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  1. Yes to both. Doctors said it was bacterial? I'd catch a cold (virus), then it'd turn into a chest / sinus infection. The antibiotics would work, when nothing else would, then a month later, I'd catch another cold, and it would start all over again. Really f**king me off, TBH.
  2. Recently, I've experienced frequent flu-like symptoms with Sphinx Test-E 300. Totally kills my appetite and motivation for about 24hrs, and usually starts one day after administration. I've also had two chest / sinus infections this year already, all of which have required antibiotics, and am currently enduring my third. Don't know if the Test is exacerbating these infections, or if the infections are causing issues with the Test. Either way, I feel like s**t.
  3. Currently administering 20iu of NovoRapid per day; 10iu in the AM, followed by 10iu in the PM. Is there a generally accepted amount you wouldn't go beyond each day?
  4. @Pscarb Just wondering if you have any commentary to offer on the question in my previous message? Would be interested in reading your thoughts...
  5. I'm jabbing 14iu ED now; 7iu in the morning, and another 7iu in the afternoon. Definitely feeling a lot fuller / tighter, and the pumps can be a little debilitating at times. No idea if I've gained any actual muscle tissue in this time. I guess I'll have a better idea after my next cut. Thinking of going up to 20iu ED; split into two 10iu doses. With insulin, is there a dose that is generally considered something you shouldn't exceed?
  6. For the past 15 odd years, I've pretty much been training each muscle group -- directly -- once per week. However, I keep reading -- that if all else is equal; calories, PEDs, etc -- training each muscle group twice per week is considered the "sweet spot" for maximum hypertrophy. What are your thoughts / experiences?
  7. Start with 1-3iu per meal, for the first 3 meals of the day, 2-3 days a week. Can do more if you want. Don't do it around your training window. Bottom line; experiment, and see what works for you. No need to cycle, as you're not on all the time. @Pscarb If I've given any incorrect advice here, feel free to correct me.
  8. I'm taking insulin with the hopes of being able to utilise more of the calories / nutrients I take in, leading to more muscle growth.
  9. Typically, when do you start noticing the effects of synthetic insulin administration? Started NovoRapid on April 9th, twice a day @ 5iu w/ meals, around 5-6hrs between each shot, totalling 10iu per day. Today, I upped it to 12iu; 5iu with my first meal, then 7iu later on, to gauge how I felt. I'm running it alongside... Test-E @ 600mg PW Tren-E @ 200mg PW Anavar @ 100mg ED GH @ 10iu Mon / Wed / Fri Aromasin @ 25mg EOD
  10. So hypothetically, if you were to use it on a deficit (along with anabolics), what would the body break down to use as fuel? Or do you end up in some sort of deadlock?
  11. Would there be any advantage / benefit to using insulin (specifically NovoRapid) on a cut?
  12. I've gone with 2 vials of the US / red top BPC-157. Hoping 2 vials will be enough to gauge whether or not it's working before buying anymore.
  13. Noted. Whose BPC-157 is recommended? Or is that not something that can be spoken about here? Pretty sure I've only found one site in the UK that does it anyway...
  14. Okay, great. And that's SubQ, right? Not IM? Is there a recommended cycle length, or just until you feel things have subsided?