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  1. Currently running the following... Test-E @ 600mg PW Tren-E @ 200mg PW Tren Ace @ 100mg Tue / Thur (Kickstart only) Anavar @ 100mg ED GH @ 10iu Mon / Wed / Fri Aromasin @ 25mg EOD I've recently gotten ahold of a 300iu pen of NovoRapid, and plan on doing the following... 2-3iu, 3 x per day, with meals -- mimicking the body's own insulin release -- totalling 6-12iu per day. Happy to do less / more, if likely to yield better results. I train in the evenings, so will be avoiding Slin pre, intra and post workout, and would prefer not to run it every day, as I want to minimise the chance of anything going wrong. Not sure on cycle length yet. Goals are obviously to maximise muscle gain whilst I'm on this caloric surplus. Thoughts?
  2. Interesting you say this. I'm on Tren-E @ 200mg PW, and Tren Ace @ 100mg twice per week, and I'm really struggling with my diet, too. Stomach feels very bloated / constantly full, and yesterday / today, my appetite has been totally shot. Don't remember this happening when running Tren in the past...
  3. @Sphinkter @noel If jabbing Tren-E every Saturday, and Ace on Tuesday and Thursday -- with Acetate's half-life being 3 days -- wouldn't twice a week be okay for overall levels?
  4. Clarified a few points in my post above.
  5. Sorry, should have clarified in my first post: Already on Tren-E @ 200mg PW, administered IM. Using the Tren Ace as a sort of kickstart, as I had it knocking around, and because I've been intrigued about subq administration with short ester compounds. Total amount of Tren PW is currently 400mg, until week 6, when I'll drop down to 200mg Tren-E PW until the vial runs out after week 10.
  6. Okay, so that stings like a bitch. Guessing because the oil can't disperse as quickly as water, so expands the tissue beyond its capacity. I'm jabbing .25ml (25mg) -- subcutaneously -- in 4 different sites, twice a week, for the next 5 weeks. Any tips to lessen the pain?
  7. Usually get gyno on Test, and have to control estrogen, but have not gotten gyno once since using Sphinx Test-E 300, and am not currently controlling estrogen. Any reason(s) why this may be?
  8. @Pscarb A few other things I was wondering... Regarding the 3 x PW GH protocol, it's probably going to be more convenient for me to train 4 x PW; Mon / Tue / Thur / Fri. Is it more important that I take the GH on my training days, e.g., 10iu on Monday and Friday, and maybe 5iu on Tuesday and Thursday? Or would the 10iu @ 3 x PW GH protocol work just as well, regardless? Also, if more gear does indeed equal more, notable gains -- whether all else is equal, or training and calories are increased -- would it be a better idea to go for 750mg / 900mg (3ml) Test-E and 400mg Tren-E PW? Or 1g / 1.2g (4ml) Test-E and 200mg Tren-E PW? I realise that a lot of this could be down to personal preference -- Just wanted to read your thoughts on the matter.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Assuming all else is equal (diet / training), would more gear necessarily equal more, notable gains? One thing that got me wondering about the 6 week study mentioned above, is half-life... Am I correct by saying that the half-life of GH is relatively short? If so, what are the prolonged effects it causes that allow it to be run as infrequently as Mon / Wed / Fri, yet allow users to achieve results that are better than administering ED? I'd always assumed the reason for the commonly suggested ED protocol was to keep hormone levels consistent. A little how we try to administer AAS before each half-life is up; to maximise gains and reduce sides.
  10. I think 200mg worked well for me before. Not too many sides, but good strength / mass gains. Guess I could always work my way up to 400mg PW after a month or so. We'll see.
  11. I'd love to run more Tren, but not sure I'm willing to risk the sides. 600mg PW turned me into a different person. Can't remember what I did about estrogen control on that cycle -- may not have controlled it at all, as I remember gyno was particularly bad, and Caber did eff all (I know that's for progesterone-based sides...). Will be running Aromasin on this cycle, though.
  12. This is what I was wondering. Took about 3 months @ 5iu ED to become uncomfortable for me in the past. However, I've read studies (can't remember if anecdotal or not) that seemed to suggest larger doses of GH, less frequently, were better for muscle gain. So interested to see if this is true or not...
  13. Sorry, should have clarified: Started this particular Test-E at 300mg PW, then upped to 600mg PW. Haven't yet added in the other compounds, but will start next week. Been B&C'ing for several years now.
  14. Currently cruising on Test-E @ 600mg PW. Going to be starting a 3 month blast soon, consisting of the following... Sphinx Test-E @ 600mg EW Sphinx Tren-E @ 200mg PW Sphinx Anavar @ 100mg ED Hyge Black Top GH @ 10iu Mon / Wed / Fri Keeping Tren low, as 200mg PW is as high as I can psychologically handle. GH shots will be 3 x per week, PWO, before bed. Have previously only done 5iu ED, 7 days per week. @Pscarb Thoughts?
  15. Guessing not, then...