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  1. Not learned mate, learning. I am as disatisfied and discontent as the next ungrateful person and I know contentment can't be found in material possessions, not lasting contentment anyway. I just wish I could fully 100% appreciate things eg. When I'm having a massage I'm spending half the time thinking 'this is going to be over in a minute' same with holidays and that sort of thing.
  2. It's quite refreshing to see pts being tested to this standard. Tbf though it looks like nothing more than the basics of muscular anatomy
  3. It's human nature to feel like something is missing and to strive for the next goal. Maybe um in a bad mood today but there is similar bulls got in this thread that I see on fb with people projecting this perfect life and relationships, achievements etc. Anything I've ever achieved I have felt hollow once the goal has been reached. Nothing satisfies. I am learning to enjoy the simple things like fresh coffee, spring air and a conversation with a friend/loved one. One thing that always delivers: bodily functions. When you really need to sneeze, scratch, cum and you do it, it always delivers.
  4. You have a plate? No need to rub it in pal
  5. Looking like a fish out of water next to Kai Greene a few years ago:
  6. What the hell happened?! He looks great! I've always liked his physique but it's never been anything special. Lately he seems to have made leaps and bounds though:
  7. Mickey Rourke's overly dramatic narration of the first one was unnecessary and laughable. As much as i love bb'ing it's really not that serious, no point in pretending it is. The best thing about the 1st one was Branch falling off the horse I nearly pissed my pants!!
  8. Ugghh such a bad advert for physique sports
  9. That is cheap. Most garages around my area are on or around the £100 per hour mark. When I qualified as a mechanic I was on 13,500. Yes you read that right. In general they're paid a pittance for what they do.
  10. In for this @Chelsea How do your cals differ on rest days? Also my calves are shite too. Have you tried hammering the seated calf raises? Mine have improved massively since doing so. Soleus has grown pushing out the gastrocnemius, making both look bigger.
  11. Mate try and take this constructively as it's not intended to offend but you blame getting fat and weak on coming off gear but do you think lack of self control and s**t diet may have had something to do with it also?
  12. So are you saying you did the dirty then skye?
  13. I've never done any psychedelics and probably never will but I've done a lot of reading on dmt and it's very interesting. The strangest part is that many many experiences mention the same thing, thwy go to visit elves working away in a workshop that seems to produce the fabric of time and space. Some of these are from people that didn't know to expect this so it's not even like it was suggested to them subconsciously.
  14. What's the name on fb? I'm curious now