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  1. Where can I find the vince Gironda routine mate? Can only find the 8x8 workout
  2. Has anyone used d4 sd and the winny at all
  3. Sphinx superdrol are 20mg
  4. Bring on lean gains
  5. How would I know if I'm suffering lol! Well I got access to sphinx and they do both and I can get D4net possibly sis but they don't do sd
  6. Think I would be ok with 6 weeks on them. I'm not gonna eat in a big surplus because I don't want to rebound and gain fat back. What winstrol is gtg atm and sd?
  7. Did you add much mass? How long did you run them for and what lab did you use?
  8. Like the look of that lol
  9. What sides did you get running them? I worried about acne and how long did you run it for and how was your strength etc
  10. It's a oral, 30mg var 20mg superdrol. Was gonna add some extra var In, atm I'm dropping bf and when I get to around 12-10% I want to try and add muscle whilst keeping my body fat down. Looking for something to add to help. Was thinking of var on its own but not 100% sure. I don't want to pin again tbh
  11. Anyone used these recently looking at there Supervar if anyone as used them some feedback would be great thanks
  12. Which clen is gtg atm guys? Thanks
  13. @Chelsea @BoomTime just ordered some NP anavar they still top notch?
  14. Bump
  15. Anyone used d4net var?