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  1. Been away for a week so back today in the gym, scaled back the weight to nail form as some power lifter chap was in. squat 60kg but proper A2G , going to build from this now bench 30kg easy row 45kg again easy added in a few pull ups whilst waiting for bench to become free.
  2. Photos are more accurate than those scales..... scan an is most accurate
  3. Good advice, thank you!
  4. thank you have to keep the bar low anyway as hurts my neck. Read somewhere this is good because it's behind your centre of mass. can defintely feel it more in glutes now. So staying at 80kg for the next few sets to make sure I've got it nailed before I go any heavier.
  5. Great news on your bench well done! I hate shoulders, literally worst body part for strength for me. Do you find you struggle with back and shoulders together? Anywho good luck!
  6. Just over 73kg down from 89kg post baby. would like to lose another 5-10 but more interested in lifting now. defintely feeling it tonight!
  7. Squats 5x80kg OH lift 4/5/5/5/5 30kg deadlift 90kg!!! Did my plate calculation wrong and thought I had loaded 80... Wotad!ck but still managed 5 reps so buzzing 20 mins cross trainer for sh!ts and giggles
  8. Nothing amazing to post today except cardio. Steady state, as I do enough intervals when training. 30 mins running 20 mins cross trainer 10 mins rowing bit of abs work (leg raises, plank and sit ups with medicine ball) back to strength training tomorrow
  9. I like his shoes
  10. So really good session today; squat decided to pull it back with a 20KG warm up then 40KG set before my 5x5 of 80KG couldnt film but looked in the mirrors and I think the wide stance allows me to go deeper. Felt it in bum and back of legs. took that to the 5 sets of 80Kg and found it fine although not looking to increase weight next time as just want to get this down and right. bench- 37.5KG X5 felt easy to be fair. Pleased I sailed through this and ready for 40 next time row 45kg x5 again no problems but tried the squeezing the shoulder blades at the top. Could actually feel it more in my back now which is super. having extra day tomorrow of just core and cardio. thanks all
  11. Thank you im not struggling with the weight but whilst it's still low I want to nail form before it gets too high and I'm all over the place (if that makes sense). Been to the gym loads pre baby by never did a lot of squats and deads so this is all new to me.
  12. I normally train on my own so video of me squatting is hard to do. but loads of really good advice here so cheers for that! Off out in a bit and will try some of the pointers M x
  13. Will try tomorrow. Thank you
  14. Actually that makes sense. Does it matter where I point my toes? They flare out at the mo. thanks for the tips really appreciate it
  15. Thanks all- really appreciate the rows advice. Hey @Flubs focussing on my squat form before it gets too heavy. Diet but all over the place toay Lentil curry for breakfast/brunch Just having trout with broccoli for dinner squats- 75kg 5x5 i tried to focus on form and making sure I went deep enough (hurr hurr) and I think it's helped as in feeling it more in my bum and not just legs. Not sure how wide to put my feet. Nothing feels natural. Still I'm pleased with progress OH press im so terrible at this. Managed 30KG 3/5/5/4/4 (first set I did too quick after squats.) again i think im using my legato help it up there. Not increasing weight for a while to make sure form is on point deadlift 1 set of 75kg which was quite easy. Which this had more deals but want to stick with it for the moment