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  1. Deal with it asap mate. The letro will crush your oestrogen so no point in carrying on with the dbol. Once the gyno has gone run nolva daily at 20mg to prevent any rebound.
  2. Top man lee. Thanks for the reply. Its iced up and im on ibuprofen. Fingers crossed its not to serious.
  3. Pain through the night was unbearable. I had to wake the misses up to help me get to the toilet. 2 more codeine and paracetamol and i was out of it. Its not as bad this morning but still visably swollen and sore. Surely an infection takes longer then 48 hours to take hold. It has to be fluid.
  4. Been pinning quads for years mate. It was 1ml tm test e. 1 ml tm mast e and .5 ml wildcat injectable anadrol. I know the drol is causing bad pip but this is something different. Anyway I've knocked back a few codeine so that'll be me for the night. Hope someone can shed some light. Im due back at work on tuesday!
  5. Some help lads, Jabbed my quad a few days ago , upper, outer right quad. Incredible pip followed but nothing to cry about. Last night going to sleep the pain was pretty bad. After waking this morning the tear drop around my knee was causing some pain. Now its visibly swollen and i cant bend my knee in the slightest. Any ideas? I'm hoping its settled a little in the morning.
  6. anabolics

    @ghost.recon Anyway to combat appitite suppression whilst running tren? I was running 50mcg t3 every morning and 10g glutamine ed to combat but appitite still took a nosedive.
  7. anabolics

    What are your favorite compounds to run and why? Aas and cutting meds.
  8. I can confirm...stings like a bitch! Anyone know what the half life is? I'll run out of site before long with ed injections
  9. After a couple weeks on var the misses sex drive went through the roof...did make her very dry though. Not cool
  10. You dont accept pms?
  11. And if he didn't tell you what are the repercussions for him? If any?
  12. Dbol needs oestrogen to work its magic as far as i know so you dont want to suppress it so much with an ai. Pretty sure @stuey99 knows his stuff with this one
  13. At that dose pumps and strength were spot on for me. Achey joints a little but soon sorted out with cod liver oil. No other negative sides either so all good for an oral.
  14. Time will tell mate. Only one pass through the liver so hopefully it might not be so bad.
  15. I ran winnie at 50mg split 25mg am amd pm ed for 4 weeks. It was more than enough for me so i couldn't comment on 2 x 50mg split. If your your livers not beat up then i dont see why not with some good support meds.