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  1. Putting the gel on, letting it dry before putting clothing back on, not showering for a few hours or so after its applied. No need when you can just pin and be done with it.
  2. I've got a s**t load in my drawer. Inconvenient so switched to sust
  3. Garbage when I used. I'd stay clear
  4. Always wondered how many days there are in a week cheers for clearing this up mate
  5. Pin 600 a week mate. Keep it simple
  6. I've got sphinx cilias at the moment. Stuff gives me killer headaches though. Impossible for me to run it daily
  7. Been 6 years since I got out. I started steroids whilst on squadron. Tested a few times whilst on cycle and all came back good. They only tested for reccies. Although this was 6 years ago.
  8. If your determined to throw in the var 4 weeks won't cut it. I'd say 10 weeks minimum. Just stick with the test mate. It'll be more then enough.
  9. As always science doesn't always fall in line with real life experiences. The reason for gyno from anadrol comes to mind.
  10. I cant remember where i read it mate but it was a reliable source im sure. A quick search will bring up the info you need. Basically, the higher your oestrogen levels the more it boosts the effects of prolactin. So if you are keeping your estro levels in check when using 19nors there is no need for meds to control prolactin. I cant tell you the reasons why because i cant remember
  11. Cant see why caber is needed with no test in the cycle. Prolactin cant cause gyno without raised oestrogen from test. Keep oestrogen in check and caber isnt needed.
  12. Haha very philosophical mate. 'Death by tren' i can see it now on a hench as f**k tombstone.
  13. Death by tren isn't for me mate
  14. One of my go to's mate. Running at the moment with inject anadrol and ive never looked so hard. Great stuff.
  15. Nice mate. Gota be very low bf there. You staying lean year round?