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  1. Thing is, my weight isnt going down. Ive been stuck at 260 for a couple days now. Jesus
  2. Great guide sparky. Any info about suggested information that DNP can affect nerves or cause nerve damage, recognise by sharp tingling sensations in the end of fingers?
  3. I had to take DMAA 50mg tab today because last two days I was tired as f**k and I had some s**t to do, dug up a whole drive and sweated like a pig while I was at it. Doesn't help that my scales are dead but I swear I look fatter. I know its the water bloat..
  4. Thanks. Im on Day 5 and have been taking DNP late at night before bed, which means I sweat a little during my sleep, but in the day i'm just a bit warm, considering I just came back from middle east to the UK the heat change is probably helping quiet a lot, but damn am I feeling the burn after that bowl of chilli con carne!¬
  5. just one of those online macro calculators
  6. Try increasing your test dosage or switch the Test P to another lab. I felt exactly the same as you and found out my Test E was bunk.
  7. Test your BP an hour before you wake. You can get a cheap BP machine on ebay for next to nothing. That way you can see your resting level. Are you eating clean OP? With all the added stress and lack of sleep with a junk diet you'd certainly be feeling a bit crap.
  8. So my cutting calories is 2,220. I am wondering if theres an online tool that I can just punch my calories into it and it will make me a daily diet?
  9. That's pre-hypertension levels and he's not even on Tren. OP, do you do cardio regularly (before this tiredness set in?)
  10. Try upping your test to 300/400mg. You should feel a spike in energy from the Test.
  11. You might be feeling a crash from the coffee. The adrenal system can be burned out, but with 1-2 coffees per day that doesn't seem too much considering how much some of us take per day. Try coming off the coffee slowly and moving to more slow energy releasing foods, After a month you'll feel a lot better. Yeah your BP is high. It could just be lack of sleep, high BP ect. Change those factors and get bloods done, but It doesn't sound like you have a problem with bloods as you had them checked before. You are changing up your stack so expect to feel some kind of difference.
  12. Whats your history with pre-workout supps? Heavy use of DMAA or caffeine?
  13. My GymGroup account shows I did damn near 2.5 hours per day for almost a year, and I don't look anything like that. So I wouldn't doubt that the dude as put in that much work, after all hes got pics to prove brah.
  14. So I have a Pill Press that I found while traveling abroad in Asia, with all the bells and whistles. I'm trying to see what kind of dosages I can get away with and how big the pill size would be included with the binders. What Ive been wondering about is whether or not to press in additional caffeine and/or cialis which I use for my pre-workouts (dmaa+caffiene). What do yous all think, how lethal does DMAA, Caffeine and Cialias sound.
  15. Stopped using off the shelf DMAA ages ago. Just get it from a powder sauce.