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  1. Sh1t mate. About 28 of us squashed up and couldn't pose properly. Waste of prep and money tbh. Didn't place top ten but that's ok just the fact couldn't get to pose properly annoyed me. Wish I never bothered
  2. Would vary cos depending on body composition
  3. Calories are 3800. Have pre workout carbs about an hour and a half before the session. My body loves carbs.
  4. I'm 10 days out and gtg. Not depleting carbs cos messed it up last time so am on 500g carbs now taken in before and after training, still in a calorie deficit though so leaning out still
  5. Won't be a rebound or much of one mate I'm not far from maintenance cals atm
  6. Last legs tomorrow and last upper body probably a week Saturday mate, day before show. Catch up sometime after if you want cos I'm knackered every day atm
  7. Sorry got to agree. Fvck the holiday off. I've missed out on meals out. Birthdays and lots of other sh1t. Prep should be your main focus bruv
  8. Coming for it. Ready for war
  9. Can't get rid of that fu**ing quote box lol post invader
  10. Morning mofos. So today I'm 12 days out, feeling great even though I'm consistently getting about 4 hours sleep a night (tren always does that to me). Got my last leg session tomorrow so hammering upper body twice a day. Won't be carb depleting etc cos I look gtg atm and don't wanna f**k it up. Still in a call deficit but with high carbs to keep me full and fuel my workouts. Water is at 8 litres, nearly p1ssed myself on the way to the gym the other night haha had to water some bushes on the way. I'm in my best condition ever and weighed in at 195.8lbs this morning so all in all I'm happy and excited to see how I do. My current macros are....
  11. Should of met up with me at my gym close by ya assh0le lol
  12. I rate it. Used it last prep and came third in my first comp and qualified for the PCA British Finals which I'm 12 days out from now. Used only Sigma this prep and in the best shape I've ever been in.
  13. He looks great. Fair play to him. Cheers brother