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  1. How much are they now days for 100, you can discuss prices as its prescription.
  2. So you got the bigger soundlink3. The JBL charge 3 is a lot louder than the sound link 2 apparently, but don't think the quality of sound will be as goo, but it lasts longer and is waterproof Tough decisions.
  3. Sorry meant this one mate. Is this the one your using. I am also looking a this one.
  4. Going to invest in some wireless speakers to use in my gym (my flat complex has a gym but its old and no music) and for using with my laptop/TV, holidays etc. Have a budget of around £200 been looking at the BOSE mini 2 or the JBL Charge 3 Bose looks better and can stay in living room and look good but the JBL apparently has better sound quality and is waterproof. Anyone here use them or recommend any others?
  5. Basically if you have a session, make sure to mix with booze, mandy and pills to be safe.
  6. Any recommendations mate?
  7. Still going strong?
  8. On the sesh yet? My Friday night is boring as f**k, this thread is the highlight
  9. Nice mate! Looks decent. A nice line would go down a treat. The stuff is essex probably won't be no where near as good as you get from your descriptions on how strong it is. The stuff in London is just a load of teething powder or some shit with the tiny bit of gear in, not worth the money.
  10. Back in Essex I can get a proper decent bit, but when I want it after a few beers there isn't any point calling a bit on as its so shit. I suppose thats good in a way, after a few beers a couple of lines never stays a couple of lines
  11. haha love it mate. Ill check out the thread.
  12. Cheers pal, but I'm looking for some in ear ones.
  13. lol far from rich mate, but something that I use multiple times every day, so might as well get a decent set.