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  1. I think it's turned into a full blown cold. It's mad how it all started in the space of 5minutes
  2. the resting heart rate of 90 says it all really. That's what's spiking your blood pressure lol. Either you were anxious and it temporarily went up which is no concern at all or you are incredibly unfit
  3. With t3 I've always found it takes a couple of days to adjust. 50mcg is double your normal thyroid, it can even be up to 3 times more depending on your natty thyroid levels so that will raise your BP. Starting at 50mcg I always get palpitations (which is a sign of high bp and I will sometimes get headaches) but it wears off soon, a week max. If you're on clen to then yes that will no doubt raise your blood pressure. I've only been jogging for a month and I can tell you now if you don't do cardio often, then do it. It is the best you can do to lower your blood pressure.
  4. Cheers fella
  5. No point running fast and doing speed training If I don't have the endurance in the first place to run at speed, so I'm not looking at that route just yet. I was planning on joining over summer but everybody's talking about holidays now so fvck staying on base getting beasted in the middle of nowhere whilst everyone is off shagging abroad! So aye no need for me to rush just yet, just going to focus on endurance for this half marathon in May now.
  6. Aye for sure I feel much better, it has no doubt %100 lowered my blood pressure by a large margin. Nice run that. I need to get hold of a watch myself to time my runs and talking about timing I had the longest jog ever earlier on lol. My legs were still jelly from training legs last night. The run was absolute agony Can't do treadmils me, feels weird for me and not natural, my legs just end up flaping about everywhere.
  7. Aye depends on lighting at times. Some times I'll be like Other times I think jesus what the fvck is that thing looking at me
  8. I haven't had hayfever like this for god knows how long. I was fine during my run and walked home after I finished and was still fine up until the point I stepped over the line into my house that basically says you're in and then it just whacked me in my face. Sneezed 15+ times in 2minutes and since then I've sneezed a good 40 times, nose is running constantly and my eyes are pouring... Been like this for almost 4hours now, is it actually hayfever or you think something in my house as it started as I stepped in?
  9. I was laughing at myself this morning because of the same thing lol... Bumped into side rail on the stairs and all I could think of was getting a saw to cut it off and chuck the fvcking thing onto the street. Do it with everything. Bang into doors and I'm like wtf you playing at dickhead you want knocking out?
  10. I have an unused nowtv box if ya want it. You'll need to get an account made on it though.
  11. I literally cannot see a fvcking thing? I wouldn't like to inject that piece of rubber though lol. However the rubber has nothing to do with the lab
  12. Aye I always thought the same aswell. Because I did high reps I thought well it's just cardio really in a sense and I'll be a good runner if I wanted to then when I actually had my first run I remember walking back home and just thinking to myself WTF whilst being completely baffled haha.
  13. How long you been on? I'm planning on giving myself minimum of 4months to see my natty test levels return nevermind 5weeks lol.
  14. Jesus, this thread is only 2weeks old. With the progress I've made I must be bloody superhuman lol. When I made this thread I was stopping 3 times in a mile and 2mile was absolute max!.. Ran 6.5mile yesterday with one break which I did on the turn back to give my legs a wake up haha. Think I'll definitely give the weighted vest a go, especially as there's loads of good looking women running the same place And cheers fella