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  1. My biggest failing is that I take on more than I can realistically handle and then struggle to deliver on everything. I am trying to change how I work and be more selective with what I spend my time on. UKM is due a little love and there are some nice changes on the horizon I currently have a ticket open to get this issue resolved.
  2. It'll simply mean that information like your login password will be encrypted whenever you login. It prevents prevent people 'in the middle' being able to intercept that data and read it. Rules for discussion will be the same.
  3. @Archaic thanks for pointing out the redirect issue. That should be resolved soon.
  4. We will be moving to HTTPS this summer.
  5. 14 years older than when I first joined UKM ...
  6. @Mayzini I do agree that Mod's should be members who are active, so yes there is some scope there for a bit of a clearout and maybe a new face or 2. I'm a little distanced from the forum at present so I trust the existing Mod's to make this call. I'll start a thread now and see what their feedback is.
  7. Promuscle Products is quickly becoming one of the UK’s leading sports fitness supplements companies. We are a manufacturer, wholesaler and retail distributor of the best supplements in the UK.
  8. I ran an upgrade on Monday and it needed a few hours to rebuild the search index. Should all be fine now.
  9. Sorry about the recent login issues. I believe these should be fixed. Anyone able to verify? If you still can't login please contact me here http://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/contact/
  10. Sorry my fault, I hadn't enabled permission for Reps. Please retry now.
  11. The UKM Latest Offers forum is now open for existing forum advertisers to share their deals. @MuscleFood @myprotein @BespokeSupps @faipdeooiad @Protein Dynamix
  12. 12 noon tomorrow
  13. Within this forum I'll be posting details of supplement, nutrition and equipment offers that I feel may be of interest. It'll also be a place where the forum advertisers can post promotions. The idea is to have a single place for offers where people can quickly and easily browse the latest deals without having to click through multiple advertiser sub-forums.
  14. Maximuscle is back with a brand new range – Bringing you 11 new raw ingredient products, with delicious new flavours. ORDER NOW AND GET 10% off, use code: UKMUSCLE