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  1. Unfortunately not pal.
  2. Lmao best post i've seen in a long time.
  3. For those that care and arent on 10k a month, 4 packs are 2 for £5 at Farmfoods. Works out 62.5p per Tin, both Brine & Sunflower Oil types.
  4. Marshmellow Man - Ghostbusters
  5. Even when i'm just ganj'd over, I can have s**t gym session Need to be more boring and concentrate on gym and diet!
  6. I dont use gear haha
  7. Lol.
  8. Thanks a lot, will read now.
  9. f**k the Geneva convention, sure if they were fighting against honorable soldiers from another country, I'd think differently. But a bunch of brain washed ISIS fighters that will cut off INNOCENT peoples heads, SET FIRE to a caged, Jordanian (IIRC) fighter pilot and post videos on the Internet? - No mercy, no sympathy.
  10. My right shoulder is sitting lower than left, to be honest i've always noticed a massive difference from left trap to right and have been trying to address my form as to not inadvertently activate the left trap and give it even more stimulation than its already had. Yesterday I was doing dumbell pullovers and twinged my neck/trap and it seems lower than usual. I can't tilt my head to the right without pain (on the right side) I can just about turn to the right with slight pain. Turn to the left with slight pain and lean over to the left and just feel a stretch in the right side. Any ideas?
  11. Was watching some Japanese football the other day and they all ended the match doing a couple minutes of Karate. It was ninjary time.
  12. Im not even drinking at the moment as i wanted to start making some actual progress in the gym as i had been spinning my wheels for a long time... injured shoulder / neck this morning, fcuked off is not even close to how i feel right now.
  13. How the f**k do you even train lmao.
  14. Fair play to the lad. Female attention is always good. Only young once.