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  1. Did you used sg tren ace 150?? Ordered few vials of it and planning to start from 1ml eod but hope there is no much pip from it
  2. No I dont hehe, I never had libido/ed issues in last few years of b&c apart killing estro once or twice which fvcked me up for a week... I never used cialis on cycle like a part of supplementation but added it month ago for health benefits like bp and prostate and like it. btw my estro is in mid range on cruise without ai
  3. For me 250mg is best for cruise with 10mg cialis ed and no ai in my case but some ppl need it with low dose.
  4. Heh there is only 0.5g left had gram of speed for 10£ had some coke with mate before and when it gone just picked up 1g... Didnt want more coz I wouldnt sleep for 2-3 days.
  5. I said never again take speed but after sniff all coke cant be fussy
  6. Time to finish my detox
  7. That could be best option, I will pick some anavar and try it first on myself to make sure its not winnie sis and tm both g2g right? Was thinking about Rx too
  8. I was looking for meds for anxiety for long time and read quite a lot and wouldnt go for any ssri/snri before my anxiety has gone when I stopped smoking weed and sorted out some things I wanted to go for Buspirone or Pregabalin Also did you tried propranolol?? Good drug imo get rid off physical side effects of stress and make you bit calm
  9. Hello Im gonna start blast soon to do some cutting/recomp before summer and I go for test tren mast anavar t3 and dnp and my mate who gonna train with me want to do his 1 cycle for similar goal. So I will help him with training and diet and need to come up with some easy and light cycle him What would be the most reasonable?? No short esters pinning eod might be a hassle for him A. 1-12 test e 300mg ew + 4 weeks of t3 in the middle at 50 mcg ed B. 1-12 test e 300mg ew 5-11 anavar 50-100mg ed T3 C. 1-12 test e 300mg ew 1-12 mast e 500-600mg ew T3 To each option he will have to adjust AI but I will suggest 0.25 adex e3d and/or 20mg nolva ed Dont know if he will be gyno prone/estro sensitive so nolva should be make it more safer right? Any thoughts?
  10. I do same, pinning some test e all the time but if you didnt start do it 2-3 weeks before finish short esters
  11. You right I would never start below 100mg eod but you know health and safety
  12. Try 120 tomorrow if no shaking hands its a crap Didnt use clen for a while but remember 80mcg definitely gave me shakes and after 160mcg was like epileptic
  13. Do you taking lots of vitamins?? My piss looks like fanta on animal pack would be more concerned if it was dark brown
  14. 50mg ace e3d do fvck all, start 50mg eod and increase slowly every week if dont get side effects. On my first tren run I started from 50mg eod and after 4 weeks it was 200mg eod and I loved it.
  15. Never need any extra stuff for cardio and was able to run 5 miles 4 times a week while smoking ciggaretes Only problem could be tren sometimes coz I feel like asthmatic