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  1. What's the values? how high alt is? morning best
  2. Can you imagine I'm paramedic? 7 hours later lol sb labs oxy bud very potent best
  3. Late as f**k lol sorry bud I would try to get Roxmedica original Bayer should be available sb & rx labs are solid ap will be original there (no fakes from Europe) best
  4. Dbol preworkout 20-30 Bcos this fu**ing pot of blue hearts is 500 tbs lol best
  5. Keep your head up and welcome again lol best
  6. That oxy was stronger than androlix in my opinion (unless there was m-tren in it?) @GMO best
  7. Home delivery
  8. That could save his appetite if any issues arise (good combo anyway) I would start with half tb and increase if needed best
  9. I gonna use gh and igf1 to bridge with no test base as well for around 3 months before next blast Still learning How this looks in your opinion to refresh the body without losing size and strength (no test)? Best
  10. I would bridge instead of cruising for fresh receptors when you blast before show and grow into it morning best
  11. Is it decent? You ain't ready for those "explosive " gains Have seen mixed reviews bud never used it myself best
  12. Golfer or tennis elbow this is Take care of it best
  13. Orals r s**t from my experience Didn't try oils and won't if they couldn't make even dbol right best
  14. Inj Winstrol for me hands down best