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  1. no mate i only use purepeptides and they do bank transfer
  2. SEO and Caverject are old products buddy when used correctly can greatly enhance a physique..... pMGF is a decent drug to be fair if microdosed in a trained muscle (500mcg L/R/chest, L/R delts...) but taken in 50mcg injections so 10 x 50mcg injections in each side
  3. whilst this is correct it is also incorrect both GH and peptides will add lean tissue but the amount is what most are disappointed with as their expectations are set to high, as in this case. there is a sticky at the top of this section of the forum that shows a 6 week study on trained subjects who had things like diet and training on point who took 24iu of GH over a week (8iu M/W/F) they gained 3kg of lean tissue whilst dropping 1% body fat in those 6 i agree with others that is not really what many believe to be "Mass" however it does show you don't have to run GH for 6 months (for example) to see any results but in saying all that these subjects were athletes so like i say they had everything down and in my experience in the real world with guys that train this is not the case 24/7 For pure size steroids cannot be beaten along with a diet that gives you a calories surplus of course
  4. agreed, there are a few on this thread that will be watched as it seems all they are doing is either making posts to brag about a lab or just to slate it, either way they will be gone if they continue
  5. well it would at 200mg a week
  6. that's this thread locked yet another example of adults acting like kids
  7. you will preserve some muscle on a cut with GH but it isn't as good as Steroids are for that, but to be fair what you lose and how much you save all depends on your diet
  8. no i have not
  9. no mate they are talking about the last SIMEC SIS reports that were placed up
  10. don't mistake IGF-1LR3 (crap) with IGF-1 from increlax buddy, you will probably fined Dallas was using the latter of the two, this is what is being used by the Pro's that are living and prepping over in Oxygen gym in Dubai and is £700-800 for a 2-4 week run (depends on dose you use) LR3 just doesn't act in the way many think it does, i cant comment on your friends but i have never seen anyone grow actual tissue that they have kept from LR3 after they stopped using LR3 and they should.
  11. this is funny as fukc
  12. yes mate it was, that was me trying to do to many things at the same time, thanks for pointing it out
  13. SIS Tren Enthanate