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  1. I'll keep an eye on this one mate, same height and similar weight to me too. Looking fairly lean so you should do well
  2. When you get to a low body fat and want to start putting on size lean bulking you want to aim for 0.5lb weight gain per week, you still might gain a little bit of fat but if you do it slowly you will keep it minimal, if you get body fat up to 15% then cut back to single figure again and do the same. Should stay lean then
  3. You can build muscle and lose body fat, I've done it natty. But this was on a cut. I think you will struggle to do it on a bulk though natty.
  4. I'm just over a week in and its been horrible, not the best time to do it lol
  5. @ElChapo would you advise IF when training in the morning, ive previously done IF but i was training at 6pm and had my eating times between 12-8pm. Now i train at 6am i was wondering whether it would still be beneficial as it means i wouldnt be eating around my training.
  6. Deffo cut, try and get lowish bf% so you have visable abs and then slowly bulk up, aiming for 1lb per week gains. If you bulk too quick your going to put on too much fat again
  7. I'd try winny at 50mg a day
  8. I would deffo use myfitnesspal so you know exactly how much your eating, you must be eating too little if your not gaining
  9. Yeah seen they have some rx stuff coming in mate
  10. I seem to do ok on low carbs but I struggle to sustain it for a long period, I'm taking on @ElChapo advise about low fats and higher carbs but slowly upping calories, as in the past I've dirty bulked and gained too much fat. See how I get on after this cut has finished. I have added in more carbs to this cut with decreasing fats and I'm still getting leaner so all looks good.
  11. Deffo going to give these a try, getting low on winny and going to try the oils too. Sounds like a very good service
  12. Your doing well mate, if progress has stalled the you can either drop calories a little, add in more cardio, you could add in a fat burner. Plenty to play with mate. Just keep plugging away coz you can see a decent difference.
  13. Yeah I've taken your advise on board, I'm currently cutting now, going to wait till under 10% body fat and slowly lean bulk aiming for 0.5lb a week. I think I've messed up in the past by upping the calories too fast and not getting lean enough in the first place.
  14. My bodyfat was probably around 18% roughly at the time, not a great bulk was putting on too much fat. Didn't use tren on last bulk, it was 500mg sust, 800mg deca, 50mg anadrol ed. Appetite was so suppressed i was waking up and couldn't stomach my oats, was just eating a few mouthfuls.
  15. @ElChapo Previously on bulks I've struggled with appetite after a couple of months, I think it's down to the orals, mainly anadrol. Is winstrol likely to be the same or Not?