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  1. yeh I get what your saying
  2. what don't you like about this program?? interested in your thoughts
  3. Anyone?
  4. What you reckon? Day 1 Back Squat - 4 sets - 32 reps Bench Press - 3 sets - 25 reps Barbell Row - 3 sets - 25 reps Seated Leg Curls - 3 sets - 30 reps Seated DB Press/Military Press - 2 sets - 20 reps Wide-grip Pulldowns - 3 sets - 30 reps Abs/Calves Superset - 3 sets each - 40 reps each Day 2 Deadlift - 2 sets - 12 reps or Romanian DL - 3 sets - 30 reps Leg Press - 3 sets - 30 reps Incline DB Press - 3 sets - 30 reps Close-grip T-bar or Cable Rows - 3 sets - 30 reps Lateral Raises/Barbell Shrugs - 3 supersets - 30 reps each Straight-arm Pulldowns/Facepulls - 3 supersets - 40 reps each Barbell Curl/Skullcrushers - 3 supersets - 30 reps each Day 3 Back Squat - 4 sets - 32 reps Bench Press - 3 sets - 25 reps Barbell Row - 3 sets - 25 reps Lying Leg Curls - 3 sets - 30 reps Seated DB Press or Military Press - 2 sets - 20 reps Close-grip Pulldowns - 3 sets - 30 reps Abs/Calves Superset - 3 sets each - 40 reps each
  5. No unflavoured
  6. Yeh might get my brother who i train with to record all my compounds and make sure im doing them right. Good call
  7. Where do people buy there creatine monohydrate from? Powder form. Want a decent mixing creatine? My current supplier is shite with mixing and bitty. My bros supplier is powdery and makes it chalky.. Any reccomendations?
  8. Would you say just lift slightly lighter work on my breathing bracing etc and then build back up... Other than that whats good to suport lifting to help. Pilates or any s**t like that?
  9. Yeh deep breath hold tighten core lift.. I struggle keepin tight on the endish portion of a lift and usually breathe out as i start to struggle with the weight. Could this be because im going to heavy to quick? And yeh he a licensed physio just pts at the gym in the evenings
  10. Injured my back on a deadlift warmup at 135kg two weeks ago. I was abit cocky with the weight and didnt brace beltless and pop it went. Avoided back work for two weeks and today went to do a barbell row. Warmed up at 20kg 40kg 60kg and then went for 70kgx5 and on my 2nd rep it went again same place same pain. My form is always good but whenever i bend over so deads rows i find it wierd tk breathe properly. Never get it with squats or chest or shoukder stuff The physio guy at my gym said its im not bracing and either not breathing properly and maybe because my core weak... Does this sound about right? What should i do out of my upper lower routine to.assist in recovering and training properly? I get no leg pain or tightness it literally is just in my lumbar area.. Regards
  11. true. I only get tattoos in places I can cover up with a shirt, jumper jacket whatever...
  12. men personally I don't think would give a s**t when they old.. women don't get me wrong a fit girl with a sleeve is fap worthy but thinking about old women with sleeves mmmmm. but again is it different because women generationally never had sleeves or even tattoos (commonly) where men did. when I'm old n wrinkly itl be the norm thing to be old with tattoos
  13. i train 3 days a week and don't hit abs directly... on an off day can I do core exercises or will this mess up my routine?? also my mrs has booked a two week holiday in a hotel without a gym and I will have a week off but don't really want two weeks off so is there any bodyweight shiz I can do while away. will press ups etc cut it thanks
  14. fairly newish tattoo artist.. he quite young and only been doing it a few years but he seems to be pretty solid.. he is a nice guy as well doesn't clock watch on full days he just does it till it finished. he is a bodybuilder which is good as well lots to natter about. mine took seven hours so cost 50 an hour lol. his prices are now 400 tho as he getting busier
  15. i would say so. I'm 29 and my parents and my wifes parents, our uncles aunties etc don't have any and don't like them. however her granddad has some mine has one. and my brothers have tattoos and s does my wife and all my mates. so I would say it has skipped a generation.. every c**t has a tattoo now days including me