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  1. As slagface's advice, diet and training need looking at, at your stats. You don't need AAS to grown
  2. Thanks
  3. What would the 750 of EQ add to the cycle considering you would already be running 750 of test?
  4. I did at first, but i work with nurses who are venipuncture trained and they told me the new guidelines for IM injections is not to aspirate. Since then i have never done it.
  5. I don't look bad for 49. I look like I do a bit, although I train to be fit enough to ride up big hills so I'm more athletic looking than wanting to look like a big fella .
  6. It's good to know. Thanks for posting.
  7. If your gonna cycle then test at around 500 mg per week is the way to go.
  8. How much have you been pinning every two weeks? Have you reduced your pinning from every three weeks to every two weeks? Your estrogen could be raised that could account for the bloat and water retention and you looking bigger and fuller.
  9. Getting lean is down to your diet and not the 'right type' of protein. If you are not losing weight then you are eating to much food. Try cutting back a 200 cals from your diet and see how you go. However, if this doesn't do the trick you will have to reduce your daily cals by even more and or up your cardio.
  10. It's really not that confusing. Keep reading and re reading swole troll's threads till you understand what and why you are doing things. If you don't and things go wrong how are you going to know what to do to get you out of the sh1t.
  11. Will this be the case even if you train 12 or 13 hours after you take the whole 50 mg dose?
  12. With regards to your blood tests, if your GP surgery is taking the tests then when the results come back your GP will be monitoring them and if anything is out of range they will contact you. I've been prescribed for three years and my specialist only wanted to see my first few blood results after that it is my GP who checks out and monitors my results.
  13. If you are worried I would speak to your old GP prior to your move (if you can) and explain your worries and see what the GP says. Personally I can't see there being any problems. You have been diagnosis and have a treatment and prescribing plan from a specialist doctor so your new GP should follow this, Although I agree with 2004Mark the new GP has a right to ask questions and may want to correspond with the original specialist with regards to the Treatment plan and blood results.
  14. True. But going of my own experience I had no issues when I moved area and changed GP. Although I do understand this may not be the case for everyone.