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  1. sounds about right. twin turbo or twin scroll turbo in this cant remember but I do know that these engines do have their issues. Why the old owner chose to not service a 3L diesel engine is beyond me. I highly doubt youll get anything out of this my friend, warranty company will never pay out and BMW are known for being a*se holes with customer service unless youre buying a new car every 3 years.
  2. PS: for extra reading google seat ibiza cupra 1.4tsi engine blow up' and youll see what I mean. the pre facelift version of my second ever car consumed oil like it was nothing and loads of engines went bang out of warranty and Seat knew this was an issue and ended up contributing to most blow ups around about 70% of the cost which usually left the consumer with about 1.5-2k bill to pay.
  3. question, what car is it? My guess probably a VAG car? and also engine? Youll struggle to sort anything out if its out of warranty even with one of those crappy special warranty things on top that never ever pay out really. if you read in the print its either 'x years or x mileage whichever comes first' so if you do 10 miles in 2 years and its a 2 year service or 10k miles then youd still have to pay for a service at 10 miles lol. I personally think the only way to go is straight to the manufacturer and complain saying it shouldnt have blown up at this miles, age etc. Some will contribute a % to the cost of the engine but my guess is youll be forking out or breaking/scrapping it.
  4. I too had this trouble. I stalled at 160 for ages, couldnt for the life of me get passed it. For just 6 weeks, I added in floor presses, isolated triceps on arms day (i use a bodybuilding routine) doing heavy dips and close grip bench, heavy seated military press so built up strength in all the secondary muscles recruited in the bench. Then on chest day, week 1 I did 5x5, wk2 3x3, wk3 3x8, wk4 3x5 then wk5 went back to 5x5 and it had gone up near enough 5kg each set bar the last where I just had nothing in the tank to increase. Then in the sixth week I tested my 1rm and got up to 170 with potential for a 172.5 or maybe a 175 if everything was perfect on the day. I think it just come down to the same routine week in week out doing my same old pyramid sets and my body just got used to it, the same old talk about body getting used to routines etc. I didnt necessarily want to switch to 3x3 as I just felt it wasnt enough sets and reps but my chest was perhaps the sorest after 3x3 because it was the heaviest week by face had plenty in the tank to push. However strength has never been my primary goal its just something that I feel I need to keep improving to keep building muscle week on week.
  5. Yeah I understand the results can be forged however they are probably the top EU source and I cant see them messing customers about for the sake of some HGH. To be fair, majority of these sources cant help their doses as they buy straight from China and its all down to the raw quality really. Can source some legit hyges at a very good price so I might actually move to those soon
  6. Never used HGH before pretty much just down to budget, being a student is expensive lol. Moved into full time job and extra weekend work so loads of disposable income now finally. Looking at adding in generic HGH and some peptides too. Found a very well renowned EU source who supplies Somatropin grey, blue, black and yellow tops with grey being tested just last month by the source and come out at the highest dosed serum test. Whats the feedback for this on here? Anybody used or had past experience with the EU source NG for hgh?
  7. Low test cant be proved that youve used, could be natural hormones and no real proof. If you havent been on much then you dont have anything to worry about really.
  8. basskilleronline mutants insulin protocol. Will give a much better explanation Used that and did alright on it, using insulin now 3iu each meal 3/4 times a day and seem to be much better on that, no worries about hypo or gulping down liquid shakes and seem to have reacted better.
  9. Bit of a weird one posting on here but Im on here a fair bit and here to help some of you out. I work for a top estate planning legal company that deals with wills, lasting power of attorneys and trust funds. I get a good % knocked off for family and friends and get bits and pieces thrown into a deal too and thought I would offer it to you guys. We deal in writing a fresh will, updating and checking wills, legal power of attorneys for both financial and medical choices and asset trusts for families. Any questions on this, feel free to PM me and can do the best possible to help you guys out. Believe me when I say im not doing this to make the company money, its just a subject close to my heart after a traumatic experience with my Grandad a few years ago and wouldnt wish anything like that on anybody or their family.
  10. Just turn up to a training session and see what coach grabs you for what position lol, my guess defensive back or defensive line lol. Was gonna say not heard of them this season. Yeah definitely, I work mon-sat, doors on a saturday night so 9am-12pm sunday training kills me I barely go to it lol but games play a bit later so works well. Considering giving it up for a while after this season and play rugby as games for my local team on a Saturday which is much better for me
  11. Depends where you want to play. I play on the defensive line and I go against offensive line and theyre all fat and generally old so speed wins and looking at your size, power would help too. Not many 'big' guys so I would say, much smaller than american high school/college athletes for sure in lower down leagues. Theres a lot of technique involved too, a lot of shorter guys actually win because of leverage especially as many of them lead with their helmet but it is fun running over some of the smaller guys in special teams. What team you looking at?
  12. Play american football myself watched it for a few years and finally hit a size where I felt I could be useful but thinking of moving into rugby union during the off season (september-March my off season is perfect for bodybuilding off season lol. Never played rugby or even really watched a game in my life except watching my mate play rugby league last week and kinda enjoyed watching it and a lot of the union team want me to play it because of my size but never been interested before. Any of you play rugby? Is it possible for me to pick it up in the off season and play? How does it effect your training?
  13. Google detection time theres a massive list somewhere I saw a few months ago with deca being one of the longest I think. As you self trt, make sure all your bloods are in check and level and your testosterone as the time of any drug test would be in the boundary of legal limits.
  14. Yeah definitely but dont use them really now if I have to use knee wraps then my knees arent strong enough and with my past injuries on my knees I cant afford another one so just have had to deal with it. But yeah the pop out of the whole when i used them was mad, no stalling or slowing down really!
  15. yeah, I liked them they definitely worked and they seem to be strong enough but not tried any others so wouldnt know how to rate them. Only issue I have even if they are tight, they still seem to loosen out a bit during the lift and gaps seem to appear in between the wraps sometimes. Although im pretty sure its just me not wrapping properly.