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  1. Alas, he doesn't. Makes sense now why he's still waiting for a reply.
  2. This. It looks like people think phones are these fragile little things, like egg yolks. Just pick the thing up, it ain't gonna explode in your hand. Unless of course it's a Note7.
  3. Well mate you're still breathing so I'll take that as good news. Unless you've had a collapsed pancreas or went blind in one eye!
  4. Phew, thank f*ck for that! It seems I'm just going crazy that's all.
  5. Too afraid to check. Lol. Probably not as low as it should be as it's always been on the high side. I've got one of those electronic ones you get through the nhs, but it must be facked cos the last time I used it it gave me a reading of 170/95 or something like that.
  6. Definitely not high E2 as I've got my AI dialed in. Not sure about prolactin but will find out next month when I get my bloods done. It comes and goes though.
  7. Could having your bloods out of whack make you feel dizzy?
  8. picsorno140kgbench
  9. I have to encase my wife's phone in a bomb proof armour case as she will destroy it in the first day. It came tumbling down the stairs the other night with me thinking it was her that slipped and came rolling down.
  10. So 1.3ml presumably which would make it almost 400mg of test. Quite a bit for a first shot. Carry on like this and your missus will definitely know you're juicing. Lol
  11. Aww come on mate, it's a big deal doing your first jab. You know like sucking your first cock. Gotta make a thread about it. @Gymbot, well done on finally taking the plunge pal. I thought you were never going to do it. I reckon most of the anxiety is coming from the fact that you're hiding it from your missus. It's daunting enough doing your first ever jab if you don't have a silly bint on your back. If you're going to croak the next time you jab it might be worth coming clean so you can have some peace of mind. Also, I've never jabbed glutes as it's too awkward for me to reach around so I've only ever done quads. Yeah you can get a little pip in the beginning but it's so much easier. Plus I don't aspirate and have never had a problem. Also, are you sure you pinned 1.3mg? Lol That's basically the amount left in the needle after you've drawn up.
  12. On their phones without using cases or screen protectors? I just got the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and it will never see a case of any sorts. Ruins it imo. Eat your hearts out Crapple fanboys!
  13. I got horrible pip from sust in the beginning in my quads. Only took a couple of shots before it got better. Don't feel it at all now.