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    No, I am not on steroids. You are just a pussy!!
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  1. I thought you transformed in just 2 minutes
  2. Didn't get you mate. If it was a banter, i am happy being ignorant!!
  3. A better title would be "Summer ray trying hard to give morning wood". Though, finding it funny people jugding someone in 56 second video(She may be totally different from her online persona). Social Media is platform of business for people like her. They ought to do such kind of things, which may look stupid. She wouldn't be looking for a conversation either.
  4. For Natty's, bbing never starts
  5. His best shape ever.
  6. I know the pain. Chocolates and chips for me So, i always prepare my meal before hand before rolling. Stop me not to binge on above foods
  7. Thighs won't eat need to fry and still taste good. You just made the fat macros equal What's the plain brown stuff? Is it the liver?
  8. Definitely In. You and @Chelsea knows the art of maintaining the log. Will be following with interest
  9. Yes, I am. I have the people i love around me, good health and enough money to put food on my plate
  10. Doesn't matter
  11. How do you cook your breast mate?