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  1. Used everyday mate but on days I trained it was pre workout. I planned on a 4 week run but appetite took a nose dive. Apart from that it was sides free for me.
  2. I've just finished a 2 week mtren run. Used upto 1mg pre workout. It was a great aid but i wouldn't say it was to much to handle. Not at that dose anyway.
  3. Nice mate. How long have you been running dhb?
  4. I never really wander over 500 - 600mg test per week anyway so all good for me. A nice 12 week cruise then straight into it. I'll probably have some var in there for 10ish weeks aswel. Thanks for the input lads.
  5. Thanks for the info mate. She'll keep at it for now at this dose for a couple more weeks to see where she's at. I had no idea about it having better absorption with food. Spot on mate. Thanks.
  6. I'd agree with this. Ran mtren at .5 up 1mg daily for 2 weeks. No aggression but great focus pre workout. Did suppress appetite towards the end though.
  7. This was me 5+ years ago! All about my creatine intake...religiously taking advantage of my anabolic window. It really doesn't make that much difference aslong as your hitting your daily macros and cals unless your the small percentage that competes.
  8. 30mg a day mate. She did run a 6 week cycle of var at the start of her Accutane run. This is when they flared up pretty bad. Since coming off the var they have settled down but nothing to indicate the Accutanes doing its job.
  9. I get insomnia whilst running npp and body temp raises slightly. It's a 19nor, same family as tren so its plausible it would have this effect.
  10. Any feedback on southern ghosts eq at 500mg/ml? That would be lovely if dosing is on point.
  11. Jurys still out on dhb for me. Alot of noise a couple of months ago but all seems quiet now.
  12. I know @Dead lee rates it although I'm sure he ran alongside tren.
  13. Only winny and var mate. Any other orals I've tried either make me lethargic or suppress appetite.