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  1. those "some people" were clients of mine i have coached Bodybuilders and normal guys and girls who train for nearly 20yrs, i have pretty done every conceivable way to lose fat myself in my 30yrs competing and used pretty much all of the methods with 3rd parties.....have i done fasting, Yes and i currently fast until midday not because i want to lose fat but because it fits with my lifestyle.....have i used prolonged fasting with clients again yes we have tried EOD, 2, 3 and 4 days fasting and with the exception of EOD and the 16/8 fast all other ways impacted on performance and the end result did NOT justify the method.....why do i need an excuse? i am not doing something that is stupid you keep skipping over the research i mentioned but you fail to understand YOU posted it up along with one about EOD fasting (and a cpl more) as a way to show what you are doing is not stupid and has research to back it up, but no matter the way you slice it you cannot prove there is research to back up a 7 day fast by referencing a 40hr or EOD fasting study that's like saying you saying the car you drive is fast and show a study on how fast a bicycle can go to prove it........ i have made some very valid points yet your own bias has decided to ignore them and thats cool
  2. oh look someone voicing his opinion with no knowledge of losing fat speaks see what i did there
  3. ha ha long answers mean nothing when they speaking of a study that is cherry picked to back up a method that has no relevance to the study apart from the fact you and the subjects did not eat study - 40hr fast you - 7 day fast result - not relevant no matter how you cut it i am not full of myself my comment about your training is a logical one, you have no fuel (breaking fat down for fuel is not an instant thing hence why people in keto and fasting diets do not maintain or improve performance) you claim there is as little as 5% difference in your training fed compared to my statement stands what do you think you are right about? a 7 day fast will have you losing weight....yep you are right you will lose weight......will you maintain muscle and drop fat as you claim no you are wrong about do i know because i have had people fast for 3 and 4 days and they did not but then you have researched it so must know more than the practical application of people who know more :) but i have had my fun so i will leave you to your "stupid idea" oooops i said it again........
  4. no i am not you are using studies that have not been carried out on anywhere near the time frame you have said will work to prove your theory, i am saying you cannot assume or cherry pick what a study says about EOD fasting or fasting for 40hrs to prove your theory..... it is impossible for you to train with the near the intensity to train at fed when fasted that actually goes against simple logic, so you are saying you train as intense when you have not eaten for days as you do when fed.....well that is either bullshit or you train like a fairy when fed..... but then we only have your word for this, in fact we only have your word you are actually doing this..... how about you post up some before, during and after pictures i may have missed them but i cannot find any you have posted?
  5. i will say it again none bar one of the studies you have posted can be applied to your little experiment as they are of a much shorter period, the study i have mentioned here is for 40hrs and clearly show that IGF-1 levels are decreased when not using GH, the increase in GH through fasting is on the same level as it being increased via high-intensity training which although look big on paper are very very small in the grand scheme of things, now how intense do you think you will train when you have not eaten for 3-4 days? it certainly will not be of a high intensity so you can kiss the increase in GH good bye, you are grasping on to an increase in GH that is insignificant in any way to maintain muscle tissue....... quoting 40hr fasting or EOD fasting studies to show that a 7 day fast is as effective is stupid, it is cherry picking to prove a stand point....that's like saying a study that shows 8iu of GH a day is effective proves that if you take 80iu a day it will be more effective. as i say above only one of the studies you showed used a 7 day period and even then from what i understand your criteria is different so again the outcome will be as well...... and just so you know i don't apologise for what i believe and the pure fact you think this is a good path to me is stupid.
  6. and you seem to have skipped the part where it says that circulating IGF-1 dropped drastically if not using synthetic GH "whereas IGF-I and free IGF-I decreased 35 and 70%, respectively, during fasting without GH. " Or this part about Cortisol (a catabolic hormone) and thyroid decreased (not good for fat burning) "Glucagon and cortisol were significantly increased during fasting. Epinephrine increased after 40 h of fasting and thyroid parameters decreased" this part of the study observed more Amino Acids being oxidised, which in layman's terms means more muscle broken down "Whole-body protein metabolism. Plasma concentrations of amino acids are shown in Table 2. From the postabsorptive state to 40 h of fasting, there was a significant increase in plasma concentrations of valine, isoleucine, and leucine" Or this part which clearly shows that the oxidisation of FFA is reduced with fasting without synthetic GH "Levels of FFAs increased during fasting, but fasting with- out GH caused a relative decrease." if you read the whole study how can you read that part then conclude it would be a good thing to fast for 7 days, this study i about the effects of GH suppression and the use of Synthetic GH whilst fasting for 40hrs, you are extrapolating that it applies to your little experiment because they fasted and you are fasting but they fasted for 40hrs and several times clearly say that markers increased after 40hrs like cortisol etc and you are fasting or intended to fast for 7 this study cannot be cherry picked as i stated before plus you mention above that you are fasting but using BCAA supplements did i read that correctly because if you are that is NOT fasting as you are supplying the body with nutrition and insulin....
  7. i did understand it because i read the whole study not just the abstract did you? What insult? i said i don't argue with stupid people which is going to report me like you have done with several others on this thread?
  8. i didnt miss them i just chose to not look at them seeing as you linked to a study that shows zero relevance.... i did promise myself not to argue with stupid people and look what i am doing......damn
  9. your research as you call it is not relevant to what you are doing no matter how you try to tell yourself, the very fact you linked to a study that only showed relevance if you used synthetic GH and fasted for 40hrs both you are not doing shows me what your researching abilities are.......
  10. whatever i fancied but in general Lion Bar or Coco pops rocks were my usual THIS
  11. your kidneys are fine buddy, still have the GP run his tests but a creatinine level of 120 for someone who has above average muscle mass is not a concern, the CK can be put down to training as can the ALT levels don't train for a few days before the next blood test and see if the CK and ALT drops
  12. i give up mate, i have been in this game for 30years and been around the block more times than i can remember and IF is something i have done (not researched only) but actually done so i know what it can and cannot achieve and the pitfalls, i also understand the studies not just cherry pick what i want to believe.....i will leave him to his stupid experiment
  13. the Glycemic Index is irrelevant these days unless you are a diabetic as the index changes when you combine the carb with Protein and/or fat (i assume he will be having them with milk) but even saying that all carbs turn into glucose (sugar) so no real difference in the big picture
  14. of course you can, through my 2012 Universe prep i trained 6 days a week and had cereal after every workout did me no's probably not a great idea to substitute all your carbs with them due to things like lack of fibre and even sugar to a degree but once even twice a day no reason i can think of not to have them in your diet.