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  1. Is this supposed to be one of those deepfat fried mars bars lol? Looks like a sausage roll.
  2. Aye it's an anabolic steroid and not all steroids raise RBC by alot, some only marginly and what is it's main purpose... It's endurance, which is mainly from the RBC increasing and everybody knows it increases red blood cell count a large margin over other steroids. By your comment you took it the wrong way thinking I'm giving you lip, but I'm not. It's just daft to go so high on dosages when the risks become an even greater risk. Do what ya want though I'm not bothered.
  3. Yeah could just have been a bad injection that time and just caused some swelling. If it's all red and you're fine now then you'll be reyt if there's swelling, redness and you feel ill then deffo get it checked. But yeah redness alone is just swelling.
  4. Madness running it in this heat. I'm sat here dripping over my chair (not even on dnp).
  5. I've only had this once. Was like the WORST flu ever lol... I jabbed right before bed, woke up fine then slowly felt like I got ill. By noon I was mind f**ked... threw up, high temperature, aching but after 5 hours I was fine?
  6. Wondering what your body fat is if you're needing to go over a gram?? All EQ does is give you more blood = more veins and endurance. I used this at just 500mg and it was like my 2nd cycle I think and I was COVERED in veins, even at rest. I can only imagine a gram of EQ. With blood you've got to be careful. You don't feel blood clot forming "Okay a blood clot is forming in my leg now i'll just come off"... It happens straight away and running over a gram of EQ is asking for trouble imo.
  7. You never know what else with that truck driver though, usually it's all day job and sitting their all day... Eating (most likely fast food, on the go) and no movement except for your eyelids and turning your head is bound to be unhealthy.
  8. Have you used Cardarine specifically for cardio before? If so how good is the stuff?
  9. Haha think that's what I'd do.
  10. Fvck that. Find it cringey for some reason. Some stuff indoors like pushups and that or going out for a jog, fair enough, but going out of your way to find a gym on holiday... Something wrong with ya.
  11. Thinking back whenever I see climbers on tv I always noticed their forearms. It's big for their overall size but not montrous because you just you don't get 200lb ripped to fvck bodybuilder grappling up a mountain side though so don't expect to see someone looking like popeye Not sure what you do day to day in life so can't comment on your forearms and calves even though your experience is complete opposite to my idea, I still believe it to be true
  12. I do believe that it is the reason. I've noticed alot of big name bodybuilders with the best calves all talking about enjoying walking in interviews. Lee priest for example loves walking outdoors he says.
  13. Was talking about this with my mate today actually. Everyone who says they can't get their calves to grow are usually always driving around and never do any running outdoors their cardio is basically based off cross trainer or treadmil for like a total of 5minutes of sprinting. Then there's the people who I go on treks with and like me they walk about alot and also run outdoors we all have bigger calves than most guys. I think the same goes for forearms to but this I think has more to do with a job that involves moving things rather than walking. They are endurance muscles and therefore need to be trained as what the muscles were designed over millions of years to do which is holding things and walking for miles. When we used to hunt we preferred to out run in distance with our endurance to catch prey to, no other animal uses endurance to hunt like us. And NO sprinting for 10minutes is not enough to be called endurance and NO neither is 100 reps of calf raises.
  14. They're your family, they'll say anything. I could come back at fvcking 9am after spending the night in town. Sniff coke. piss on my trousers, have some food on my shirt to and lets just add in some vomit to my shirt and I bet %110 if my mother saw me she would say everything that is beautiful about me.
  15. To deep, please come down a couple of levels.