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  1. Facebook? No, I'm not a teenager anymore and don't care what next man had for lunch.
  2. You can pay for school but you can't buy class.
  3. TBF deep throat is overrated. Bit of teeth and concentrated bell end action is better!
  4. Added the closing full stop. Grammar.
  5. I can read it, does that make me l33t?
  6. @Skye666
  7. I've got twelvty hunnet and eleventy. £15 to ship a box to you.
  8. Creps > proper fitting jeans > clean creps
  9. You do, but to rock a pair of non-brand Chuck Taylor's you must be from Mozambique or the like...
  10. Why not just buy one pair of proper converse lows for £21.
  11. Indeed, I've been wearing house trainers since my yout'. Try it...game changer. Many times I have stood on Lego and thanked myself for wearing house trainers!
  12. These are house trainers, they rarely leave the house. Most of the floor is wood, it's cold...and slippers are gay. Need the pump!
  13. My messy house creps. Reebok Pump!