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  1. I doubt youd have sprained your lcl through stretching. As mentioned you'd know about it if you had. Have never heard of a sprain through stretching though, only usually through impact from inside of knee.
  2. Rest and ice until inflammation has subsided. Warm up thoroughly before and stretch AFTER Change form/grip/exercise Form above everything
  3. People saying lats lagging, chest needs work etc what planet are you on? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of course but in my eyes this guy has the ideal physique. I can't say I've seen many (any) people looking like this in the gyms I frequent
  4. And how successful was it? EDIT - these are genuine questions, not trying to catch you out
  5. Like I said, apologies if I offended. That's not my intention. Nope, didn't see that bit, glad to hear it. What it seems to me is there are other, safer ways to skin the cat here. And these other methods are 100% more sustainable in the long term. When was the previous, 3 day fast? I do understand the benefits of occasional fasting. I'll be following along though and interested to see how you get on. Certainly wouldn't advise this to anyone though, clients or otherwise.
  6. If you can't lose fat (esp to drop any from 24%) then your metabolism is already wrecked and you shouldn't be messing with thyroid meds. Any 'jumpstart' will eventually provoke an equal and opposite reaction and progress will stall and you'll inevitably rebound. The body is smarter than you and will find homeostasis one way or another. This approach seems to me to be unhealthy, lazy and ultimately, no better than any one of these other stupid herbalife or Cambridge diets. Actually they may even be better which is saying something! Reading this back it looks harsh but I can't believe no-one has pointed this stuff out yet. Patience and consistency are key in any physique related goals but they're not a quick, sexy answer so no-one wants to hear it.
  7. I guess I should update this! Well, things have been happening... It's been a hectic few months and the sports massage stuff is going very well. I've been working for the Oxford University women's boat club and of course that's been very busy in the lead up to Sundays boat race. They lost and it was heart breaking to see after seeing what they've gone through in training since september. Made my contest prep seem like a day at the fair! Training has been consistent: squatted 4 plates last night for a good few and benching 3.25 plates still. Still in ok shape but having a small diet before a holiday in may now. I'll be honest I've got no immediate desire to compete esp with business going the way it is. UKBFF membership expires in 2020 though so plenty of time still I'm getting a website together with various articles as well as touting my wares of course. I'll put the link up when it's live if anyone's interested. Pic is from the house on the Friday before the boat race.
  8. I would say I'm looking decent... However, I've noticed a direct correlation between the better I look externally and what a horrible personality I have (internally). Spent so much time working on my body that my personality got fat and ugly while I wasn't looking. Deep, but true. I'd be interested to see if anyone else gets this.
  9. Colombians for me... that's where Shakira is from anyway. Whenever I see anything on telly with colombian women they're near enough all absolute stunners
  10. What's an upper decker?
  11. It makes sense if for example your triceps are overpowering your chest on bench press, pre-exhaust tris before benching to encourage more pec involvement.
  12. There are exceptions to every rule and you will find people with mind blowing strength that don't look the part. its all relative, if you weigh 60kg then a 180kg deadlift is an equal task to a 100kg person lifting 300kg. I'm just using these standards to make a point: most of us mere mortals have to lift very heavy weights to stimulate growth at some point. To quote Ronnie Coleman: 'Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight'. If you want an example a bit closer to home then Look at @Chelsea. Actually what is your opinion on this big man?
  13. This is cute and nice to hear etc but it's false. All the pros preaching about squeeze the muscle, it doesn't know how much weight it's lofting only tension, all built their physiques lifting heavy weights in the basics. I respect these guys such as John Meadows and Ben Pakulski (sort of) but there is no arguing with their development. Form is important but so is weight. Put simply: You need to overload the muscle with good form for lots of reps. As quackers said, show me someone who can bench, squat and deadlift 2-3 times their bodyweight and I'll show you some big muscles.
  14. I can't understand why ced hasn't won more than he has. His physique is so nicely balanced and his posing is like nothing else out there at the moment.
  15. Dark... Is 4chan where all the strange vids are coming from? Like the 'youre a wizard harry!' one lol