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  1. Iv got kinder buenos, they will have to do lol
  2. I'm literally packing a spare pair for tomorrow on your previous advice hahaha
  3. Just do squat only bud instead of full power?
  4. Already done that and had a low carb day too lol
  5. Thanks :). Yeah its been fluctuating a bit between 90 and 91 but should make it comfortably tomorrow hopefully. Then straight across to the shopping centre, into McDs and double bacon and egg mcmuffins are going in lol
  6. OK so weigh-ins tomorrow. Setting off at 8am so should hit Glasgow before 9 and then go get weighed. Planning to get in and out early as poss and get the eating started. Went out with the family last night to the beach and then along to a small fishing village famous for their fish suppers. Had my first ever fish supper and it was amazing but had to undo the bad work today lol. Skipped breakfast and have only had 1 proper meal and a flapjack so far today. Will have a light bite later on and just starve til tomorrow once weigh-in is out the way. Grumpy fucker today as a result...
  7. That's bloody good going IMO. Most I have done on stones is 100kg.
  8. Last mobility session done tonight and that's me all set for Sunday
  9. I have had success following 531 with my own accessory work added and also did Ortmayer/Magnusson deadlift routine which was tough but I rate it highly.
  10. That would be good, give you something to work towards
  11. Yeah the salt content must have been outrageous haha. I will probs piss about a kg of water back out over next 48 hours now lol. Might have a chinese again day before comp since its 24hr weigh in
  12. Checked the damage earlier this evening. 91.5kg lol. Will drop carbs a bit for next 2 days so should drop a bit of water off. Light full body session tomorrow night after work.
  13. How quickly does connective tissue weaken after it has strengthened and repaired to handle a certain weight previouslt though? Given the injury timescale wouldn't the concern be more when he starts to approach or surpass previous strength levels? Interesting re the strength gained quickly/lost quickly. Could you elaborate on this? Surely once CNS adaptation has occured to certain loads this in turn makes it easier to achieve that lift again each time, does the adaptation to a new load differ based on how quickly you got there?
  14. Not sure whats still available these days but I rate Pmag for beginners