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  1. I'm out in the land of sand and smoke researching the pharmaceutical industries in Asia, specifically India and China. I've been interested in the way in which injectable glass vials are made and the specifications to which they are made and sold on throughout the rest of the world. Within the production of pharmaceutical grade anabolics and underground lab sources. One thing seems to never be discussed, which is the quality of the glass vials, the crucial vessels which contain steroids for millions of participants across the world. There are different grades of glass vials. Most adhere to the specification requirement of USP-1 although there are 3 USP type grades and each one has differing criteria to meet the specification and well as having different uses for manufacturers. I've visited a number of big resellers and direct manufacturers in India over the past three weeks. Most of them supply companies across the world in the scale of orders over 100,000 with glass vials for injectables only being a small part of their business. What I have learned is how the quality and treatment of the glass greatly varies within the USP Type 1 grade vials which has raised some worries theoretically concerning users of anabolics. Within USP grade-1 vials, it seems that there is a great disparity in the alkalinity properties of the glass. Let me explain. Modern high tech glass vial manfacturers use a number of different anealing techniques, such as gas treatment, delamination or hydrophobic treatment in order to treat the inside surface of the glass. After all, we are talking about a glass vial holding injectable materials which millions of people will inject into themselves, the slightly presence of glass would cause serious health implications for users. This is why high tech pharma companies are using glass vials which are treated in order to laminate the inside of glasses or gas treat them, so that microscopic parts of glass do not fracture into the liquids inside. This is one part of a concern with USP grade-1 vials which is thrown up. The second is the quality of glass, which also greatly varies from which the glass cane is used as per manufacturer. Glass Canes are heated up, and air is blown into them so that the neck, body and bottom are moulded or pressed (depending on the type of vial). It is the quality of the glass which varies greatly across the industry at least in India which most likely infers also in China, since most companies are reselling from sources in China. Over the past few weeks, i've been evaluating how much alkalinity is contained within the glass. This is important as these vials, if left untreated, will slowly start to attack the product as per it's alkalinity. The higher the alkalinity of the glass on the inner part of the glass, the greater the leaching capabilities and aggressiveness. This may be important for anabolic users to know as a highly alkaline glass vial would end up affecting the pH of a anabolic liquid. The options within the pharmaceutical industry are to either adjust the product, or to treat the glass, which is a very expensive option. Which raises the question, what kind of quality of glass vial is being manufactured and supplied from factories in Asia? There is almost no way to certify for sure the specifications of the glass without doing a test, which can be carried at home using a pH testing kit, hot water and a vial which I will write up soon. It is said that even within USP type 1 vials, there vials made for US pharma, and the vials made for general applications by Germany, India, China and Japan ect vary from 0.2mg/ml (higher tolerance against leaching) to 0.8mg/ml (lower, if not no production against leaching) of alkaline. Some people have reported, and I have experienced this myself, a haze that develops in the liquid, inside of a sterilised injectable vial. This I believe, having spoken to a number of glass specialists across one state of India is almost indicative of the alkaline leaching properties of the glass. If this is the case, I wonder how this may also affect "PIP", the pain experienced after injecting, which greatly varies from lab to lab and person to person. There are so many factors outside of our control when it comes to the manufacturing process, start to finish, but i've tried to spread some light on this aspect of the production line. I think people should be more careful in general. As I have first hand witnessed some of the manufacturers working conditions inside of buildings which pump out pharmaceuticals, original and copies, and they are not very clean and guidelines are not adhered to in any sense of the word. Poor hygienic practises among staff, compounds and equipment left open and exposed, unsanitised production rooms and a complete lack of sterilization among different parts of the production line. Next month I have something lined up with Reliance and a few other chemical companies, one of the biggest procurers of EO and other reagents necessary to anabolics which I will also be digging into.
  2. There is a noticeable difference in the appearance of the seminal fluid since 3 years ago which kind of tipped me off to there being a problem post cycle, Will wait for a few months for a retest and see if things pick up. What is the treatment procedure? HCG or similar normally?
  3. India. Conversion is 9.5 mnol
  4. Personal friend of mine said that ALT and GGT go up together if drinking alcohol, so it could be due to more viceral fat around the liver.
  5. aye up big vin, I was reading that its affected by alcohol. I've been abroad visiting bar venues every night almost for the past 10 days so that might be the reason my ALT is slightly raised. FSH is bit low, what do you think on the test side of things? I want to run another course from March if everything is Okay.
  6. Why did the bother hosting their website in the US? That's just asking for trouble, Host in India or China without any issue as far as I know regarding AAS..
  7. Hey All, I got a lab test while abroad. I've been off cycle for more than a year, but my PCT was messed up and several times I tried to start back up on a cycle throughout 2016 but never managed to stick to it, to make things more complicated some of the AAS i've had im pretty sure was fake (Tren), but I've cruised along on Test E and Tren occasionally since 2014, two cycles both with PCT, and another half hearted cycle without PCT. This is the first time i've done any full body health checks and need to get your opinion on my test levels for a 25 year year old male. I'm a bit overweight at the moment due to stress and lack of time, i'm not currently training either. 6'0, 113 KG, 25 Years old. I also see that I have a higher range of ALT which is a bit worrying. I had a sonography test which showed my organs were looking normal, most of my ranges seen to be OK. They didnt send me Estradiol and have not sent separate tests for Free Test and Total Test. Libido wise, I feel okay, im getting morning wood, able to reproduce teh sperms and I do have a bit of a sex drive. I have felt for the past year or more very very low energy levels and a bit of lethargy but this could be more psychological as I had a lot going on. Let me know what you think as im really not an expect on this side of things, my FSH seems to be low and AL high.. On the flip side my cholesterol looks really good? According to different sources my FSH is low, and this effects the ability to have children in the future. Although my partner regularly got incidentally pregnant a few times, is this an abnorml FSH level?
  8. Lads I'm in India trying to find a raw supplier. Out of 20 numbers only two spoke English and asked me to call back!
  9. As per title, I've kind of messed about with cruising over the past two years, very irregularly and without PCT. It was a massive f-up on my part but the stress of work,personal life ect meant that every time I was about to start cycling and training again properly it didnt last for more than a week, so every couple of months id jab myself with a low dose of Test E. What I find curious is that over the past two years I've had no issue with sperm so it seems. The girlfriends have gotten pregnant multiple times and I was shocked that it was even possible (She was also shocked that I thought it wasn't possible but she didnt know why ) My libido has completely gone really, it's only after about a 1-2 month gap from the last dose that some friendly encouragement seems to kick-start my libido and sperm facilities. I can't really explain it, maybe it's worth getting some blood work done to see whats going on but is this usual, maybe for a younger male like myself but i'm worried that if I continue this kind of haphazard approach to my cycles I could land myself in some trouble later on. To be exact, 5 pregnancies from 2015 to 2016 (All by accident/contraception failed) & then 2 in 2016. (If your a newbie to this please do not treat AAS like this. I have been through some traumatic stuff in the past couple of years which is why my training is off)
  10. The Best Alternative to AAS Chicken Breasts, Coke, MDMA, SEX. LOTS OF SEX.
  11. Was she taking T3?
  12. He probably shat it all out. I cant believe he took 4 grams for 20kg bicep curls? Wdf is wrong with the youth.
  13. What do people think about taking Rich Piana 5% Liver Defence and Animal Pak with me to dubai? They sell them but they're very very expensive. They'd just expire if I let them here. Bodybuilding is definitely a bit thing in Dubai.
  14. You might be glad to hear that Dubai is just like anywhere else really. Money talks and theres a culture enjoyed by Emiraties and Westerners involving cars, women, booze and sex.