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  1. I'll check out girl with all the gifts
  2. Hacksaw Ridge 10/10
  3. Just noticed Bagpus sat on his table.
  4. Fly from Liverpool to Southampton then get the train to Bournemouth.
  5. I know. I think there would be a few bags missing if I came across this lot.
  6. Your haematocrit and estrogen, could be raised due to the EQ. Dunno about the rest.
  7. 88
  8. Lols I didnt notice the difference in symbols. To busy trying to be a clever clogs
  9. 15+15+15=45 4+4+15=23 4+3+3=10 3+4+4x15=165
  10. 165
  11. Me too
  12. As long as the soundbar's input voltage is AC, It should tell you this on the back of the soundbar or in the instructions. If it's AC then you can put a plug on the end of the cable and plug it in the wall socket.