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  1. After I oven cook 4 beasts of chicken with pepper, onions and dry rub, the bottom the the tray is filled with water. Do I pour this away, or leave it to keep chicken moist. Can see if being pretty soggy leaving the water in. Is this just poor quality chicken?
  2. I am neither, and love living in London, lived in essex all my life and now can't stand the place. Rent is expensive and nights out as well, but it is the best place in the UK after all
  3. So Nike Town in Oxford Street lol
  4. Sports Direct mate?
  5. I work in city and live not far away. Used to live in Stratford, apparently you wouldn't even walk around there ten years ago What do you do for work?
  6. Both pretty much. Yeah some dodgy areas but every where has them. If you walk through an area and look scared etc then maybe someone will pick up on it. It used to be really rough years ago, but its all changed with them pumping money onto regenerating the rough areas.
  7. London isn't that rough at all.
  8. So whats the deal with it smelling like that. Back in Essex people think its a good thing when it smells like petrol or nail varnish lol. Is the strong smell good or bad?
  9. what you mean 15+ involved? Ignore me last comment just read its no good lol
  10. This bit no good then?
  11. These are the nuts, had 40 of them a while ago and the best thing to knock you out and not feel groggy for days. Can't get these anymore, but have a some Triumph 2.5mg round xnax to try.
  12. What platform do you buy coins on? I use HL to buy shares but obviously there not on there. Cheers
  13. Yep.
  14. Heard about these, missed the boat though now.
  15. Yep, seem to look to rise, could be a good punt