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  1. When friggin' in the riggin'
  2. @big shrek home bargains now stock the 2.2l USN bottles for £4.99. Crack on.
  3. http://www.livingwage.org.uk/what-is-the-living-wage https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates Now whose being pathetic? Get back on site mate, s**t needs picking up, and moving. Those fab frigger boots will complement your eyes.
  4. You're 29, I feel sorry for you having so much longer to live with this shitbox attitude. We don't discriminate on age, all cleaners are paid the same. (This countering bullshit is easy isn't it). Please note I said living wage, not national living wage. Subtle difference.
  5. No, they're paid the living wage. You're not sensible, you're argumentative, obstructive and unreasonable. 3 things, caused by your daddy not loving you, or the polar opposite. I envisage your middle aged, so a completely different generation, which is unfortunate, for you. But means by the time I'm you're age, you'll be fertilising the dandelions
  6. 1TinBog. Its easy to counter arguments, it doesn't make them correct. Just because you can play devils advocate doesn't mean you're right. It's not a fallacy at all, our cleaners are paid the living wage, as a living wage employer. Still, few want to do the job! People want handouts, taking skilled or unskilled immigrants out of the workforce is counterproductive. Illegal immigrants, by their definition shouldn't be here!
  7. And a damned sight better job at that! Swings and roundabouts.
  8. Great retort........... dots added for emphasis of its greatness.
  9. So, your 25 year old child has spent the last 17 years in education. including University to become, let's say, an engineer. But we've just allowed a swarm of engineers into the country, driving up competition for engineering jobs. Making it hard for your kid to get a job. Do you now demand we stop all unskilled and engineering based immigrants? A large number of the cleaners at work are of Eastern European origin. Why? Because we get very low levels of British applicants. Why? Because a growing number of people want things handing to them, rather than start at the bottom and work up.
  10. I'm not big, do I even lift? I don't agree with your opinion on Trump. He's nothing but trouble. I'm also a conservative, so calling me a leftie without even knowing is ignorant. I appreciate other cultures, my wife's father is Chinese. He worked for the NHS for 40 years support mental health patients. Sticking to Trumos ideology, he shouldn't have been able to move here in the first place, but now he's improved the lives of hundreds of mentally ill people. Trumps opinions are just another form of radicalism, not Islamic radicalism but retarded white self opposed radicalism. He's speaking to a small majority, a small majority who shouldn't be allowed an opinion because their own beliefs are flawed. I'd hedge a bet that most of Trumps followers are religious as well, which in this day and age, should mean you get refered to my father-in-law.
  11. The s**t you chunder on about started from your first post. At least I developed into a waste of forum space. You're just clogging this place up. Search for haters meme, your prof pics comes up early on the search. @Disclosure great to see you, admitting you have a problem is 1/2 the battle.
  12. Only when I'm catfishing @Disclosure Don't change the subject, melt.
  13. TinyTim found your insta profile