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  1. Lol cheers mate. No trap exercises were done haha just lucky
  2. Liam got my physique in the best shape it'd ever been. Was struggling with constantly second guessing myself so got Liam as a coach and placed top three in my first comp. Would definitely recommend
  3. Yes mate my last show placing meant I qualified for the British Finals in June. Start my 20 week prep for it tomorrow
  4. I start prep in a week so may enter lol
  5. Thanks Paul appreciate it mate
  6. Still using and will for Finals prep. Works ok for me
  7. I'll put another together maybe. last one was good
  8. Me on Sigma rip 200 and winny
  9. 10kg up from comp weight
  10. Only 94kg mate. Have grown though yeah lol gains son
  11. Start prep again beginning of January
  12. @notdorianyates Like that mate. Type it slowly so the name should come up