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  1. True make sense
  2. You gonna add some cardio in them 2 weeks bud?
  3. Do you get help with your posing?
  4. Are you doing you prep all on your own?
  5. I'm doing a cycle very similar to this for my prep which I'm on now. When do you start your fat burners? I'm aiming for 7 to 8 weeks out depending on how much fat I've got to shift. At the moment weight is coming off slowly but getting impatient.
  6. Come on ash you're better than this
  7. Why on an empty stomach? Thought it's was always with food
  8. It's funny how soldiers have play by rules when in war and the enemy don't. You're fighting a losing battle you can't make this shiit up
  9. Looks like someone is after your heavy ass weight
  10. Their orals are a bit hit and miss oils are fine.
  11. Most of those people who get mental health issues with weed they already had those issues. Places where weed is grown naturally you don't get people having mental issues. It's over here in the UK where they put chemicals in growing the weed to make it stronger because the weather is not there to grow it naturally that's where people get them mental health issues. To say it sends people loco that's the reason to ban it don't really stand. For every 10 that have mental health issues when they smoke it there are 1000s of people who are fine and I won't even compare it to alcohol and I don't see any real reason to ban weed apart from they won't be able to stop the low level dealers from making a few £s
  12. Why not just let the ref call it
  13. Looks like Shane bottled it
  14. Yea didn't get the towel bit bottle job why wait 5 rounds shamefull really