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  1. Yeah I am not talking about the cheating s**t, just clearing the mind as you say and becoming more focused etc.
  2. Does anyone on here meditate? I have a few friends who do and swear by it, also whilst I was in Sri Lanka I was talking to some Yoga master type guy and he said its v very good for the soul and general well being. My friends say its helps them focus, clear their mind, stay clam and avoid getting angry etc. This in turn makes them more successful in work. So was thinking of trying it. There is an app I have been looking at called head space I might try. Whats everyones thoughts on meditation, best way to start and does it actually work?
  3. Just don't give a s**t and eat as much as you want
  4. About 2 years ago I used to sniff a lot of gear, and at one point I would take 60/70mg of pharma to knock me out, but that was about half hour after the last line lol, not the healthiest.
  5. Never heard of it before, the pot is in my suitcase, but 40mg knocked me out for the whole flight home.
  6. Well, I managed to get 1000 pharma diazepam for about £12
  7. I do like a holiday, Venice next.
  8. The point is to bring it back for cheap. When I went Egypt I came back with around 500 cido's for 50p each, so yeah, was worth it.
  9. Any ideas what can I get OTC there to bring back to England? Steroids, Viagra, Cialis etc
  10. Is it based on facts? If so I'm in, as fascinated by what goes on over there as well, its crazy when you think about it
  11. Sounds pretty good mate, cheers! Ill check it out now
  12. Thanks they looked wicked, any more recommendations ?
  13. HAHA yeah I wish I could get back on the gear mate, but took me long enough to recover this time and the Mrs will want kids end of this year I reckon. Don't know how you manage to manage to train and keep a diet with the amount your out smashing it lol