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  1. Yep 600mg about 5-6 pints and few spliffs is a good mix my gp gives me this for pain sometimes but it doesnt do much for my pain and ibuprofen works better so I use it recreational 2-3 times a year.
  2. Thats why I try eat everyday bit different and swap between chicken, beef, pork and fish. I used to it 1kg of chicken breast everyday whole year cant do that anymore.
  3. Both are stupid cvnts
  4. If u have hgh and slin thats better than any sarms, If you will train and eat well you should be fine or Im talking BS coz I didnt come off for ages. Try to look for some good T boosters I know most of them are s**t but try to keep your test at high end could be helpful or atleast when you decide for ostarine or other sarm can help with libido etc mk 677 could be good but if you use gh dont think there is need for that but 10-20mg before sleep could be beneficial for sleep and recovery
  5. After eating tons of chicken breast I cant eat them too, I eat only beef and pork from a while but as said before just put it in the freezer
  6. Actually I like farage and his madman smile Its not like Im big fan of him but there lot of worse than him
  7. Odds still good worth to put some money on her... I just hope there are enough french left to vote
  8. They were killing Jew's at WW2 and now there is big chance that Jew gonna run the country... and no I have nothing against Jew's I just find it funny hows things changing
  9. I hope she win atleast there would be small chances for saving France and Europe coz Germany will be lost whoever will win Merkel or Schultz it will be bad...
  10. Atleast good to hear the stuff is good What dose you run? btw, If you got their stuff from their website how long delivery take?
  11. Just noticed TM released DHB in dose 100mg/ml maybe that one will be painless. but still it will be hassle with pinning coz I believe you need atleast 500-600mg ew to feel it
  12. Looks like, coz always make me wondering why left do what they do in europe? For example sweden is nearly dead but left still say things are good... why? It must be about money coz there is no common sense in it
  13. I just got used to get up in night for piss.
  14. Nope mate, it was noble but someone here used it and pip was same bad, my mate used completely different brand and still same so looks like its the problem with compound.
  15. Pip is ridiculous and swelling even worse. @op just advice if you pin delts pin both of them at the time coz you will look funny... I had swelling size like tennis balls