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  1. I do like a holiday, Venice next.
  2. The point is to bring it back for cheap. When I went Egypt I came back with around 500 cido's for 50p each, so yeah, was worth it.
  3. Any ideas what can I get OTC there to bring back to England? Steroids, Viagra, Cialis etc
  4. Is it based on facts? If so I'm in, as fascinated by what goes on over there as well, its crazy when you think about it
  5. Sounds pretty good mate, cheers! Ill check it out now
  6. Thanks they looked wicked, any more recommendations ?
  7. HAHA yeah I wish I could get back on the gear mate, but took me long enough to recover this time and the Mrs will want kids end of this year I reckon. Don't know how you manage to manage to train and keep a diet with the amount your out smashing it lol
  8. Cheers mate, What foods do you suggest to make things a bit more exciting?
  9. thats looks pretty damn good!
  10. So according to my calculations: 1kg chicken breast is - 1100 calories 3 peppers - 60 calories 4 Onions - 240 cals 2 packs of nannies flavouring - 150 cals Chilli and garlic - ill say 50 cals 1600 calories for four meals. How do you work out calories for rice, is it cooked weight ?
  11. Where are these from mate. Also do you just roughly chop up the peppers onions, garlic and chilli and mix them all together? Or throw them at bottom of tray and then put chicken on top?
  12. No, or I would have put that in my original post.