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  1. Thanks. I actually find this reply very useful as I tend to have a point on my heavier squats where I stick and the bar decelerates around mid way back up. I had been thinking of box squatting more regularly from a higher box to try and create a situation where I sit on the box just before the sticking point so I am under no tension and then drive up to contract hard through the sticking point and create some explosiveness. But I will also consider some pin squats from around the sticking point and have a look at isometric work too.
  2. My suggestion would be drop the weight. improve the form and aim to increase the volume over a few weeks. Once you see some progress on amount of reps you are managing (ie drop to 80kg for maybe 3 sets of 8, aim to build this up to 3 or 4 sets of 80kg for 12 reps over a couple of weeks) then bring the weight up a bit and try to repeat. Something like this: week 1 80kg 3 sets 8 reps week 2 80kg 3 sets 10 reps week 3 80kg 4 sets 8 reps week 4 80kg 4 sets 10 reps week 5 80kg 4 sets 12 reps Complete change from what you have tried up to now. Do that a couple of times and then switch back to 5x5 or 531 and things should get moving again. Also Fadi has totally misunderstood what you meant by sticking point, he clearly thought you meant there is a point during the lift you are sticking and not that you've just hit a plateau
  3. Squats... in a vest... with sunburn! Anyhow it went well today. Wasn't feeling it on top sets but ground through it. Box squats to low bench 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 100kg x 3 130kg x 3 working sets 180kg x 3 180kg x 3 180kg x 3 Paused squats 130kg x 3 140kg x 3 150kg x 3 Done. Quick session today as son had a hospital appointment. Leg seized up by time appointment had finished, sat for an hour in same position
  4. I pause every single rep I do on bench tbh. But as a starting point try using 60-70% of your max for a few paused sets and build up from there
  5. Paused bench. Aim for couple secs pause on each press. Strengthen Tris as well - dips, CGBP and extensions to build em up
  6. I had gym lifts of 160 touch n go bench, 270 deadlift and 200x2 squat when I entered my first Strongman comp, was open weight class and I came 5th out of 16. 2nd comp around 6 weeks later I came 4th despite falling and fu**ing my ankle on last event. Had I not fallen I could have won. Depends more on your ability in events tbh for SM, I am fast so I can usually beat bigger less mobile guys at stuff like keg carry or farmers walk for example
  7. Last comp in April I pulled 270 which was 2nd biggest pull in my weight class and came 2nd. Boy that came first pulled 280. Really need to push on with my squat numbers if I want to place top 5 at Brits tho
  8. It was another big milestone for me as its the first deadlift PB since I broke my ankle and tore ligaments in a strongman comp last year (so I should really have hit this by last winter). Mind rack it first
  9. Totally fine lol. Yeah literally the only lift I have failed this year, attempted it cpl months back n only got it to my knees, hence was a bit excited hahaha
  10. Had the shits this morning so todays session was in doubt. Luckily it went to plan and no accidents Deadlifts 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 100kg x 3 140kg x 3 170kg x 1 200kg x 1 230kg x 1 260kg x 1 280kg x 1 Done. V fu**ing happy about finally nailing 280
  11. Boom. PBs all round lately
  12. Bench went v well today, felt easier than expected. Paused bench 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 80kg x 3 100kg x 3 120kg x 2 Working sets 135kg x 2 135kg x 2 135kg x 2 135kg x 2 135kg x 4 CGBP 60kg x 10 70kg x 10 80kg x 10 DB side raises 12.5kg per side x 10 12.5kg per side x 10 15kg per side x 10 17.5kg per side x 10 Cable flyes 50lb x 10 60lb x 10 70lb x 10 Tricep rope ext 70lb x 10 80lb x 10 90lb x 10 Done
  13. Squat numbers finally moving again
  14. Decided I was going to hit a PB tonight to make up for not training much last cpl weeks so went for it Squats 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 100kg x 3 140kg x 3 170kg x 1 190kg x 1 210kg x 1 PB Paused squats 3 sets of 140kg x 3 Leg extensions Drop sets from 110lb to 70lb to failure on each plate and 110lb down to last plate on final set Hamstring curls Drop sets, same as extensions. Calf raises 160kg to failure Done