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  1. Hi! I have been bulking for about two months. Currently eating 2550 calories , 255 g of carbs, 71 g of fat and 220 g of protein. I'm 183 cm tall and I think my bodyfat precentage is around 17 to 20 %. I do not think I have much muscle mass on me. Would two 20-30 minute jogging sessions a week be detrimental to the bulk? Basicly due to my current bf% I want to keep it under control during the bulk. My weight has increased from 82.5 kg to 84 kg. Mostly after I started weighing my rice and grains uncooked. Besides that I track my food with myfitnesspal and I weigh everything I eat. I try each week to get my three workouts in. It's basicly lower and upper body split which I switch weekly. Either I get two lower body workouts in or I get two upper body workouts in and only one lower body workout in.
  2. Great job then keep at it!
  3. Yeah I will stick with walks for 1-3 times a week moderate intensity where I can hold a still conversation maybe further during the bulk add a bit of time or change it to jogging or something else. For now I will start with 15 minute sessions 1-3 times a week and increase it when it feels like it to 30-35 mins max after gym workout.
  4. I will either leave cardio for later on during the bulk or start doing medium intensity cardio after my gym workouts for 10-30 minutes 1-3 times a week since I train 3 times a week in the gym. Would that be a good plan?
  5. I assume not long sessions though if it is steady heart rate cardio something like 20-30 minutes a session. Mostly I will just manipulate the nutrition if I notice too much fat gain.
  6. I see how much cardio should be done during a bulk for health reasons? Like how many sessions a week and for how long? I was thinking like taking long walks with a step counter or something like that.
  7. So If I notice that I'm adding too much fat then most likely my calories are too high and I should adjust them. Can I in that case do some cardio while bulking or that is counterproductive for bulking purposes? How much cardio should be done during a bulk if I notice that I'm gaining too much fat?
  8. So this is 2 year transformation? Are you natty?
  9. Heya! I want to confirm this information since I'm unsure. Prior to lifting weights should I walk on a threadmill or use the bike for 10-15 minutes or is that just a waste of energy to sort of get the blood going/warmup? Or can I instead just warm up with the weights since that is what I have been doing? Also should I be doing some type of stretching prior to my gym workout?
  10. How big increases should I be making in carbs or calories in general if weight gains stops with certain calories? How I understand during a bulk my protein pretty much stays the same and I mostly just add carbs and fats?
  11. Heya! My question is do I add calories or carbs to my diet after I have gained 1 kg in mass for example? Let's say I eat 3000 calories and gain 1 kg in weight in 2 weeks. Do I increase my carbs after that by some amount or wait until my weight gain stops with the current amount of calories and only then increase them by small precent?
  12. Heya! I just started bulking and my weight is 82.5 kg and I want to reach 90 kg before cutting. I count my macros and calories by using myfitnesspal. My work schedule varies weekly. I workout three times a week. My question do I make changes in a diet or calories if I'm unable to train for a week for example? I currently eat 2700 calories so do I keep them same even though I'm able to get less workouts in for a week or none in or do I decrease my calories for that week? If I decrease then by how much?