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  1. This happened to me a few years ago. My hearing had always been exceptional . woke up one morning and felt a bit imbalanced ( not mentally, but inner ear balance type thing) and noticed that my right ear felt blocked. i could not hear much in my right ear and tried ear drops etc thinking it was wax. after some months I mentioned it to an ENT consultant at work and he suggested I get it checked out as it might be a tumour ( apparently sudden loss of hearing in one ear is unusual. GP was concerned and referred me for an MRI scan. Result was no tumour but loss of high frequencies in right ear possibly due to mechanical damage ( there was a scar on my ear drum) i have been gigging in bands for years, playing guitar and drums etc. hearing seems to have improved a bit but now have constant tinnitus.
  2. New Flavors jus came out. I get 5 a week for convenient addition to lunch. Expensive but easy to eat.
  3. Decided 2nd hand is the proper way to go for this type of thing as price drops massively from new.
  4. Thanks, it is a really difficult item to track down but I think I may just watch eBay etc.
  5. Spoke to PayPal today and they assured me that I would be covered.received an email from Royadisite confirming stock. @noongains looks dodgy then?
  6. Mmmmm.. i am going to try and contact PayPal and ask. Also send the site an email. thanks for replies
  7. Need some advice(s) about buying gym equipment from Indonesia. the site is called and they specialise in fitness stuff. they are selling a body solid fusion 600 gym for £1300 ( a lot cheaper than anywhere else) and offer free shipping and PayPal purchasing. i have done a bit of a reccy and could find no real reviews and one which suggested it might be a scam site. The site has been around for 4 years and there are no absolute warnings about it. if I buy using PayPal and they fail to deliver do you think I will still be covered/protected and able to get a refund from PayPal? cheers
  8. Looking for one of these to add a bit extra to my home gym cheers
  9. Great video much appreciated @Sparkey
  10. Brianthebeef superb stories
  11. I first read this as "Do I have a ponytail? And if so what am I doing wrong?" i am a bit stoned though
  12. Inherited an old treadmill recently and quite liked it for a bit of C.V. But it has now died. i am looking to get a used treadmill and have identified the Sole F80 as a possible winner anyone have recommendations or experience?
  13. 2nd for Thor double ply easy on easy off but plenty of support
  14. Power tec fly attachment increases tension at the top of the movement but a very fixed plane of movement. nice alternative to Db fly
  15. Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, John Lennon all cool but Elvis in his prime was the definition of cool.