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  1. About right.
  2. Correct! Great little scam!
  3. Great contribution @vetran Post and run
  4. If you don't receive the item PayPal will force a refund through for you. You'll be fine.
  5. Much prefer the medallions, 2 for £3.09
  6. I'll give you the whole 4.5inches if you want pal.
  7. Where did I say Muslim? Fake news spouting cvnt! Don't make me punch you in the face and make you my friend!
  8. Punch them all in the face and make them your mate, that's the approach we need!!
  9. What are you placing the scales on, I've got wood flooring but in some places it's got a bit of "give" so weighing on these areas adds 2-3lbs, move it to an area over a joist that's a bit firmer and the weight falls off!
  10. Why don't you have sex but never spunk. That's what alcohol free beer is!
  11. Yeah but I had to return the form and s**t. CBA TBH. Tories FTW
  12. I'm in Ireland that day. Can't vote unless my flight home is bang on time and there's no traffic!
  13. I think they've confiscated his communication devices and removed internet access. @Disclosure...nonce.
  14. Yes but not park it.