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  1. Colombians for me... that's where Shakira is from anyway. Whenever I see anything on telly with colombian women they're near enough all absolute stunners
  2. What's an upper decker?
  3. It makes sense if for example your triceps are overpowering your chest on bench press, pre-exhaust tris before benching to encourage more pec involvement.
  4. There are exceptions to every rule and you will find people with mind blowing strength that don't look the part. its all relative, if you weigh 60kg then a 180kg deadlift is an equal task to a 100kg person lifting 300kg. I'm just using these standards to make a point: most of us mere mortals have to lift very heavy weights to stimulate growth at some point. To quote Ronnie Coleman: 'Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight'. If you want an example a bit closer to home then Look at @Chelsea. Actually what is your opinion on this big man?
  5. This is cute and nice to hear etc but it's false. All the pros preaching about squeeze the muscle, it doesn't know how much weight it's lofting only tension, all built their physiques lifting heavy weights in the basics. I respect these guys such as John Meadows and Ben Pakulski (sort of) but there is no arguing with their development. Form is important but so is weight. Put simply: You need to overload the muscle with good form for lots of reps. As quackers said, show me someone who can bench, squat and deadlift 2-3 times their bodyweight and I'll show you some big muscles.
  6. I can't understand why ced hasn't won more than he has. His physique is so nicely balanced and his posing is like nothing else out there at the moment.
  7. Dark... Is 4chan where all the strange vids are coming from? Like the 'youre a wizard harry!' one lol
  8. The word Epic gets banded around a lot but this deserves it. Fair play mate
  9. Forget my polite rebuttle, you're just a dick mate.
  10. Steve, are you one of those people that asks loads of questions on a course at the end when everyone else would just like to leave? You strike me as that bloke...
  11. Not learned mate, learning. I am as disatisfied and discontent as the next ungrateful person and I know contentment can't be found in material possessions, not lasting contentment anyway. I just wish I could fully 100% appreciate things eg. When I'm having a massage I'm spending half the time thinking 'this is going to be over in a minute' same with holidays and that sort of thing.
  12. It's quite refreshing to see pts being tested to this standard. Tbf though it looks like nothing more than the basics of muscular anatomy
  13. It's human nature to feel like something is missing and to strive for the next goal. Maybe um in a bad mood today but there is similar bulls got in this thread that I see on fb with people projecting this perfect life and relationships, achievements etc. Anything I've ever achieved I have felt hollow once the goal has been reached. Nothing satisfies. I am learning to enjoy the simple things like fresh coffee, spring air and a conversation with a friend/loved one. One thing that always delivers: bodily functions. When you really need to sneeze, scratch, cum and you do it, it always delivers.
  14. You have a plate? No need to rub it in pal
  15. Looking like a fish out of water next to Kai Greene a few years ago: