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  1. Sounds like a good plan, I dont think ill ask randoms on street
  2. Did they say it was powerful?
  3. Similar thing happened to my mate in Mexico, they made him go back to his room and emptied his safe of all cash.
  4. Have you read into buying out there mate lol, seems pretty fu**ing sketchy, people sell you s**t, of sell it to you and a cop taps you up straight after etc. Seems like you need to get to know a local or someone to get a decent bit
  5. Should hopefully get some honest answers then
  6. Thats actually true, at Christmas at my mums we always get the glass bottles.
  7. Has anyone every been south America and tried the coke? I have been reading up and seems well dodgy to buy it, like you buy it then get set up with police and have to bribe your way out. That aside and ending up on banged up abroad has anyone tried it, how much was it and what was the quality like?
  8. So this is now my plan: Fly into Peru as you can get return flights for £550 direct. If I then want to go brazil it will be £300 return from Peru making the total flights cost £800 My itinerary would be (not in this order) Machu Pichu Death road Possibly salt lakes Amazon Jungle And if I go brazil see the steps, sugar loaf and then beach. What do you think?
  9. Sure you didn't take diazepam lol. First time I took it I took 400mg and my anxiety went through the roof.
  10. If not there are plenty of top class Brazilian hookers, just don't get robbed by them.
  11. Ok cheers Lotte. Did you sample the cocaine at columbia ?
  12. So I am now off steroids, first time in ten years, had about 6 months out of the gym Stomach has got bigger, I know I won't be able to put size on like I used to, so just going to attempt the slim but tones look now. My problem is I'm always hungry still, so end up eating a lot of calories. What low calorie food keep you filled up and not hungry or any other tips advice?
  13. protein shake with egg whites