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  1. Hi I am on Nebido 1000mg every 8 weeks. No AI and no hcg.
  2. No not at all.
  3. Welcome to uk-m.
  4. Stone Roses
  5. Read this: http://www.bssm.org.uk/downloads/UK_Guidelines_Androgens_Male_2010.pdf
  6. Not at all. He just didn't want to do Jury service and that was his way out.
  7. Been listening to this on the radio most of the night. 19 dead 50 to 60 injured There are still lots of parents searching for their children. It's fcuking awful. The parents must be going out of their minds.
  8. Top programme. 10/10
  9. Just got back from my hols. Hotel had a gym, I trained twice in one week. 30 degrees and no air con, not good.
  10. My dad was called for jury service. When he got there he said as far as he was concerned anybody who was in front of the judge he would consider guilty as they wouldn't be there for any other reason. He was sent home, no jury service.
  11. This /\ Its been over three years for me and no pip at all.
  12. Gel should be used daily as it has a very very short half life. One tube a day to achieve natural test levels.