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  1. Shoreditch , Hackney, Egg in kings Cross, Nest club, Village underground, Fabric, Print Works - a few places/clubs off top of my head Strip bar - Browns, String fellows, there is also one with three floors worth of strippers / brasses called Parkers
  2. ?? it's too late man, none of these f**kers will refund me.
  3. Ok cheers mate, I'll check it out
  4. This thread isn't selling it to me ?
  5. lol fair enough reminds me of where the pantheon is in Rome. So not the ideal place to pop the question if I decide to.
  6. Can't cancel I am afraid, all booked up and paid for now, should have gone Edinburgh
  7. Cheers pal. Did you go to St Marks Square at night, say around 8pm? Does it die down a bit I have two full days there so want to take it at a leisurely pace if possible. Also, can't say I fancy a three way with the gondola instructor unless she is a hot Italian female lol
  8. Lol that just killed it in two words! Did you go in the summer mate, recommend anything?
  9. I am trying to get my test and hormone levels back to normal, so have been advised and seen on various threads vitamins are pretty important for that. For every day, I agree, easily get them from food (if you can be bothered)
  10. D3 , zinc , C and B complex I need it for recovery. Cheers
  11. Whats his name? I haven't spotted any IIFYM threads to give him away
  12. Yeah there was some great characters on here back in the day. Great White, Big were a couple of others that knew there stuff. Shame now days we are left with retards like @bar snack Dutch Scott was a massive cnut the whole time to be fair. JW was a absolute lad, his doses were mental and he advise was always against the grain. Weeman and Ser had a great thread, thats probably been deleted now though haha.
  13. Lost legends mate. Robster must be in prison no surely, guy was a phyco lol
  14. Anyone been? Booked it up for start of June for Mrs bday. Heard its supposed to be ridiculously expensive. Any recommendations on where to eat, places to see, things to do or any other advice? Cheers
  15. Cheers mate, MP just work out cheaper right?