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  1. Aye. It wasn't that, it was obtaining the PCT.
  2. He made a post end of January saying to look out. I'm contemplating finally trying an Epistane cycle. Though I've said this before and pussied out lol.
  3. TPW Chocolate Silk whey is gorgeous if you ever decide to try something else.
  4. Jokes are cheesey enough. I think you're right
  5. Got some MPOW Coach after seeing this post. Used them twice so far. Pleasantly surprised - brilliant for 13 quid.
  6. American Sniper Lone Survivor Hacksaw Ridge - by far the best out of all 3.
  7. Can still get it. It's nice lol
  8. Just finished watching Hacksaw Ridge with the Mrs.
  9. Life's for living, Everything in moderation.
  10. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, you've had a little session at the end of the work week. You're a young bloke enjoying your life. Sleep later when Jeremy Kyles on.
  11. Half way through munching my Peanut butter on toast and I read this s**t Cheers pal!
  12. Aye, Southern Fairies.
  13. ALDI sell Chocolate coated rice cakes which are around 80Kcals per. Table spoon of Peanut butter on top of those would be 170kcal~ each. I know I could easily eat 5 of them any time of the day, or is chocolate out of the question?
  14. Jobs f**ked then, might aswell change your username to Little Vin.