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  1. i had a chest line for dialysis which contracted the Sepsis bug.
  2. Hey everyone, thank you for the support i honestly do appreciate everyone's well wishes. Thanks to @sen for pointing out the threads I am suffering from Sepsis after getting the infection a few days before fathers day, i had it for 3 days before that but mistook it for food poisoning, once i was admitted to the local hospital things went down hill very quickly i have been told by the Dr's i am lucky to be alive and many of them expected me to die on that first day in intensive care. Since then (3.5 weeks ago) the infection has taken hold of my whole body, i have a collapsed lung that has been drained once and is due to be drained again this week, last week i had 5 surgeries in 7 days on both my legs resulting in a scar on my left outer quad with 48 staples and a scar on my inner thigh on my right leg with 10 stitches. with all that being said things are getting better, my infection markers are coming down in a normal healthy person they are under 10 mine when i was admitted where 486 currently they are 120 so heading in the right direction. i should be able to get home in the next 2-3 weeks as a side note guys read up on Sepsis and the signs as i thought it was food poisoning and more people die from it than don't i was very lucky...... thanks again for the well wishes i truly do appreciate it fellas.....
  3. as long as the weekly dose is the same the effects will be the same although you will not suppress your natural GH output as much with the M/W/F protocol as for dose no one can tell you what to run it all depends on what you can run due to sides etc
  4. then lower the dose then the side effects will lesson
  5. unfortunately i am blunt by nature if someone asks a question i tend to give the straight answer those who know me know that i like debate and will and have changed my view on many things over the years, this subject, for example, i did the Lantus thing nearly 10yrs ago wasn't impressed than not impressed now....
  6. the thing is when people say that their diet and training is nailed don't realise that if it was they would have progressed far more than they would by adding GH, when i work with people i get them to complete a Q&A where they detail diet, training, sleep etc......i always match the calories initially on their plan and nearly all the time the person gains weight or has trouble eating the calories......BUT they are the same as wheat they apparently were on my point is they just was not eating that much.......
  7. a lot of water retention.... i cannot answer that buddy because GH is not the deciding factor it depends on everything else, and coming back with "Diet and training would be nailed" doesn't help there are many factors involved to determine the results of using GH, the biggest issue i see is so many just get a number of IU's and inject it then carry on as if all their problems with not reaching their goals will be solved because they have randomly injected GH
  8. Pharma GH is better than Generics, fakes are not Pharma GH as you can understand...... you just do not buy fake, if you cannot buy genuine then stick to Generic or order Ansomone
  9. well GH will have you hold water some in the muscle some under the skin so not something you want at the final stage of prep, this is why many drop it 10-14 days from a show you do not need to run it for a considerable amount of time 6 weeks is long enough to see decent benefits but it is dose dependent, if i was in your position i would look at using it for around a month 6 weeks from the show, it will give you some fat loss but some much-needed fullness in the muscle at a time you would be more than likely flat whereas this is true it just doesn't do it and it is burnt as fuel, it will increase fat oxidation although when in prep with a calorie deficit, cardio plus fat burners how much more fat is oxidised would not be that much more
  10. why is it more beneficial in the last few weeks in prep? do you want water retention then? 0.1 on an insulin pin for 1.5mg/3iu 0.25 on an insulin pin for 2.5iu although you do not need to use insulin for 6 months as many think to benefit from it 75iu in total which will do very little mate
  11. there is no "Optimal" time to take GH before a steroid cycle, just take the GH and the steroids together there is zero advantage in using GH before the cycle
  12. well they are hoping people think they are the trusted lab Baltic (and to be fair alot did) so maybe worth a punt
  13. yep but it doesn't Nutrient Shuttle I am afraid all IGF-1 synthetic products are useless mate both DES and LR3 do not add to an increase in lean tissue...but good pump lol
  14. prove to me that the so called crap i am posting about Baltic not being platinum is wrong