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  1. while fcuking his hamster
  2. just messing mate shite in both hands and tango him or just set up a climbing frame system so u never have to touch the floor simple
  3. oasis
  4. sounds like the OP is unaware of his massive vagina dragging along the floor. man up, shite in your hand and give him a slap
  5. next it will be do you say hello to people you know in the street
  6. I never answer the cry's from the trap door
  7. you can milk anything with nipples
  8. glutes, always has been, favouring the right cheek at the moment.
  9. they pray on the poor x
  10. hi its my mike from the claim centre no it's fcuking no mate, you barley speak English through your thick Pakistani accent
  11. 180 checking in @Natty Steve'o
  12. u wot
  13. can you confirm if you've had your d1ck in it please?