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  1. Dbol... Nothing stops that fvcking estrogen
  2. Would have thought with this being uk muscle there'd be a few more comments in here!
  3. bullsheet just admit it. Anavar is a godsend
  4. Why are you using such a "weak and useless" steroids like anavar
  5. My mrs used to do this until I gave her a good beating.
  6. Fvck off what you mean they MIGHT NOT COMEBACK?
  7. No idea how people can eat veg or a daily basis, absolutely disgusting. I don't even think we are even genetically engineered to eat plants anyway?
  8. Machine gun preacher 14" meat feast with bbq sauce + 7" chocolate pizza which had mars, kinda and diary milk bar melted on there.
  9. Pfffft I don't mind having small balls but tiny balls is a no no
  10. I enjoy having my balls to. Don't get any of that slapping action in doggy anymore
  11. I drink shake an hour before. Increased blood flow will help deliver protein to muscles. I seperate weights and cardio PM though.
  12. Not crazy but, I pulled this MILF. We met up a few times had some good times in her car... Swear to god she had the best body I've ever seen on a woman and the blowjobs were just insane
  13. Aye mate, best thing to do anyway. Get tests done just to be on safe side and if you're fine you'll get peace of mind Na mate it's a common thing to get worked up especially with steroids that have so much negative background with heart issues and all that.
  14. PRetty much lol To ashamed to show them. Missus keeps taking the piss big time now When i'm hard you literally cannot even see my testicles. I was planning 2000iu EOD then 500iu twice a week
  15. I Found sis anavar to be the best oral I've ever used. I was on at 100mg... Maybe I just had it dosed well haha. I always see an immediate pump on any oral.