruv? Fuckn hate quacks myself
  8. If it kept you awake for that long OP its certainly not ephedrine.
  9. Fcuk the new year...I want to see a world war and mass distruction. Let the fittest survive. The world is full of soft ponces. I will eat their flesh when the apocalypse begins
  10. fuckn lightweights....I start drinking 1st thing in the morning
  11. Yeah the smack kills the desire for anything else except crack alongside or a snowball shot imhe