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  1. I'm so glad you can't respawn IRL.
  2. That actually sounds like a sick idea!
  3. @DappaDonDave?
  4. You need to go round pal. Have a word and see what happens after that, it'll be more than likely he will say f**k all to your face seeing as he's not come round before.
  5. f**k yeah, aspire to be the DILF that drops the kid off at school!
  6. I started the gym just before my child was born as I wanted to be a fit dad rather than a fat one. Her birth wasn't a hindrance in the slightest though we was lucky with feed times, 11pm - 4am, I'd be at the gym for 6am and work for 8am.
  7. Put in postcode. Pay on the website / app and give code to gym when you arrive.
  8. After some thought, I actually love Keloggs Fruit & Fibre.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much, when you're applying for a job at KFC , just don't mention your recent stint at McDonalds. ...and remember, learn from this mistake, you don't want to become a sandwich artist.
  10. You missed those threads.
  11. - Find 17% of 182lbs (30.94) - Take that 17% from 182lbs (151) - Find 10% of the above answer (15.1) - Add said 10% from base weight (151 + 15.1 = 166.1)
  12. Although the sessions sound fun. I'm going with Scooby and living to 130.