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  1. Using both and both g2g, there was a complains about tm test e but since I switched to it from sis T400 I noticed strength boost so must be good.
  2. Lots of water, magnesium and potassium and there will be no muscle cramps... I advice peanuts specially pistachios for both magnesium and potassium and coconut water have sh1tloads of potassium
  3. Can tag you on my sh1t phone so I quote, didnt you said you plan to use t3 all year round? How long you on it already? On cut 100mcg is perfect for me but plan to keep 50mcg ed for few months later on bulk/mantain and try keep lean all the time...
  4. T3 definitely better than clen tbh there is no need for clen doesnt give you much benefits and not feeling great on it and shaking on high doses... Almost cant feel t3 at all but after 8-9 weeks on ttm cycle with t3 I can see huge difference in compare in my previous cycles ttm w/o t3
  5. Up to 5ml in glute and quads and max 3ml in delts but prefer max 2 specially while on short esters
  6. Cialis usually make me last longer but as someone before said try dapoxetine... btw, little dose of ssri definitely make you shag forever... ofc it decrease sexual functions in ordinary ppl but with aas and cialis erection is still same just make you bit less sensitive...
  7. On the beginning you can start feeling little heat but not on 25mcg atleast 50mcg but after a while I got used to it and dont feel anything on 75-100mcg pharma
  8. Its all about amount of calories but on cut I have 3 max 4 meals a day and 50g protein shake all in between 8am and 6pm so it workout like IF diet and no carbs after lunch and works very well, lost about 30lbs in 8 weeks without losing much size On bulk I having about 5-6 meals+shakes and more frequently
  9. I dont have sides but I forgot to add that I dont eat carbs after 3 pm so could be it
  10. Im 8 or 9 weeks on 600-700mg sg tren ace and didnt had a single issue with sleep and 10-20mg diazepam gives me 10-12 hrs sleep I ran tren 5-6 times already but this time no single side effect no night sweats only day sweats even mood is good... Ive done ttm cycles many times and always atleast something was wrong idk maybe because t3 I feel better this time? I would say my tren is bunk if not that Im almost in the best shape ever after few weeks and also many ppl here rate sg tren...
  11. Delts my favourites but after a while on short esters I had to swap for quads sometimes... Sunday I pinned 3ml each delts on trained and very tense muscle and it was fvckin painful for 4 days so I had to pin quads this week
  12. just finishing my 4th vial and thinks its good but hard to judge anything when you run sh1tloads of tren with it...
  13. I can get out of bed without any test thing is if I still surpassing my natural test I would not fvckin about with trt doses... well maybe I would one day if end up on trt for life in future but for now 250mg is perfect and bloods always come back good so will keep it this way for now.
  14. I never go below 200mg but 250mg ew is perfect for me no need for ai, no sides, good mood and libido...