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  1. Ended up heading up to my mums and chilling in her garden. Got a bonus push workout in too as my little bro had his weights n bench set up out the back Bench 60kg x 15 for 4 sets 60kg x 25 for 2 sets Strict OHP 60kg x 12 for 5 sets Back on bench for few more sets to failure and finished with set of OHP to failure
  2. Tbh the 285 was easy so thought add more weight and all I could get to fit was the thin 20 plates off the leg press haha Yeah seem to have held strength well. Probs helps that I have actually gained weight from eating crap and drinking. Normally weight drops if I take time off
  3. Decent session today. Never sweated so much at gym before though, looked like a mess Trap bar deadlifts 85kg x 3 135kg x 3 185kg x 3 235kg x 3 285kg x 1 (PB) 325kg fail - wtf was I thinking 235kg x 3 185kg x 3 Speed deadlifts 175kg x 1 for 8 singles Cable pulldowns 40kg x 10 50kg x 10 60kg x 10 70kg x 10 80kg x 10 80kg x 10 Seated machine rows 130lb x 10 150lb x 10 170lb x 10 Db curls 12.5kg DBs x 10 for 2 sets Done. Couple days rest now before I attempt squats. Back is in bits
  5. Back on it today. Not going to lie the sweat was pissing off me, need to bring my fitness levels back up. OHP strict press 50kg x 10 60kg x 10 70kg x 10 70kg x 5 Video'd the 70 x 10 but recording f**ked up so went for it again and only got the 5 lol Flat DB press 32.5kg per side x 8 37.5kg per side x 8 42.5kg per side x 6 42.5kg per side x 6 Rope pushdowns 80lb x 10 for 4 sets Vbar pushdowns 120lb x 10 for 3 sets Pec deck 8 plates x 10 9 plates x 10 10 plates x 10 Done. Felt good to be back in.
  6. In my opinion there is a definite carryover. I'd even say irrespective of stance if you are increasing squat numbers this should help increase deadlifts. How much carryover I couldn't say as obviously everyone is different. I pull conventional but squat slightly wider and as my squat numbers came up so did my pulls
  7. Not updated for a few days. Not been to gym this week, tbh I just can't be assed. Completely lost interest and have no motivation. Been pretty stressed in general with work and home life so have decided I am going to take some time away from gym until I feel the hunger come back
  8. Bit of a mismatch today since it was a bonus session. Front squats 50kg x 5 70kg x 5 80kg x 5 100kg x 5 Incline DB press 27.5kg per side x 12 35kg per side x 8 42.5kg per side x 8 42.5kg per side x 8 37.5kg per side x 8 Bicep curls (machine) 4 sets of 12 Machine chest press 50kg 3 sets of 10 Leg extensions 70 x 12 90 x 12 110 x 12 130 x 12 Guinness o'clock now
  9. Thanks dude. Yeah deadlifts are my best lift. Will have a read later on
  10. Kind if feeling I am at this stage now for squats
  11. Decent session tonight. Feeling tired but pumped. Chest supported rows 25kg x 10 50kg x 10 70kg x 10 80kg x 10 Hyper ext w/ 10kg plate 3 sets of 12 Rear delt flyes 8 plates 3 sets of 10 Tbar rows 45kg x 10 60kg x 10 70kg x 10 70kg x 10 Dumbell curls 10kgs x 10 12.5kgs x 10 15kgs x 10 Done
  12. Been a couple of years since I saw any pics of you on here but you have made some mental progress since then, looking huge!
  13. Strong lifts bud! What you weighing atm?
  14. Pull session tomorrow. Had to get the mrs to massage my back again last night as had knotted in same place, curious whether tomorrow is going to aggravate it or possibly work the tension out somehow.
  15. Push session tonight, went well. High reps again, nice change. Tricep pushdowns 12 plates x 10 for 3 sets Flat bench (with axle) Gym had a challenge on with bodyweight bench for reps on axle. Did couple of warmups with 60kg x 5 90kg x 25 Seated DB shoulder press 25kg per side x 10 30kg per side x 10 35kg per side x 10 Skull crushers 35kg x 10 for 3 sets Pec deck 8 plates x 10 for 3 sets Done