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  1. What other exercises should one avoid if they have biceps tendon issues? Can't find any sports medicine doctors near where I live. Is this someone I'd have to ask a GP to refer me to?
  2. Many thanks for your informative post. I sustained this injury approximately 3 months ago, and it came on gradually, over a period of time. At first, I didn't really pay attention to it. I've avoided all bar work for years, and only incorporate Dumbbells, Cables and Chins into my biceps routines, but think that some of the more "exotic" exercises I'd been trying recently, putting my arms into awkward positions -- such as with Overhead Cable Curls -- may have caused this issue? I tried training through the pain for a while -- stupid, I know -- and used BPC-157 for around 4 weeks in the hopes that the pain would just go away. When it didn't, I thought it would be best to cease training altogether, and start icing the injury, which I've been doing for around a month now. It hasn't gotten any better, but it hasn't gotten any worse, yet doesn't hurt or feel sore at rest. What seems strange to me -- but may not be strange at all -- is how I can't locate the source of the pain by feeling around the area, pressing on the tendon, etc. It only presents itself when curling my arm / flexing my biceps -- with or without weight -- with my wrist in a supinated or hammer-like position. Let me know if you need to know anymore.
  3. @ElChapo Not sure if this is your field, but what would you say is the best way to treat biceps tendinitis? I have it in my right arm at the moment, and it's bad enough enough to prevent direct biceps training, and is the limiting factor when training back, as it flares up, but isn't severe enough to prevent or cause discomfort whilst performing daily activities, such as brushing teeth, driving, etc.
  4. 500mg PW of EQ gave me some of the worst anxiety I've ever experienced. Haven't touched it since.
  5. @danb900 @sen Exactly. Doesn't matter how you do it, so long as you know what you're going to do.
  6. Another good reason not to buy all at once.
  7. To each their own.
  8. I understand your way of thinking. However, we have no way of telling what the dose is -- or even the compound -- unless we send a sample from each vial we use to a lab. We just have to take a chance and trust it is what it says it is. But even if using the same UGL throughout, there's no guarantee that one vial is going to be the same mg/ml as the next. So in theory, switching labs during cycle isn't going to make a whole load of difference.
  9. Doesn't matter what lab you use. I frequently use different labs. So long as it's the same compound / ester, you're good to go. With the amount of available sources out there, you shouldn't encounter any stock issues.
  10. Exactly. That's proper financial management.
  11. I do.
  12. I'm not attached to any lab, either. But it seems like you can't say anything positive about a lab unless you are, so hey. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  13. Paid full price, mate. Like I said, just happy that I've had minimal PIP and no flu symptoms.
  14. How so? Genuine question.
  15. I bought -- as in paid money, out of my own pocket -- 1 vial of Test-E 300, and 1 vial of Deca 300. Wasn't asked to write the review, nor was I given any discounts / free samples. Just happy that I don't have to put up with flu symptoms and debilitating PIP every week!