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  1. My eyes. They buuuuuuuurn.
  2. Bryanthebeef's cousin?
  3. Far from it. There are lots of people on here who got their missus pregnant whilst on cycle.
  4. These tests are by no means conclusive at all. No human testing have ever been done as far as I know so I'd take that with a pinch of salt.
  5. All this bickering can only lead me to conclude that all of your E2 levels are sky high. Bunch of women.
  6. I know. Sold that a few years ago and bought a detached house. F*ck living on top of other people.
  7. It all depends on your circumstances, but if you plan on living in the same house for a long time the tying yourself in for a long period makes perfect sense. My interest rate is 2.7% fixed for 5 years, so for the next 5 years I know my mortgage won't change. If it was tied in for 2 years and interest rates went up then I'd just be paying more.
  8. If you get a good rate, tie yourself in for 10 years if you can! Interest rates can only go one way from here as it's rock bottom at the moment.
  9. I had the exact same thing a few years ago. Some oldish couple moved into the flat underneath us and the guy was an ex copper, plus he was in the army and lost half his hearing when a landmine went off. So he always spoke at full volume until past midnight every night keeping the whole block awake. Then once he finally went to bed he snored so loudly we could never get a good nights rest. We never complained though as people have to live their lives. Then the f*cker had the cheek to leave a note under my door one day saying can we sort the floorboards out as it creaks when we walk and it wakes them up in the morning when we get up for work. I went and knocked on his door and asked why he left a note under my door. He didn't expect to see me there and could barely string a sentence together. Then his bitch of a girlfriend chimed in that we make so much noise walking around that they can't sleep. So I said you sort out your f*cking snoring and I'll sort out the floorboards. He then complained to the landlord saying we were walking around with shoes on bare floorboards(when the whole flat was carpeted) and load of other nonsense about them being the victims, when they made so much noise the whole time, they annoyed everyone else. I told the landlord that up until then we had tried our best to be as quiet as possible to try and accommodate them, but since they're being such a pain in the ass they can get bent. A few weeks later they moved out. And we lived happily ever after.
  10. How so? I'm on Citalopram at the moment so if that's the case I need to get my dose upped.
  11. It is dead easy to do a quad jab though. I haven't had a single injection go wrong so far, so if you're careful and keep things sterile there generally shouldn't be a problem. I never aspirate either which makes it even easier and quicker.
  12. I'm not sure all GP's see it this way as most of my GP's patients are on Sustanon from what I understand. Then again, an endo must have advised the treatment plan so not sure why they are still using it. Maybe they need to get rid of all the old stock.
  13. I guess when you're on Sustanon, having to visit the GP every week for an injection can become problematic.
  14. I think it's a bit soon for you to judge whether your gains is any indication of low test. I trained for 14 years before I realised I'm going backwards and suspected my test levels were the problem. Sure enough after a few blood tests my lowest reading came back 6nmol. I also noticed a massive decrease in libido, which is unlike me as I used to be like a dog on heat up until then. I then started TRT privately as I didn't want the long drawn out hassle of going through the NHS, which wasn't the best idea as the clinic didn't actually determine why I had low test. They just started my treatment and hoped for the best. After 6 months I stopped the private treatment and decided to see an endo as I had elevated levels of prolactin with my last bloods. Looking at my history and previous blood tests, he came to the conclusion I had primary hypogonadism. I'm now on TRT through the NHS which is a lot more convenient and gives you peace of mind. TRT should be a last resort as it is for life, so get your bloods done to see what's what.
  15. Just leading on from a locked thread below, it was said that an endo on the NHS would never let you inject yourself for TRT. Well, my GP said he's got quite a few TRT patients, and some of them who have been on it long enough have been trained to do it themselves. Probably not common, but at least they do it in some practices. @Mingster