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  1. Which would be your brand for either oral or injectables ? Prostasia d4net occulus Sphinx Dimension
  2. ok cheers everybody banana and taurine have been added from today no cramp as yet
  3. got some taurine that helps also doesn't it?
  4. hi been taking clen for my cut, first time I have took it done a week at 20mcg to see how I went have upped it to 40mcg this week and today especially I have had really bad cramp in my arms and toes I went to gym for back & biceps today done my back got one set out on my biceps and both my forearms cramped up really bad took me ten mins massaging them to get them too ease off any ideas?
  5. Ok cheers guys one more question what is the best time to take it ?
  6. hi anyone work for ee looking to get someone to sort me a family & friends discount code willing to pay for it if anyone can sort me out pm me please
  7. hi I have put a bit of weight on after my 3 weeks holiday so before I run my next cycle want to lose some fat before starting have some d hacks clen that I got off someone a while back never used them before I used to get jittery of epherdrine and heard these are worse so what dosage should I start with and how long on and off cheers
  8. other things to be concerned about? I was thinking maybe 500mg once a week with 0.5 arimidex twice a week and see how I go then run nolva and clomid for a few weeks for pct ?
  9. have some omnadren that I brought back of holiday was planning on using 500mg not sure if I should take it all in one dose or split it to twice a week also the owner off the gym were I go has been using for over 35 years and I no he is old skool but he seems to think I don't need anything else alongside or on hand for gyno etc he says 2ml a week is like dipping your cock in the atlantic ocean not sure myself so thought I would ask see what sort off cycle would be advised thanks
  10. I bought it from one of the pharmacys on the main strip was going to go test e for first cycle I know this is a blend but should be legit so was wondering if this would be OK for first time
  11. hi just come back from Bulgaria and I got some pharma swiss omnadren is this stuff any good thinking off using it for my first injectable cycle, also would you recommend this for a first cycle?