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  1. That was my first post on UKM, had low levels of test (Posted results here) and myself was pretty convinced to use AAS. However, Some wise words by @Mingsterconvinced me to remain natty if competing is not my goal and in addition he said if you will use them your natural levels will bound to bounce back a bit lower than what they were before cycle. He further added that you can still improve body composition by using a good diet giving his own example. That post literally had a lot of impact on my thinking and it's been three years i guess and have improved remarkably than before. Though, the temptation of using them is never ending
  2. You look far far better than me. If a tiny looking guy can be accused , you definitely should be then Funny thing in my case is in fact my natural test level is around 300ng/dl. Just above the lower range . Not even have a normal test level and then getting accused of using synthetic one gives me a good laugh.
  3. I am totally fine if other assumes it brother. I have been living with this from quite a time I found the wording cool so copied it. Nothing more
  4. Lol..Anytime.
  5. Lion doesnt loose the sleep over an opinion of a sheep Courtsey :- anonymous
  6. Can't afford it. Its cost equals my weekly diet budget..lol
  7. Half Natty is a state of being a natural lifter who has lifted for 5-10+ years with average genetics, lifts incredibly smart and consistent, and therefore exhibits good results... Thus he/she gets confused for and accused of being someone who takes steroids as you did in one of your posts directed to me Courtsey :- Matt Ogus
  8. It's good IMO. What do you want lift? whole earth on your shoulders?
  9. Unless you don't know how to place it in your goals.
  10. Half natty means natties who are constantly accused of taking steroids. Matt ogus use this term so i copied shamelessly..lol
  11. Ok. You workout at home?. You didn't mention in your original post. OHP press is one of the most compound movement for shoulders. Eliminating it totally and replacing it with other exercise would not be good idea. When you say you are not making a progress at OHP, What kind of progress we are referring to?. How much weight you currently are lifting in OHP? What is your current weight?
  12. Yes, If Someone has reached a certain level of excellence in lifting. No, if someone is finding hard to do OHP's. Sorry for being so judgemental at OP but i think i am thinking from a right angle their