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  1. ill run madcows then. only just saw your edit.. see how I get on
  2. cheers. il do both ranges hopefully that would be optimal. hense my original comment of few sets of 5 then few high sets
  3. just from what you see posted around I think people go 6 days a week to escape the mrs
  4. might have a crack at ppl as it seems to be a common step after full body. it will have to be 3 day instead of 6 tho
  5. anyone know any good articles on bodybuilding? worth reading etc link em please
  6. so that would work but I need to eat more?? madcows has been recommended but I want some size reps in there.... 8-12. I want a 3 day routine that will get me stronger but mainly size... cheers for replys so far
  7. Been cracking on the 5x5 for a while now and on 3x5 due ti failing 5x5. I want more size as well so keeping the routine the same (stronglifts) can i do the routine 3x5 and add two high rep sets so 5 sets total 3 heavy 2 lighter.?? I want to pile on size and strength at same time preferably but can only train three days a week (mrs) Lifts are currently Bench 85kg Squat 105 Deadlift 180 Press 50 struggle tho Row 70kg Diet eating 3000 calories daily desk job 29 years old weigh 92kg 6ft Ty
  8. i started off with really cheap set from argos which came with bar and dumbbells and weights that you can buy to add bit more weight. doesn't cost much obviously your young to I don't know what your access to money is like. cheap starter sets cost anywhere between 30-60 for light beginner weights sets benchs you can pick up for 20-40 but I would get a decent bench if you have money so when you transition to heavier weights (Olympic bar etc) the bench will be able to handle the increase in weight.. failing that bodyweight as above says and some db exercises but make sure you progressively overload so if you can dumbbell row 8kg for 4 say then next time try more reps etc. also you can find cheap gym gear second hand on various sites.. ebay etc good luck mate
  9. ok will give it a miss. I have gone from working long shifts on my feet all day building engines to working desk job so maybe I don't need the kick anymore as I was fine on them while I was working physically
  10. anyone else experience lack of sleep when using pre workouts.. I also struggle with wood for a wile after.. I train either at 10am or 3pm and go to sleep at 10-11 at night. I thought this would be long enough before sleeping but is it the pre workout causing this lack of sleep?
  11. well if you call rich licking the bottom of my protein tubs then sure
  12. yeh half scooped first day was subtle but my energy was good after sets my recovery was quick. second day of use I full scooped it and yeh plateaus broken real good feeling pre workout just pumped up basically I enjoyed squats aswell which never happens usually
  13. I watched my first come out... it don't scar u.... soon as my mrs was able I was like a rat up a drainpipe....
  14. I got mine two weeks ago.. quality shit my brother was tingling all over and my overhead press plateau was done over.. well impressed
  15. cheers for the guide.. and comments about do some groundwork.. when it comes to steroid use I want to be dam sure of what I'm doing and me putting together a cycle when I have no clue what I'm doing is stupid...