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  1. TRT should eliminate any low T symptoms you have and when it does you should feel like any normal bloke who doesn't need TRT. i.e There will be days when you feel tired, shity and stressed but this is normal life. It sounds like you are chasing the feeling you had when you previously cycled, which is not what TRT is about. @aqualung may be able to help ?
  2. Yep this tends to happen when first prescribed. There should be a booster injection at week 6 from the first injection then injections are at 10 weekly intervals. Due to the long ester It can take up to 5 injections to dial in and get your test levels to a level where you are symptom free. I have to say once it is dialled though it is a pretty good treatment option.
  3. @big vin had issues with his haematocrit. I would stop the HCG . FFS Come clean with your endo, How can the endo manage your treatment safely if you are not telling them what you are up to. High haematocrit could kill you. You could give blood as this will help reduce your haematocrit levels but this is only temporary. If you continue to do as you are doing and your haematocrit levels continue to raise, you aren't going to know until your next blood test, which may be too late to save your life.
  4. Nebido (brand name) is Testosterone Undecanoate. Standard dose is 1000mg every 10 to 12 weeks, however, time scales can go down to every 8 weeks in certain circumstances. A lot of guys on here who have been diagnosed and treated for low T through the NHS will be prescribed Nebido. Results: you go from having low T to T within the normal range. This helps eliminate any symptoms associated with low T. Form experience, training with weights and undertaking endurance sports improved dramatically after I was prescribed Nebido.
  5. Your second shot should be your booster. This should be 6 weeks after your first shot, then your timescales should be every 10 to 12 weeks between shots. You have to stick with it, hard I know when you are feeling shite. Nebido can take around 5 shots to get dialled in. But when it is, it is well worth it IMO.
  6. Yep is that Stewie in yours ?
  7. Went last December with the Mrs. We fcuking hated it and tried to get flights home early, however there is only a couple of flights out a week so we had to stay put. There's not a lot to do, the old town is probably best but that's quite small. The rest of the place is as you would expect of a former Soviet held country. The people are miserable as sin and suspicious but that probably comes from many years of being governed by Russia. Beer is cheap so if you going with a mate you should be able to get drunk, letch on a few girls, then wake up tied to a chair in some old warehouse whilst some psycho ex doctor rips your balls of with a rusty pair of plyers. Either that or get drunk and bum your mate. Jobs a good un.
  8. Nearly 50 and diagnosed with low T. Prescribed TRT from GP. I add in extra for sport performance enhancing reasons.
  9. First 45 ish minuets consultation with doctor savage which includes a blood test is around £100. Reviews are around £40 - £60 If you go and see doctor Savage and he diagnoses you with low T then Ask him to write to your GP with his diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. As he is a specialist in Male androgen deficiency and its treatment and your GP isn't and as such, your GP should accept and follow this specialist advice. Then they could take over the prescribing and blood testing, similarly to if you had been diagnosed by an NHS Endo, where the NHS Endo will write to your GP who will take over prescribing and monitoring. You're just using your right to go private as you feel you cant or don't want to wait for the time it will take for the NHS to do their thing. This isn't a new thing, many people go private and get their private doctor to write to their GP with their diagnosis and treatment recommendations, which the GP will follow. You may have to have a couple of reviews by Dr Savage and he may have to write to your GP following each review to say that, for eg, the treatment is working and the GP should continue to prescribe.
  10. What's sontonbus? A TRT dose of around 100mg to 125mg per week and you shouldn't need an AI, as at this dose the TRT is used to bring test levels to within normal range. I am prescribed 1000mg every 8 weeks so 125mg a week and I have no need for an AI. If however you go above a TRT dose and are sensitive to estrogen sides then an AI would be helpful.
  11. My blood pressure regularly tests at around 140/70. I test at least once a week. However, it has been as high as 155/90. I bought some propranolol over the counter from Spain and they brought my blood pressure down pretty good.
  12. Thanks. From memory I think it was 50mg per day. I started TRT 3 years ago this April. I wasn't tested for low T when I was having problems having children, GP asked for a sperm sample and prescribed Proviron based on that.
  13. In the early 90s I was diagnosed with a low count and mobility issues and had trouble trying to have children. My GP prescribed Proviron and everything improved and we ended up having a little girl.
  14. Married for 14 years.