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  1. Get in mate
  2. F uck that was like 4 months ago mate
  3. That 2.5 s**t can creep up on ya mate be careful matey
  4. Just bow time for me tonight saving the gun for next week as on hols after tomorrow. Chin chin
  5. Right I'm on this tomorrow mate
  6. Funny enough I've 2 ltrs of gin sitting here might have a go at it lol tonic and a slice?
  7. Still on it and feeling great lol where the f**k is @andyhuggins? @DappaDonDave
  8. It's only gay f you push back
  9. I'd say 50's going by the picture mate
  10. So Dave you got a new car then mate?
  11. No escape not a bad waste of an hour or so
  12. Watch out here comes @Disclosure
  13. Oh I know a song about that