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  1. Your prolcatin have always been that high?
  2. Doing deca, Did you get acne while on cycle or after stopping it?. One of my mate had huge acne outburst after Deca cycle and was doing power PCT when acne broke out. He hasn't touched the deca after that but in my opinion it might have been HCG that have caused acne not deca as it doesn't converts into DHT (Main cause of acne). Though, lately i have heard a lot about acne after deca cycle, can be a bad gear?
  3. Seriously?.. Didn't know, they can go that route too
  4. Inject and monitor sugar level??
  5. I don't lift that heavy . Pure Silence, funny faces though
  6. I am trying atleast.. At OP, parallel Torso for T bars would put extra stress on lower back IMO, 45 degree even a bit higher than that should work well. I hope its helpful now.
  7. I know mate. Only people in India do DBol only cycle..lol
  8. From the AAS point of view, these tests are not enough. Though, from blood panel point of view, those look better than a guy in 30's.
  9. Nothing beats the satisfaction one's get after doing squats IMO. As suggested by above, put a video up.
  10. Don't know but no way near 18
  11. Why the weight is mentioned in the topic if you are looking for an advice on form?. Trust me, No one would still get impressed here
  12. You think you are peter parker, one bite and boom spideyyyy in the next morning?..lol
  13. You can't have food during your Job?
  14. There are so many other ways too but it is the most common one after fake rent receipts. Though, i have ditched them all from past couple of years. Started to feel that indirectly we are increasing the cost of living for ourselves by stealing the taxes from govt.