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  1. Getting a lot of visits to your page I wonder why :rolleye:

  2. I got results with 12.5/day just saying best
  3. I would try 2000eod for 2 weeks They might not comeback as well good luck best
  4. Must to be your weakest body part lol best
  5. 1. I wouldn't say so can cycle carbs on bulk as well f**k off is 2am almost lol best
  6. I couldn't use public transport when on 20/day morning best
  7. I'm cruising last 2 years with no hcg and atrophy best
  8. Pm's only from now on cant blame best
  9. When you starting new job there is no holiday for first few months I thought lol morning best
  10. You have scared him off with all those questions best
  11. Surgery lol have been waiting for it longer than 1 year since specialist referral so now I'm in the court for neglecting its 50/50 the end result anyway best
  12. Every time is making my worst sleeping with sleeves atm nigth numbness it's a killer nice but temporary relief I get from Amol rubbed on my rist eBay should have it if interested
  13. I have learned from YouTube seriously morning best