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  1. Decided to do a log, mainly to hold myself accountable for it and have a place to just update each day and I will post pics from before/after so you can either see the success/fail I'm 24, 5'6, 10 stone 10 (150 lbs). I was actually a lot leaner than this, a month or two ago but went a bit nuts eating crap, was a painful experience. Uhm, as you can see I already suffer from head hair loss, so the Epistane is probably going to make that even worse - and yes, my leg is shaved whilst the other isn't.. LOL. Oh and also my legs are my weak point due to a back injury I suffered at Christmas, meaning I have to squat light and try hit the leg extensions as hard as I can Annnnnyway.. Aiming for a 6 week cycle @ 40mg everyday. Training will be 4-6 times a week depending on how I feel, aside from the gym I'm pretty much a lazy phuck and very sedentary and will be sleeping 8 hours no less every night, so recovery should be grand.. Eating further over than 500 calories added to my TDEE but I used to be a 200lbs fat phuck so I know how to lose any unwanted fat I gain regardless. Macros are: 3000 calories, 250g protein, 350g carb, 67g fat. Myfitnesspal link: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/ritchiebulk This is how each day looks: Eat + Epistane (2 tabs 20mg) @ 11 am Train @ 12:00/12:30 Post WO: 3 Protect Liver Tablets 3 Fish Oil 2 Glucosamine 2 Multi Vit Epistane (2 tabs 20mg) + 2 Multi Vit @ 8-9pm Day 1 of training was today.. I did chest and some ab work.. Bench Press: 90x8, 90x6, 90x5, 90x4 (kilograms, obviously ) Incline Bench Press: 70x10, 70x7, 70x7, 70x5 Incline Flyes: 12.5 x10, 12.5 x10, 12.5 x8 Then did a few push-ups out of the feeling to just want to do more then hit my abs for a few sets, was about it.. Day 2 is tomorrow! Peace! Edit: a special thanks to jw, curlbro and jaycue2u for all the help they provided in my question threads when I first arrived.