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  1. I know loads of people who can talk on the internet and in person they are weasels. Hopefully you find this insulting OP and learn a lesson from this. In the future you wont ever stand there and let your family take sh1t again,
  2. Small wrists haha. What a beeech. And I have found myself in the same situation before, some guy was talking to my ex, said he would love to rim her and all this other stuff, she sly texted me said she was incredibly uncomfortable so I went over and headbutted him. Safe to say he didn't get back up for abit Plenty of other times to... Even if it means going down you always fight back.
  3. I'm guessing that's why you came to post it on here so somebody could comfort you? I don't get these threads me, just fvcking fight back don't stand there helpless then come on here posting about it. The guy disrespected your MOTHER AND SISTER for fvck sake... what does it take for you to man up?
  4. What's the big deal with spending time outside by yourself? You don't NEED somebody to accompany you when you go out. Have some quality time with yourself and just relax at the restaurant.
  5. I say this all the time dbol and anavar stack is the best. But agreed with the above, you need to drop body fat first. You're running high doses which are notorious for causing high blood pressure and also your excess body fat makes it that much worse and also the more body fat = the more estrogen conversion so the affects of high blood pressure are multiplied. Then the clenbuterol which stimulates a whole different pathway to raise blood pressure even more and then also the massive increase in heart rate from the clenbuterol. Your entire cardiovascular system will go to absolute sh1t and as nobody on here seems bothered to even do cardio anymore I say to you beforehand.... Rest In peace.
  6. With high doses I don't think there's much point staying so close to maintenance. Train as much as you can aim for 500 or more calories but keep them clean and get a decent amount of protein with every meal. OP Dosages look fine, just stick with test & deca for oral try dbol and anavar stack, it's literally the best I've used whilst cycling. I did 50mg anavar (some days one a half tab 75mg in the morning) and 20/30mg dbol 10mg x3 a day. Never used deca so I'm not sure how the oral stack will pair up with deca though.
  7. I think we would all prefer that.
  8. Wooooooow a newspaper for steroids. What a joke
  9. I cruised on a little under 200mg (was a couple lines under so guessing around 170) and I was still making impressive gains, If I was to go back I would have actually ran an even lower dosage.
  10. Most people with depression don't do anything (it's what I was like to) and until they decide to get up and do something with themselves then your state of mind will never change.
  11. Bye. Ya c**t
  12. There is no way you burn 1400calories for a weight lifting session. I bet I don't even get anywhere near that whilst rock climbing and that's harder than jogging imo lol.
  13. Not anabolic as to say on par with steroids but would it be a period where I could maintain mass? Why E3D, this is the first I've heard this.
  14. 20,000IU total 2,000IU EOD Regarding PCT do I run nolva & clomid alongside the HCG or wait until I'm done with HCG and then begin nolva and clomid?
  15. Well your cells need sugar to work and insulin transports the sugar to the cells so that they CAN WORK. Blood sugar gets to high and you're fvcked. HGH releases fatty acids into the blood stream to be used as energy, it doesn't just dump the fatty acids in the blood stream then think fvck this they're not being burnt off so lets just sh1t it out instead. Your body wants to maintain and keep energy so it goes straight back into your body again if it hasn't been used up, you need to move around to burn those circulating fatty acids.