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  1. He looks great. Fair play to him. Cheers brother
  2. Ah ideal you'll be feasting soon them lol I'm doing the Midlands Qualifier in October too so will maintain for 8 weeks and do an 8 week prep for that. Came third last year so want top two this year. Yeah here you go
  3. I get more motivated and find I have more energy closer to a comp lol get excited and sh1t haha. Yeah free pics, that Fivos bloke does amazing pics too. Paid 25 last time. Gonna be a long day but can't wait.
  4. Yep lol proper buzzing. Sent my music in this morning. Let's do this mate
  5. 130g oats pre/post workout in morning and same again evening workout mate. Other 4 meals are chicken and spinach
  6. 18 days to go now. I'm ready so cruising in a slight deficit. Carbs 400g Protein 250g and Fats 66g. Puts cals at 3305. Training twice a day Am also sponsored now by Solar Sports and Fitness Academy, Walsall
  7. Last year I looked better 3 weeks out than I did on stage after depletion and a messed up carb up etc. This time keeping carbs in, staying in a deficit and training twice a day to create a bigger deficit and will just adjust water day before comp and roll in already carbed up. Only having carbs pre and post workout.
  8. I'm 20 days out and on 400g carbs, 250g protein and about 50g fats
  9. Rich Tea or Ginger Nuts son lol
  10. I'm four weeks out from PCA British Finals and using only Sigma. Working very well for me. Using Rip 200
  11. About a year mate. Had no issues
  12. I don't even aspirate anymore. Sometimes there's blood, sometimes there ain't
  13. Packet of Biscuits for breakfast.....easy 1000-1500 calories