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  1. I also cry afterwards mate
  2. Nothing goes back to the kitchen IMO allways embarrasses the wife for some reason lol.
  3. Yeah watched a few definitely gets the mind boggling.
  4. Painful looking at the grammer ?
  5. Looks smooth mate I've been trying some of the ales has it happens
  6. I have a puppy called boo!! So cute he is
  7. Imaginary friend
  8. Lol nice find haha
  9. @sen @I'mNotAPervert! what the fcuk is a dildraw? put an old man out of his misery lol...
  10. Just give a fcuk about what matters to you mate and f**k the rest ?
  11. Wtf is a dildraw?
  12. Bet he smacked out our Bryan probs hooked up with Amber too