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  1. Played in bands for most of my life and pretty much all of my mates of musical persuasion. A couple of them have " made it" in some way in the music industry. i play guitar badly and dabble at drums and learning keys. Not bad singer and OK songwriter. music is my major competitor to BB. Passionate about both but frankly sh*t at both in reality.
  2. I have heard of people only training lateral and rear delts specifically but I am not sold on giving up direct shoulder pressing movements. It seems that most of the pro's attribute delt mass to overheard pressing.
  3. I am looking for a body solid fusion f600 Multigym if yeeev gat one
  4. Couple of radio interviews suggesting that anger will lead to riots. things keep getting worse
  5. Shows 18.5 inch arms in video. Bonkers and possibly a danger to society but natty I reckon
  6. Wouldn't wish any thing bad to happen to her but she needs to slapped around the head with a wet fish. some people are reporting that her sudden illness is "convenient"
  7. Abbot and her ilk is the main reason I have turned away from the "Left". If they cannot tell what a pile of shite she is then I ain't gonna vote 'em.
  8. This for some time info
  9. I live alone and no one uses my tech. Maybe gf was looking on eBay at weekend on her phone using my wifi? Will change password as suggested.
  10. Having a look at eBay this morning ( usual sh*t multigym's, guitars etc) and noticed on left side " recently viewed was lots of boys chipmunk sandals, not just one pair but lots of items viewed last night. now unless I am sleep-noncing someone is using my account to view second hand boys holiday sandals. checked my recent purchases and nothing yet. How can I check to be sure?
  11. I tried it once night before a work conference. Mate of mine had bought some because his wife had banned him from weed . Literally a few tokes in and I was wrecked in a nasty way. Would never touch the stuff again.
  12. This happened to me a few years ago. My hearing had always been exceptional . woke up one morning and felt a bit imbalanced ( not mentally, but inner ear balance type thing) and noticed that my right ear felt blocked. i could not hear much in my right ear and tried ear drops etc thinking it was wax. after some months I mentioned it to an ENT consultant at work and he suggested I get it checked out as it might be a tumour ( apparently sudden loss of hearing in one ear is unusual. GP was concerned and referred me for an MRI scan. Result was no tumour but loss of high frequencies in right ear possibly due to mechanical damage ( there was a scar on my ear drum) i have been gigging in bands for years, playing guitar and drums etc. hearing seems to have improved a bit but now have constant tinnitus.
  13. New Flavors jus came out. I get 5 a week for convenient addition to lunch. Expensive but easy to eat.
  14. Decided 2nd hand is the proper way to go for this type of thing as price drops massively from new.
  15. Thanks, it is a really difficult item to track down but I think I may just watch eBay etc.