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  1. That's really sad to hear bud hope you get back on track soon and hopefully get to compete soon
  2. Lol can't beat summertime on tren pam and her sister may come into good use
  3. That's not a bad thing
  4. His life seems to be missing some excitement so he comes on here to get his kicks
  5. Why does it matter to you?
  6. You'll be fine just pin before you go and start your pct a week after you get back.
  7. I've had this before after pinning prop it goes after a while
  8. EDL

    Lol shiit a brick
  9. Yea it was and she won a fair bit as well Come on @Lotte what's the score
  10. How you finding the sg tren e bud?
  11. How long you been running your clen at 60mcg?
  12. anabolics

    @ghost.recon what's the difference between methyl tren and tren base? And which is all round better to use pre workout? Thanks.
  13. And I thought I had problems at 6'3 and 19st. But I still feel like twig