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  1. While I understand where you're coming from I think messages like this are extremely unhelpful. They encourage the incorrect idea of dietary perfection being the only way to lose fat. This is damaging as it leads to people feeling that if they can't maintain this supposed perfection long term that it's pointless trying and so they give up. This can have negative psychological effects due to people feeling like 'failures', as well as More obviously preventing them achieving their goals. What people really need are sustainable dieting strategies, and a better understanding of what really matters.
  2. I'm not sure about the exact form in cod liver oil but the bigger issue is the vitamin A content - you don't want too much of this. I would stop taking cod liver oil and use an omega 3 fish oil instead, and keep taking the D3.
  3. I think @baggy lost something like 1.4 lb last week IIRC - he hasn't been doing exactly the same thing every week since the start of February.
  4. I'd suggest chin-ups. As for the rest of your question, is your priorty size or strength, and how have you found the different routines you've tried have worked for you in terms of achievieving this? How much thought have you put into your diet?
  5. I don't pay for it myself but I do think it's a bit of a piss-take still having to put up with adverts after shelling out for Sky. That said, they are easy enough to avoid.
  6. If you eat fewer calories than you use then you will lose body fat. Some exercise can help but the biggest results will come from eating fewer calories. Myfitnesspal is a helpful app/website for tracking what you eat.
  7. About the only TV I watch live is the news and occasionally sport. Everything else I record so I can skip the adverts.
  8. My understanding is it's zero problem unless someone has coeliac disease. There are a few people who argue otherwise but they are a very small minority.
  9. Same load. I assume this for any routine that doesn't explicitly say otherwise.
  10. Follow the advice in my post above... There is no minimum amount you need to be having at breakfast. Yes what you have suggested is totally fine, so long as over the course of the whole day you eat enough calories. Getting some protein at breakfast is a good idea and you will be doing this.
  11. If you're still making progress I personally wouldn't. How fatigued your CNS gets is in part training style dependent. It's much more of an issue for low rep strength training.
  12. That probably isn't equivalent. The plant omega 3 is normally ALA rather than EPA/DHA. I don't know for certain about seaweed but I expect it's the same.
  13. I do lots of work with high energy X-rays, but I've yet to see a patient turn into the Incredeble Hulk...
  14. This is of no practical relevance, but below is one paper proving that leucine alone can stimulate MPS. http://jn.nutrition.org/content/130/2/139.short (It's a rodent study but much of this sort of work is. I'm sure there is data on human's too but it's just not worth looking for. Nobody is thinking of trying to live off leucine alone!)