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  1. Just wondering if it'd be better to get my gear shipped over from home or locally over here? Does anyone have much experience with gear and the US? A little scared to do it over here... Cheers
  2. What was your diet like? Did you lose fat?
  3. But will I also regain lost LBM at a deficit due to muscle memory/AAS? I'm at 20-22% body fat so bulking is probably the worst option.
  4. Basically, I've been through a ton of personal issues (Family members dying, exams, break ups, etc) and ended up taking around 5 months off the gym as I was so out of it. I was pinning once a week, but I went through a 8-9 week period recently where I didnt pin at all. I was eating like s**t and my BF% has gone up to around 20-22%, definitely lost a lot of LBM. My question is, what's the best way for me to get back into shape fast? I want to be 10% BF like I was before My biggest dilemma is the diet. Should I eat big in order to regain muscle? OR can I eat below maintenance, regain LBM and decrease BF% at the same time due to muscle memory? Cycle: Pinning 600mg tren e and 700mg test c per week. Cheers guys