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  1. It's getting old seeing this, can't imagine how that c**t feels everytime he has a notification lol.
  2. Revise past papers, I did for an exam in December and did a lot better than I could have ever imagined.
  3. Would have loved to go travelling when I was younger, I'll just have to wait until I'm older now.
  4. You can never be too careful.
  5. I'd be feeling horrible on 4g, 500mg is disgusting enough.
  6. Thinks he's bloody Tupac.
  7. f**ks sake man, about to go to sleep.
  8. He'll be giving away carrots carved into miniature dumbells before we know it.
  9. "lol no worries" Block Delete
  10. CBD has definitely got some pain relief and anti-anxiety benefits. As for a cure for cancer, unfortunately I do not think so.
  11. Rough today flower?
  12. Yeh I trust my misses not to shag her family too.