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  1. 5th place for me, had a crap last couple of weeks
  2. i was thinking the same
  3. That is deffo the right way of thinking mate
  4. its TM dnp, just using 250mg a day and cycling for just under 3 weeks. Hopefully it will work well as i feel like crap on it, its not something i'm going to be using very often that's for sure. But like i say i don't mind struggling for a couple of weeks if the results are good. Fair play doing it natty mate, you may as well if your getting decent results natty. You can always add in the clen and EPI if you start to struggle later on.
  5. My weight this morning is 194lb, so down 6lb this week, started a dnp cycle on Monday so will see how the weight goes next week. Just need to make sure I stick to around the 2000 cals, I am finding it hard though lol
  6. might try a bit more see if it helps, i am taking electrolytes along with ALA, vit c and t3.
  7. how many litres of water you guys been drinking on dnp, ive been on for 4 days now and getting in about 4 litres but seem to be getting headaches last couple of days, wasnt sure if i needed more water.
  8. My diet has been hit and miss this week so far, need to deffo sort it out lol
  9. Here's my pics, I've just started to cut but the diet has not been on point so hoping this will give me a kick up the ass and up my game. Height 5'10" Weight 200lb
  10. Good to hear, I've got some that I'm going to be running from next week
  11. You should cut up well looking at your pics mate
  12. Might see what emporium is like Friday afternoon, if it's not too busy I'll have a session
  13. well done on the cut mate, done well
  14. Bet those gyms are rammed this weekend
  15. Can't fault bulkpowders on their protein powder, tried quite a few flavours and all decent