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  1. Fvckin savage well done tho
  2. Aiming for the taliban look but it's taking its time
  3. Sorry to hear that bud hope you get better soon. I'm doing the first timers class. Sorry if this sounds stupid but are there any weight or height restrictions for that class can't find anything online.
  4. Are you judging at PCA mr hampshire in June?
  5. @FelonE is you best chance. Maybe drop him a pm
  6. Sounds like you both are happy where you're at. Keep at it bud you never know it might just happen and all else fails power pct is always there. Wishing you the best of luck bud hope it all works out for you
  7. Hello bud just been reading this thread how is things did you do a power pct? Hope all is well with you
  8. If you hate injecting then why don't you pin once a week test e 300 2ml one shot job done. You're making hard work of nothing.
  9. Looks like you're ready for the kill
  10. That's really sad man. I know what it's like to loose someone to cancer and I've my daughter survived cancer it's a horrible illness and to think there's people out there making money on people suffering
  11. Just continue with personal use no need to be greedy share it with mates. Just thinking out loud