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  1. All personal opinion mate. I've struggled with tren in the past around week 4 my appetite is non existent. I've always ran test higher then tren so im giving it one more shot with test at 200 ew and start the tren of at 300mg ew. If body fat is low I'd run the mast at 400mg ew. If it's on the higher side id go as high as 800mg ew. Like I said opinions on this will vary.
  2. Time on + pct = time off. Usually the norm. Don't think to many follow that protocol though.
  3. Both times I've ran tren I've had to stop it because it absolutely killed my apitite. I'll only use it on odd occations such as a cut leading up to a holiday. Npp/deca on the other hand is great for me. Eat like a horse. General feeling of wellbeing. Blow up if i get the cals in. Perfect for bulking. I'm running it at the moment and feeling great 5 weeks in.
  4. Ok well done. You win.
  5. I lost my backbone
  6. I think the majority will see your first post as completely pointless and my response to that post completely validating the original thread. Your second post wiped off the chart with my response again. Your third post your trying to play the bigger man by ending it in a civil manor because the reality is you now look like a moron. See so many threads go off point turning into pointless reads because of people like you. So 'mate' the name calling stands...fu**ing idiot
  7. Nice buddy thanks for the info. I'll Google a few of these places and take a look.
  8. Wow are you serious? Just give it up mate? Surely you've got better things to do. fu**ing idiot.
  9. I'm using test e and npp right now. Npp every other day and test e twice a week. Only reason being is I cruise on test e so not much point in mixing it up.
  10. What lab is it mate and why didn't it agree with you? I've got some wildcat injectable anadrol in my stash. Pip was horrific and it made me very miserable. The look it gave me though was fantastic.
  11. ok well firstly your wrong about it costing more then the ferry. infact its not even half the price. Secondly I have a rough total cost inmind...of which I don't mind spending on top notch accomadation but do mind spending on overpriced ferry tickets. Cheers for the input though fella. Very good of ya
  12. Buddy that place looks stunning. Think we'll definitely book a night there then make our way to Wicklow. Top man thanks mate.
  13. Pics of the misses first please
  14. haha been there mate. Npp with mast chucked into the mix means one thing...both gona be sore for weeks!