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  1. You must be high/drunk if you think there's any chance of that not being a troll post!
  2. So this thread is now essentially about the fact that a big guy eats a lot of food (calories).
  3. It would still result in wild guesses, so don't bother. I don't know what my own body fat percentage is let alone anyone else's.
  4. I've not tried the isolate but FWIW I find MP whey concentrate watery compared to Bulk Powders, and I've seen others post the same comment.
  5. I know you weren't particularly aiming your comments at me but felt I ought to respond. Making adjustments based on results is obviously what everyone should do. As you referred to above, one reason I like tracking is it allows me to make much more informed and controlled changes but it certainly isn't the only way to do it.
  6. Are you talking about increases (as caused by SSRIs) as well as decreases there?
  7. FWIW one reason I usually suggest MFP for begginners looking to lose fat is precisely because it helps to educate them, in regards to where their calories come from. And for the record I've never told anyone that food planning/tracking is essential. It does however offer benefits to people prepared to do it, and it's much less onerous and restrictive than it used to be because of the convenience of apps like MFP. I very much enjoy my food BTW .
  8. Toning up = reducing body fat. Step one is to get control of your diet so that you are eating fewer calories than you use.
  9. It's summer so everyone's cutting . I was having over 1000 kcal for breakfast a month ago.
  10. Going by this thread I'd say the complete opposite: it's on and can't be switched off.
  11. FWIW tracking doesn't need to be all or nothing. When I have a meal out all I try to do is keep calories within sensible limits. I've known other people who plan their food during the day but then always have whatever the rest of the family is having for dinner. This all comes down to a question of personal priorities. Edit: chain restaurants in the UK are increasingly providing approximate nutritional data for people who want it too.
  12. Guessing at your body fat percentage from a photo is always going to be pretty inaccurate, partly because it's impossible to see visceral fat and in this case also because we can't see your back or legs. FWIW over the weekend I saw a podcast suggesting the following upper rate of fat loss: body fat percentage / 15 = % of bodyweight you could lose per week. Using this 20% body fat would correspond to 1.33% of body weight per week as an upper limit. But only do this if it's maintainable long term and you can still train sensibly. My guess is if you tried to lose 1 kg per week you'd find it tough though.
  13. He's natural and doesn't have amazing genetics. This doesn't excuse his recent obsession with absurd facial hair though. Or the dog video.
  14. http://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/topic/212540-twilight-of-the-thunder-god/?do=findComment&comment=5733721