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  1. Loose lips sink ships and all that
  2. Can anyone recommend a beginners grow kit with everything one might need for about £200? Hypothetically interested in horticulture.
  3. Proper struggling with it this week. Normally only smoked 6 slim rollires per day. Going great until Tuesday night, had a few and now I am back on it. I find any situation whether it is stressful or joyfull as an excuse to light one up. Also realise how rubbish it makes me feel. I think I might have a go at Champix or some NLP
  4. Got hold of 3 bottles of Olympus transdermal and planning to start a cut/recoup next week. anyone used before or seen good results?
  5. You and your famous banter-Lawks
  6. I was joking about Feminism. I know about Hawkins being lauded as the smartest man alive and the way media portrays "scienticians" As a simple scenario- AI is developed , it is good and helpful and eventually becomes ubiquitous, we trust it. It will be able to replace humans in virtually all tasks, even unskilled labour. This may lead to civil unrest and conflict, which will be faught using AI drones and kill-bots.
  7. Exactly. Look at Feminism. They said it would never happen and now they want to "kill all males"? Bandwagon "chasers" ( man can't jump for sheeeet) like Hawkins may not be technicians but they are visionaries. i acknowledge that it may be way off time wise, but to refute the possibility seems illogical unless you are some Turin's Machine muscle-bot scouring the Internet in order to pooh-pooh our concerns.
  8. I believe ( I do not profess to know) that AI will contribute to the demise of the human race ( assuming other factors do not get us first). Hawking, Gates and Musk all seem to think so too and them's book learnin' folk.
  9. doesn't have to be smart in terms of art, music or imagination. Just needs to be smart enough to know how to "kill all humans" and have the desire.
  10. I gave up on 1st Jan and have been feeling great. Loads more energy and feeling well pleased with myself. went to a gig last night got bored, bought a pack and have had 4 already today.. Decided not to beat myself up about it and dust myself of tmro. fed up with smoking but enjoy it with a drink so even if I become a social smoker that is better than every day. not tried Champix, is it effective?
  11. It might be argued that more disabled people voted to remain/Clinton as they are typically involved with Social Workers, carers and support workers who are all into issues, often female/gay and love a bleat because" it's not fair". My evidence for this- having worked in that environment for 11 years before it drove me to distraction. generalisation but no less valid than the other twits.
  12. My gut reaction to the above question is that the body adapts by making more substrate available for subsequent sessions. For example: week 1 fail at 7 reps due to metabolic fatigue ..... Week 4 10 reps possible. Weight is then increased which results in overload. Rinse and repeat.
  13. Quit smoking... If I do just this I will be a lot happier learn to play the guitar properly learn music theory record all of the bloody songs I have written brush up on the french get down to 12% bf arms and calves up to 18" pumped invade France
  14. My girlfriend is the same. Seems to go maybe 2 days and then gets smashed. Also on anti- depressants for years. i have tried to talk to her about managing booze, had some massive rows about it, decided to split up. Next day she is full of remorse and promises it won't happen again but it always does. she is super fit runner, good looking , well educated and comes from a wealthy family. Lots of her yummy mummy friends knock back 2-3 bottles every day. Situation has made me look at my own consumption ( I am no angel) and maybe go sober to support her. DTA is right about shagging a drunk woman, it is weird.
  15. This kind of gag is all over American TV comedy - two and a half men, Big Bang theory plus endless examples in British comedy. Richard Hammond is a t**t but the majority of people who watch programmes with him in it love him. how come nobody complains about the way straight white males are portrayed as complete idiots in advertising, all comedy, dramas and children's cartoons. i was young when PC started entering the work place and bought into it as I believed in respecting people and showing consideration to other people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation etc. What happened? PC Nazis started using it to further their own ends. It became a weapon to beat any one who challenged their dogma. f*cking PC c*nts . F*ck them all