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  1. If I went to store open sterile vials for long periods would putting them in an autoclave pouch , sealing and autoclaving work?
  2. Wow, and rubber stopper was fine . It didnt melt? How did you manage the pressure in the vials if they are capped?
  3. Verified by COA test after autoclave? Would be interested in seeing assay and purity content
  4. Surely autoclaving gear would degrade the compounds?
  5. I originally washed them with normal water, so now im trying to clear up the residue inside but don't have anything to clean them up inside with. Waiting for a tool to arrive.
  6. I have access to an autoclave at my friends tattoo shop. Originally I tried to use tap water and then baking the vials to kill off the heat. The problem was that the tap water left white residue from elements in the water behind on the inside of the glass. If I was to give these vials to friends in the gym they wouldn't really trust it . Second attempt, I tried to wash it with distilled water. I filled a beaker with distilled water and dipped the vial into it, washed it out a few times without using an instument to wipe/clean inside the vial. I then placed them into an IPA bath which appeared to make the vial totally clean, glossy and smooth. However, Once it dried you could still see the marks on the inside. I went ahead and autoclaved a bunch of vials that went through a 134 degree cycle with vacuum and drying, the vials came out with the white residue on the inside and if you hold it up to light you could sell all of it. Does anyone know the best way to make really clean vials visually and medically?
  7. Thing is, my weight isnt going down. Ive been stuck at 260 for a couple days now. Jesus
  8. Great guide sparky. Any info about suggested information that DNP can affect nerves or cause nerve damage, recognise by sharp tingling sensations in the end of fingers?
  9. I had to take DMAA 50mg tab today because last two days I was tired as f**k and I had some s**t to do, dug up a whole drive and sweated like a pig while I was at it. Doesn't help that my scales are dead but I swear I look fatter. I know its the water bloat..
  10. Thanks. Im on Day 5 and have been taking DNP late at night before bed, which means I sweat a little during my sleep, but in the day i'm just a bit warm, considering I just came back from middle east to the UK the heat change is probably helping quiet a lot, but damn am I feeling the burn after that bowl of chilli con carne!¬
  11. just one of those online macro calculators
  12. Try increasing your test dosage or switch the Test P to another lab. I felt exactly the same as you and found out my Test E was bunk.
  13. Test your BP an hour before you wake. You can get a cheap BP machine on ebay for next to nothing. That way you can see your resting level. Are you eating clean OP? With all the added stress and lack of sleep with a junk diet you'd certainly be feeling a bit crap.
  14. So my cutting calories is 2,220. I am wondering if theres an online tool that I can just punch my calories into it and it will make me a daily diet?
  15. That's pre-hypertension levels and he's not even on Tren. OP, do you do cardio regularly (before this tiredness set in?)