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  1. he did and that would not of been possible if GH was the cause of the growth as organs don't shrink.....
  2. firstly do you have the full text for this abstract? as what dose was used in clinical trials plus this part "Current clinical research efforts include the use of exogenous GH as a stimulant of gut growth and adaptation in patients who have undergone massive intestinal resection" means that they are looking at gut growth for very ill patients how does that transfer to bodybuilders that have not undergone this "Massive" intestinal resection? so you believe that to prove your point an abstract to a study carried out on patients who have had all or a large part of their bowel removed that's proof is it? Cherry picking an abstract with no understanding of the subjects is extremely poor science and the equivalence of linking to "The Sun" newspaper for facts Plus if GH was the cause to GH gut then everyone who used it would have gut distention and they don't its not, to be fair no one knows what actually causes it it has been said that it could be a combination of factors GH, Insulin, Very heavy compound movements, high calories one thing is for sure though it certainly is not GH on its own
  3. 1-2 weeks depending on how much water you hold, all my clients that use drop it 2 weeks out
  4. Thread closed far to many racist insults for the forum
  5. they can if one or both are fake
  6. GH is not the cause of what is called GH gut so it would not matter
  7. for most you need to ramp up the dose for boom dosing not just go straight in at 2+mg so i would look at 500mcg then step it up each time to your BOOM dose it could also mean your peptides are not good you don't get used to peptide use as it releases a pulse of natural GH thats pretty much all they do and this will happen every time, you will get diminishing returns when you pulse peptides if you increase the dose above saturation dose (this does not apply to BOOm dose) there has been no evidence to show that taking a GHRP & GHRH for long periods causes organ growth
  8. i agree with a lot of Jordan says although he advocates post workout insulin i don't i have done the PERI workout shakes and found the good for recovery but i don't insist on them especially pre and intra unless the person has a lot of carbs to get through as i prefer solid food over shakes. i do agree on post workout whey shakes i think its stupid not to have at least 20g post workout
  9. i don't take it as an insult but you speak to anyone who has followed the type of protocol that Milos has created and they will tell you they followed it for a short time as it is negative to health, Jordan Peters who worked with Milos admitted in a Podcast that there is a reason most who have worked with Milos are no longer in the sport and that he would never follow the protocol again what do we determine as results? a pump? actual muscle size? or just weight gain? if you can use a small amount and get good results with no fat gain why use more insulin that could be negative to health? plus i have never said Pre/Post will not work just that there is no benefit over any other time and Pre is dangerous due to its effect on the liver releasing insulin.
  10. but this is the point Nasser a huge bodybuilder with a huge muscle mass was on 40iu and he trained twice a day then you have guys on this and other forums taking near that much if not more and is 200lbs if not less its just stupid and shows a real lack of understanding of how to use insulin. i have 4 clients who are over 300lbs in the off season and compete at 265-280lbs and they are using 2-6iu max 3-4 days a week and they are growing but then they use it for growth not just to get a pump lol
  11. 2-3iu daily would be fine, short term you wouldn't see much but long term you would
  12. if the weekly total is the same there will be no real difference just genuine GH will do it, you will get a lot of mixed answers because people can only give an opinion on what they have used (i know that does not stop some though) i like Lilly and Ansomone
  13. what is obnoxious about asking what you expect to see in 48hrs? in fact, your reply is obnoxious in its entirety when all you had to say is what you have said in the first line. so drop the attitude and when someone asks a question answer it without the attitude or leave the forum
  14. 5iu is not a high enough dose in my opinion to split as it holds not real benefit
  15. they would if you are not used to that GH dose CTS is a side effect using a side effect to establish if a brand of GH is genuine or not is foolish, especially when so many fakes have drugs added to increase CTS so to give the impression of genuine