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  1. Guy has phenomenal physique no doubt in it but they always have some business mind behind what they recommend. You know what I mean. They promote products but they don't use every product they endorse.
  2. Never ever have a property or business in an alien territory unless and until your brand is so famous that you can provide a franchise to the local people in other country. At OP, No idea
  3. Quality input. But, after looking at the fiber content of the food, i don't think one will be able to eat much of this .
  4. No. I don't understand why there is so much of gluten haua in the western countries. There are some countries where there is gluten in every of their staple food and they are fine. I eat food that has gluten in it?. What should i be feared from?. Asking this because i have never bothered about reading much about gluten.
  5. Can you please elaborate it a bit more?. When you say "You might be able to do 10 reps at the start but fewer at the end", is it with same load or increasing load?
  6. No program is better than the other, if you are not looking for strength gains. Diet and frequency of the workouts would dictate your growth. No need to complicate it.
  7. Black coffee with 6mg Albuterol 30 minutes before cardio
  8. After spending on gym clothes and diet, i save most of the money left.
  9. Not impressive at all
  10. TBH
  11. Joker from dark knight
  12. After a back workout.
  13. As a male with average height, i would never go below 1500 calories mark. No matter what.
  14. Looks natty to me.
  15. Why they would they say that you are doing it wrong?. IME, it's the best way to hit pecs.