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  1. i ran test and npp both at 600mg each week with great results. nice full look, great pumps and as a bonus libido and wellbeing were spot on. overall one if my best cycles to date.
  2. test npp then switch the npp out for tren 12 weeks in.
  3. deluxe i'll keep that one in the locker. should be a nice rebound for your next cycle then. any before and after pics planned?
  4. guessing your running test alongside aswel? whats your starting stats? hows bodyfat looking?
  5. keep us updated mate. got my first run in a couple of months
  6. lads he doesn't update the order status. all you have to do is email once you've paid. relax, your order will arrive.
  7. i used lantus for a month after getting sound advice from @swole troll as chelsea said its benefits really come in the final few reps of the set and for rapid recovery. sound advice from dltbb. fit the insulin into your current carb intake. not the other way round. i fou d its alot easier to put fat on then it is to lose it. one perk for me was the constant pumps. never felt anything like it.
  8. im on day 5 of tm tren ace at 350 ew. hopefully not double that!!
  9. haha easily done mate cheers buddy
  10. why do you not split the dose mate if only 10 hours?
  11. anyone got a solid source on the half life of t3. seeing so much conflicting info on this from 3-4 hours to 2.5 days.
  12. viagra will get you hard and keep you hard. it doesn't make you horny though. theres a big difference.
  13. with heavy ass weight until i cant shift no more!
  14. this. everything covered here.
  15. as said above tren cuts through glycogen. try refeed every 4 - 5 days instead.