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  1. I think it was @Slagface said put an electric hob on number 1 and sit the vial on the hob or if gas, put it on a low heat, put a pan on the hob, stand vial in pan. Triumph npp is 150mg rather than the usual 100mg so guessing using same amount of solvents as you would with the 100mg causes crashing like this? Think @BULK said triumph npp is awesome.
  2. Who cares. I've had the snip.
  3. No it was someone else. Just heat it up. At least crashed gear shows there's actually gear in it. Maybe a hot radiator will be better though if it's crashed bad.
  4. Heat it up. Was it not you that asked me about this on here?
  5. So by "just started" what exactly do you mean? Since you want to know best way of using? Haven't you already used?
  6. Do you need an oral kick start when using npp? Should see results fair quick anyway.
  7. Outer half of the muscle. 1/2 inch slin pin. I just did half a ml in each when on test base. Were fine.
  8. Not even watching. Earth slowly being taken over by strange people.
  9. RX labs do them. Not sure how good they are. Not something I'd ever consider trying mate.
  10. Don't really need it. Can drop calories pretty low when using gear. I lost absolutely loads in the first month of dieting.
  11. Not tried but from what I've read, cheque drops seem to be up there.
  12. Blatantly stood in front of the bath tub so customers can't see it.