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  1. 500Ml low fat milk With 20 gms Whey 250 Gms chicken Breast cooked in coconut oil with small serving of rice.
  2. He prefers milk over whey, now i know why
  3. Yes. But, some of his videos are good.
  4. Add Test upto the degree where it can bring your Test levels on cycle with par with the above average natty levels and then add whatever you feel to. And, make a decision from there. Anyways, what's the reason behind not including test?. You username suggest you are scared of Hair loss. Is it?
  5. Welcome Mate.
  6. Seems like that Guy follows GH15 by heart
  7. Take it or not, it wouldn't make much of the difference on cycle. Personally, i would never take any supplement(Other than cycle support stuff) while on cycle. After the cycle, Supplements like Vitamin D3, Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Zinc, Ashwagandha, Creatine and EAA's should help. (Other than Cycle support stuff, This depends on how advanced you are as a bodybuilder).
  8. Bookmarked it in seconds when you posted it for the first time mate
  9. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/optimal-nutrition-injury-recovery/ If anyone's interested in buying the book.
  10. The same article has been quoted here before and was thrashed by some knowledgeable user. Neither remember the outcome nor the name of the name of the user. But, crux was this article is overly exaggerated.
  11. I agree. Among all the countries i have traveled, nothing beats the proper Chinese food. Once , i was there for a month and i couldn't get over with Hot Pot. Amazingly delicious thing to have. Perfect blend of veggies, broth and spices.
  12. Everyone has low phases but how we cope up is the main thing. Things like depression are inbuilt. They just come on the surface when life is taking a toll. But, they remains with those who are predisposed for all life, just come above in bad times and then settle when things get sorted out. Self destruction is the first thing that comes to the mind. Have you seen this video?. Sums up pretty good
  13. ~3500 and fat as f**k atm.
  14. I love Pie too. (Fat people will understand).