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  1. Nah brah, he's staying natty.
  2. Indeed.
  3. *What ... would you want a turbo for? I think that's what you mean.
  4. you're not your. You are saying, you are all experts.
  5. Tree fiddy, final offer.
  6. I've got a g10 repeater, 2 samurai swords and an Arsenal of nerf guns!
  7. Randy Orton RKO out of nowhere!
  8. So, price?...
  9. Chicken?
  10. The f**k does it need a bump for? You're taking two stims known to have negative effects for anxiety. That's like taking phet and complaining you can't sleep! Take a lower dosage. P.S - Uncertainty is a huge cause of DEATH in males, worrying about it is likely to take years off your life. Worrying is about as useful as "trying to solve an algebra equation my chewing bubblegum." Shout out to Baz Luhrman. Wear sunscreen.
  11. Creps fam!
  12. I'm going to find you.
  13. It's not the legal definition in referencing, it's the fact you perv on kids. Pre or post puberty, you're still a dirty cvnt.
  14. Yeah yeah, get back on your tor browser cruising the dark web.