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  1. Lol, yeah the person singing in that one sucks. That's why I was looking for the song with the vocals from the dude.
  2. No there are 5kg of the same chicken for £25 but then 2.5kg for £19. Half of the 5kg should be 12, so they've added another £7 on and are offering a free 2.5kg bag of chicken if you order one bag of 2.5kg, so i'm wondering if they raised price or something of the 2.5kg to make a little bit of profit during there offer. You get me lol? So who's getting the deal... Musclefood or me
  3. It sounds better with the guy laughing in it. That one doesn't have it.
  4. Reason for cutting down is I've heard alot about it affecting the heart.
  5. Listening to a video on youtube and came across this song and think it's a remix, but I can't find the actual remix so if anybody can name the dude laughing so I can narrow down the remix for the song, it will be greatly appreciated lol.
  6. I'm trying to cut still so to wait multiple weeks is out the question lol. Wanting to cut down on T3 use since I used T3 from like September-November and again in January... Might just keep using for duration of cut tbh.
  7. Does anybody know how long it takes for thyroid to recover? Been on for a month now at 37mcg (well one and a half lol) and wanting to come off, would thyroid be functioning properly within the week?
  8. Thought I was getting free 5kg with my order, didn't look lol. But turns out the offer was 2.5kg premium free which is £19 but exactly the same chicken breasts 5kg for £25 So are the 2,5kg premium chicken breasts in anyway different or have I just fallen for a marketing technique lol.
  9. Yes, it's a brilliant idea... Hopefully you go tomorrow and I'll never hear of you again.
  10. Nvm pissing... 200mg puts me into cardiac arrest
  11. I always get slim fit, makes my legs look juicy as. Always having women commenting Any jeans except from Next though, those jeans are fitted for skinny people with no ass.
  12. What the fvck is this
  13. p.s f**k yaself
  14. town is dead im cdrunk. thought i'd come on here and assk how the forums paedophile is doing. so mate, how are ya
  15. Everything you add into it i hate with passion lol