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  1. no, there are long-term studies (3-5yrs) that show no damage at all with GHRP-2 and 6 peptides, Hexerallin does show some desensitisation hence why it should be cycled
  2. firstly there is no logic in keeping GH hormones stable this is not what happens naturally, in fact no hormones are "Stable" they all fluctuate naturally so there is no benefit in making them stable as that goes against the natural way. Synthetic GH has a curve that's pretty long, 7.5iu will raise GH levels above base for 12hrs, M/W/F protocol is not better as such in the way of results if the weekly dose is matched with the ED protocol, the benefit is more with your own GH release as ED use will stop it totally for the duration you are on GH but the M/W/F protocol will allow it to release on the days you are not using GH. this also has an impact on insulin resistance as ED consistent use will impact this far more than an M/W/F protocol there is no requirement to use GH on a training day, it holds no bearing to if you train or not more gear to a degree will increase results but to a point otherwise all the guys on here taking 2-3g a week would be huge and they are not.......i cannot comment on if you take more gear you will grow more as i don't know my experience more growth comes more from increased calories than increased gear but then that's a logical conclusion as without the calories where is the growth coming from?
  3. thats only 280 calories as @G-man99 has said that a bagel and peanut butter to be fair not much at all
  4. you could argue that the lowered protein will effect TEF (Thermic Effect of Food) but then this would be off set by the increased energy the extra carbs would bring (fats would as well) through NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) or/and PAL (Physical Activity Level) so as long as calories are matched there would be no loss or gain in weight or composition. if you are eating a calorie amount that maintains your weight then changing the Macro split will make no difference if calories are matched
  5. 320g for your weight is a tad high to be honest i would drop it to 250g and raise the carbs (you can raise fats as well) to calorie match what you lose from the Protein (280 calories) the make up of those calories be them from Carbs or/and Fat makes no difference as long as calories are matched.
  6. how much do you weigh? i am on 225g a day and doing just fine, remember carbs are protein sparing so if you are on a decent amount of carbs you can lower protein.
  7. you do not have to wait to train a muscle if it is sore, its relevance for training is zero.....
  8. oh i do, this was my point like i say i am not saying steroids have no health issues as that is most definitely wrong i just get annoyed at those who say such things (you did not imply this)
  9. DOMs dont indicate a good session or overtraining to be fair, it is more of an indication (if prolonged) that your recovery protocol needs 24hrs/36hrs after the workout not an issue but 48hrs+ then recovery is an issue this is more down to diet than anything else, although if the system is new and different to how you would normally train then the DOM's will settle down as the body gets used to the new system......
  10. i had an MRI scan, believe me when i say if there is a test for your heart and its health/function i have had it, the MRI did not show LVH to any degree (quoting what i was told) i am not refuting what you are saying or saying that anabolic steroids cannot cause issues with the heart what i am refuting is the blanket statement that has been used that says it WILL happen, i am just one person but my case shows that it is not a certainty like many believe. as I have said many times, i am not saying because of my case it proves anything other than it is not a certainty, steroids have huge health risks this is a fact but to be fair its not a miscomparison to other things people do that cause health issues yet show no concern. it is a fact that smoking and alcohol kill people, yes some will come back and say the comparison is not valid because more people smoke or drink but i see no validity in that argument as something suddenly does not become irrelevant because more people do it........ Steroids are not healthy i for one minute are not saying they are in any way healthy, BUT more people will pop a painkiller or knock back several pints each night over the weekend and give it no thought to the health implications, yet steroids are the devil lol double standards come to mind. and yes you will find many studies that link steroids to heart issues but on every one of them you will find the word (Maybe) or (Potential) but very rarely the word (Fact) or (Without doubt) again not saying there is no link but for everyone one study you show for that link i this does not make me right or wrong....i am just making the point that many use double standards when it comes to "Health" and steroid use yet do not lead a healthy lifestyle themselves in other ways. No one is using the lack of long-term studies to justify anything, every knowledgeable steroid user i know understands the potential health issues involved with steroids use, as i said i fully expected the investigations into my heart would show something, but that in that same vain many none users over estimate the health implications to justify the vilification of steroid users.
  11. if this is the case why after 30yrs and some excessive doses of steroids are mine not affected at all, you would think if it was such a certainty as in "Steroids cause a bad hypertrophy" you would think mine would of been effected....
  12. exactly mate, i don't drink and never smoked, i am not obese (well apart from on the BMI lol) my current health issues are genetic, i was scared to see what the several Heart investigations would uncover and believe me i was shocked more than anyone they all came back bang on...... it is funny to hear people who don't live a healthy lifestyle condemn steroid users for being unhealthy (a lot do exist)
  13. as i am, i am of the belief that no one can know everything and things change so quickly, i am more than happy to change my beliefs given the evidence. at no point am i saying steroids are healthy and that just because my investigations were fine everyone else's will be but people jump on steroids and don't think about the other huge contributing factors as you have pointed out........also the amount of people that have died from abusing ibrufen is unreal but people still just pop them in their mouths as if they were smarties
  14. very good post maybe @crawleytown can come back with the evidence my understanding was that LVH was the issue but as you have wrote this is not directly linked to steroid use but training and strenuous sports, and again is not a certainty