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  1. Tarnopolsky recommended around 0.8g per pound of BW for athletes ( not enhanced)
  2. Bromide was used to suppress beastly ghastliness in the past
  3. 5,3,4,1,2 - no would rather be successful song writer. Credibility, wealth and respect without the pain in the arse of being famous. would hate to be a top flight pro-bodybuilder too much sacrifice
  4. Malaysia refusing to hand over body unless DNA is provided. Could this be a trigger for Kim Jong Un to blame them for assassinating his half bro and then launch a nuke? dude seems mad enough first WW started ostensibly over killing of Franz Ferdinand ( not the band )
  5. Now I say 88 my final offer 2+3+3 x 11= 88
  6. I say it is 80
  7. 40
  8. There is no answer as we do not know the value of the 3 banana shapes or the additional shape. we can assume a value for each but we cannot know. pointless exercise. At best it reveals that we do not check how many bananas in a bunch.
  9. Any one had one? what was the result, pitfalls, cost etc? interested in hearing out your experience
  10. I conducted an a small study when I was a Research scientist for the MOD based on the thermogenesis properties of chilli. had 4 subjects consume a table spoon of powder ( which was difficult) not allowed to drink water to wash it down. the lab was thermo-neutral . Recorded temperature using aural, rectal and skin thermistors . result - no significant change in body temp after 4 hours it was not a perfect study.
  11. Crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the Lamentations of their women......and chips?
  12. The half rack is a bodymax cf470 ( I think) . There are a few companies making the same rack for about £200 new. i also purchased some more robust and longer safety arms ( in red) and these give me more confidence when squatting but do not take up as much space as a full rack. primal strength make a nice looking half rack as do Barbarian line but these are a bit more pricey. the bodymax is pretty solid and can handle about 360 kg. for home gym purposes I would not spend more than £600 for any rack. hope that helps
  13. Hi, I looked into getting the bodycraft due to space concerns. However, it was priced, very few vendors stocked it and I was not therefore able to try it first. i opted for the cheaper bodymax and this has been fine. the bodymax works on rollers vs linear bearings but it is still smooth enough. more recently I came across a video for the bodycraft and I was not overly impressed. have you considered the new iso lever leg press machines? Bodymax have 3 models and primal strength also make one that looks good. I am sure that the bodycraft will do the job, but a used bodymax can be had for less than £400 on eBay. hope this helps
  14. Mmmmmmmm chipotle
  15. Suddenly the media seem to be yapping on about the USA abandoning it's role as the World's Policeman. Up until today everyone seemed to be harping about the states interventionist policy. surely it is good that the USA stops trying to stamp it's ideology on the rest of the world? or! Does this mean that the Rooskie's are gonna invade France? gimmee your views dogs