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  1. Don't worry. All that has happened is that putting the drops in your ear has caused the wax to move about, so that what was previously a partial blockage is now a complete blockage. If you're lucky it will clear itself but if not go and see your GP. Ultimately it can be cleared either by squirting water in or increasingly now by sucking it out. I have very narrow ear canals and have needed to have my ears cleared out approximately annually since I was a teenager. Olive oil is the best bet to soften the wax, and for many people completely resolve the problem.
  2. No. Having a diet that's essentially protein sources and nothing else, and also likely extremely low calorie.
  3. To lose fat someone needs to eat fewer calories than they use. If this can be achieved without counting calories then that's broadly fine, although for prolonged cutting phases and most obviously contest prep counting becomes more important a it helps to make the required controlled adjustments over time. There is also far more scope for 'winging it' for someone using all the drugs that the OP is. If a natural were to suggest what is in this thread I'd be saying it was a terrible idea. Quick side note that may be obvious. MFP lets you save recipes, so if there are multiple ingredient meals that someone eats regularly they can enter the weights of all the ingredients once and then just select it again in future whenever they eat it. I do this, not just for savoury meals but also things like cakes and deserts that I make.
  4. By the sound of it he's getting virtually no fat from anywhere else though so it might be the fatty meats are actually beneficial here I think.
  5. I generally get three cheques per year, sent inside cards for my birthday.
  6. How many workouts are you doing per week? Many would do a three day per week PPL routine but I'm guessing you're talking about switching to a higher frequency version?
  7. Was your balance before the cheque was paid in enough to cover this (or possibly agreed overdraft)? Just possibly if the cheque you paid in was from the same bank it makes a difference, but otherwise it's against industry wide banking practice to allow you to immediately withdraw uncleared funds.
  8. When it shows and when the funds have 'cleared' so that you can withraw/spend the money are not the same thing.
  9. I worked as a bank cashier when I was a student but sadly saw no coke and hookers... I think I remember reading something about speeding the process up but part of the reason it's slow is because it still involves transporting physical pieces of paper about.
  10. Think I tried the honey one. The strawberry one I definitely found too bitter to be enjoyable.
  11. Lower leg as in calf, or lower thigh?
  12. I've only tried their Skyr yoghurts, which to be honest I find too bitter to be genuinely enjoyable to eat.
  13. It might have stretched?
  14. I think that's fine and a pretty standard way to do them.
  15. Isn't the amount produced by the adrenal glands so small it's not really worth worrying about either way?