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  1. Blaha is an out of shape sh1t talking bullshit$$er who sits at his desk quoting Google. If you follow him no doubt you can watch him grow fatter.
  2. Best place to train is a garage home gym. No annoying a-holes belching and farting as you train. Apart from yourself that is.
  3. BCAA's??? That's the big deal now. Rich Piana does it so it works right? Right babe?
  4. The actual Queen or Elton John?
  5. Who's next i wonder?
  6. How about food and water?
  7. Same here my GP was having none of it. Dr Lunt (no spelling mistake honest guvnor) said my levels are normal. He said this in a two minute diagnosis in his office.
  8. I thought it was "Russian ambassador shoots a Turkey".....
  9. Funnily enough the busiest time in my small gym is between 6am and 7:30am. Packed to the bloody beams mate. Everyone clearly has the same idea. That Mike O'Hearn character works out at 4am over in Gold's Gym Venice.
  10. Private equates to expensive i'm guessing?
  11. His book should be a template for bodybuilders the world over. Something like getting you lean in 2 weeks or something? And muscular? Mind you never bleedin' heard of this bloke. Thought he was a soap character or Chelsea winger or summat. Sorry.
  12. The one George Michael did can't remember how long ago. It was quite frankly funking awful.
  13. Might possibly risk a bottle of sparkling mineral water
  14. Just like to say that i don't give two flying fuarks about these pooofters. Sorry.
  15. I have an appointment with the doc tuesday morning to ask about a possible blood test for low testosterone. Almost non-existent libido these days and sleep interruption. Don't feel down or ill or depressed or anything. I eat pretty healthy and work out three times a week. I'll see what he says.