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  1. I've started buying that protein weetbix
  2. Have mine done at gym by calipers. Latest was "around 14%"
  3. Would you say that anyone under around 15% bf should lean bulk to increase muscle mass or should you try and get down below 12?
  4. Used to. Born in Newcastle, NSW.
  5. Bostin Loyd is a grade one retard who didn't actually graduate from retard school. A walking chemical factory.
  6. No problems so far. It's a good exercise.
  7. I've started getting hold of an Olympic barbell and spinning it around in my hands for as long as possible and then resting and then spin it around the opposite way. Do it until you have to stop.
  8. I saw two college age kids attempting deadlifts this week and filming each other doing them. They were bending over the bar and merely lifting it with their upper backs horribly rounded. The thing is they were adding weight and carrying on with the same terrible form while commenting about 'perfect mate, good form'. I mean i'm not exactly an expert but watching them hurt MY back. What do you do about people like this?
  9. And above all how long is it?
  10. Blaha is an out of shape sh1t talking bullshit$$er who sits at his desk quoting Google. If you follow him no doubt you can watch him grow fatter.
  11. Best place to train is a garage home gym. No annoying a-holes belching and farting as you train. Apart from yourself that is.
  12. BCAA's??? That's the big deal now. Rich Piana does it so it works right? Right babe?
  13. The actual Queen or Elton John?
  14. Who's next i wonder?
  15. How about food and water?