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  1. How can we not be allowed to discuss a terrorist attack on our own country. fu**ing traitors
  2. I am sure that everyone will feel better as soon as the Islamic community condemn this act and vow to root out potential radical terrorists. should come any minute now........yep any minute, well within the next hour. Eeeerm maybe even next week.
  3. Try cutting out carbs at lunchtime. Sounds to me like you are having lethargy as a result of an insulin spike followed by low blood sugar. Alternatively, have a short nap after lunch and then neck some caffeine in the afternoon.
  4. St Marks square is great from an historical perspective but very expensive. Coffee shops and restaurants just off of the square are much more reasonable. The Ducal palace is well worth a look. the lido near Venice has great beaches and is not too overrun in June and very laid back. Venice proper is overrun with Japanese tourists with massive cameras but on the plus side some of the women are worth gonzing at. Have at look at the Alexander Armstrong documentary about Venice. It is an interesting place and I would go back again
  5. I plan to start in the next few weeks. Friend of mine has a boxing trainer who is willing to do 1-2-1 training free of charge. i am a big guy who cannot fight for toffee but would like to learn how to properly defend myself. Studied karate for a few years but in reality it is useless unless you have been training for at least 10 years.
  6. Sometimes a lollipop for my favourite customers.
  7. I know I am not the only one. 'Fess up secret flexers!
  8. I am sadly guilty of checking my guns out in the gents mirror in pubs, particularly if I am a couple of shants in. almost been caught a couple of times but tried to make it look as if I was checking for under arm deodorant stains. Makes me chuckle but can't resist it as the lighting always seems so good and I look so swole when I am boozed.
  9. Is this a new character from Brian the Beef?
  10. These are the legs I am currently using.
  11. Thanks for help guys
  12. As a sign of how things have changed in the last 30 years, I remember when The Sun had Sam Fox as a page 3 girl when she was 16. This would be considered horrific now. is there a certain amount of hysteria since Saville?
  13. filename%3D11-Hydroxydihydrotestosterone_and_11-ke.pdf i was under the impression that OL Sup3r-11 has been discontinued?
  14. Thanks for reality check. I had become concerned about 11-KT due to a couple of recent studies and rumours about why OL had pulled the product. shame that there is not a non-hormonal agent that promotes protein synthesis
  15. Is there any thing that actually works (excluding creatine which does increase my strength/reps) i was planning to use 11-KT but concerned about possible prostate implications of hormonal agents. i am not convinced about SARMs but looking for something natural.