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  1. 7 weeks out lol shredz
  2. You'll qualify, probably in first lol. You're Smashing it these days. Thanks mate, yeah she is lol
  3. I know lol it's no easy task, poor girl
  4. I just get night sweats, f**ked up dreams, breathless and rapey Dat dere tren look makes up for it and I feel like a King on it haha
  5. Nice. Smash it mate. I'm doing the finals and then the Midlands qualifier in October. Mrs is doing her first figure comp at the one in October too.
  6. Had this one about 5months lol keeping her
  7. Ah cool. Which one?
  8. Hello you lol yeah all on track atm. No I'm prepping myself this time
  9. 250g cooked beetroot a day brought mine right down
  10. 7 weeks out from the PCA British Finals
  11. Tbh on aas that'd probably be ok because the juice would prevent muscle loss,personally I go for more like 2.5-3g per kg of bodyweight just to be sure.