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  1. Cool. But if that were to happen would it be after years of heavy abuse or could it just happen after one or 2 cycles?
  2. @ElChapo if someone can have kids before they use AAS can they ever become infertile after steroid use? Or does it sometimes makes it more difficult but not impossible.
  3. Can do 5ml in quads delts gluts and pecs maybe 3ml easily done. Just go a bit slower than normal you'll be fine.
  4. Great log as always bud keep it going you're definitely gonna smash it at your next show Will be doing the same as you next year looking to put on as much muscle as I can then hope to compete again and bring a much better package lol
  5. @ElChapo hello bud might be a silly question but can you measure hcg in a normal IM syringe? If so how so? When using Yohimbine what's a good dose to start at? Does clen and or t3 needs to be taken on an empty stomach? Is there any benefit of using hcg only on blasts and not cruises.? Or does it not work like that? Is it ok to take 2g of flaxseed oil and 3g of omega3 fish oil daily? Does magnesium counteracts the effects of t3? Not too sure if all these questions have been answered already
  6. No need to pin test e eod you can pin m/w/f with tren a and just pin test e on Monday and Friday
  7. Just brain dead. Those guys need a woman to give them a good seeing too
  8. Crunchy nut of course
  9. Also is there a best time to take orals with food or without or on an empty stomach or does it not make a difference at all.