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  1. Watch out here comes @Disclosure
  2. Oh I know a song about that
  3. Floydy dat you? welcome back son!
  4. My dad is one of the greatest men I've ever known. Allways worked hard when i was growing up and never complained when I first got with my wife (she had kids from previous marriage) he treat them better than he did me when I was a nipper lol. Now at 74 I'm watching him die of cancer considering 4 months ago he was still working he now can't walk without getting out of breath bless him life sucks good ones always suffer
  5. I also cry afterwards mate
  6. Nothing goes back to the kitchen IMO allways embarrasses the wife for some reason lol.
  7. Yeah watched a few definitely gets the mind boggling.
  8. Painful looking at the grammer ?
  9. Looks smooth mate I've been trying some of the ales has it happens
  10. I have a puppy called boo!! So cute he is
  11. Imaginary friend
  12. Lol nice find haha