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  1. Or the generator stopped working thats why he is not here
  2. I looked very good 3 months ago , had abs but after surgery and 3 months not moving at all eating sh1tloads of good food and sweets I put on 20lbs of fat and water and hit 250lbs on 6'5 but I dont give a sh1t tbh. I catch up with food for the last 8 years of training and eat healthy. Now test tren mast t3 and in 12 weeks I will look better than before Btw I still feel good with big belly
  3. When I was testing high doses of AAS propranolol worked very well. Dont need anything now just do cardio but I will try cialis for couple months.
  4. Aspirate with quads only, never do that with delts.
  5. Had many injuries including fractures of most of bones in my foot but tbh that pain was nothing in compare with some tooth pain I used to have
  6. Heh he is a proper keyboard warrior
  7. Im sure he was on tren. Its all because AAS.
  8. Right I shouldnt put it this way. I pay few k in taxes a year too and paid a lot too in the last 10 years. What I wanted to say is that you dont have to pay a lot for extra health insurance like in US. But thing is in UK someone who pay fvck all have the same right to medical care like those pays a lot
  9. Exactly please do not offend @Disclosure anymore!
  10. Political corectness came to ukm too
  11. Yes but you may wait a while for get something done but you will get it free. I pay a lot of tax too and was waiting for my surgery 3 years but fortunately have it done and free and also looks like they did a good job. If I will have to pay for it I would never afford it. True is many ppl abusing it and Im not surprised ppl get angry and want changes.
  12. Today some african in Belgium tried to kill ppl by driving into crowd... is this new fashion now? Are they bored of blowing up themselves? Now even Erdogan threatens all eu citizens would be not safe at any place on the world - fvcking madman
  13. Its funny when you switch channels and on 6-7 in row there is advert I watching only news in tv and all movies and series I watch online
  14. lol I was eating and nearly choke You won competition for best comparison ever!
  15. Its was his mate lol and probably @Frandeman is a other guy they looking for!