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  1. There is no fix
  2. interested to know what kind of financial job requires routine bloods? Genuine question
  3. the real question should be would you have it hacked of and surgically attached to your forehead? @hdu post up a selfie let the ukm team see what I mean
  4. you go as as soon as your "pumped as fcuk" kicks in I would take great pleasure in telling ppl I'm working in if it's busy man up dipset
  5. I like to go and spread
  6. still waiting on starting pics for the heavy v skye summer comp
  7. learn something new everyday blue you know if you were your flipflops on the wrong feet post workout it reduces muscle growth by 0.000005%
  8. Good luck brother
  9. OP is collecting c0cks PM ME
  10. would you trust Lyle with your dog though?
  11. welcome which island you on?
  12. heard a rumour @HDU was on the camera
  13. looks creepy as fcuk and should have his dogs taken off him, swab the dog for evidence
  14. bet you are