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  1. I have started doing 1/2 muscles a day in the last week and workouts feel more intense but don't know if i would benefit build size this way
  2. Routine looks good, however i like training 1/2 muscle a day. My diet is quite good, i did gain weight but more fat then muscle.
  3. he claims to only do diamond push ups and pull ups to get a good physique?
  4. I saw this blog/site and actually feel like that. After 2 years training i actually feel like that, but looks too good to be true..
  5. thinking of buying a IPTV box, alot of people run them off fire stick what do you guys recommend?
  6. not sure i was just told too look for good quality omega 3
  7. Looking for a high grade Omega-3 that is highly dosed, contains all Omega-3s (not just EPA and DHA) and is purified. Any recommendations?
  8. Was doing strong lifts for 3 months, progressed on lifts and gained more strength however never actually saw much physical difference. Not sure if i need to change my routine and if so what should i change to. Would appreciate advice on routines etc
  9. Looking for a hublot or ap good quality replica watch, used to be able to get them on aliexpress but looks like they have been removed. Anyone know where to get them?
  10. Got apple music on my iphone but also have alot of music on my laptop that i used to manually manage through itunes since using apple music i cannot manually manage other songs on my iphone. Thinking of downloading a separate music player app so i can drag and drop these and keep the inbuilt music app for Apple music streaming only. Does anyone know a good music player app to download?
  11. Anyone know where to get some, seems sold out everywhere or any other alternatives?
  12. Any good sites to download good tv series/shows?
  13. I have a chest freezer already but apparently the working temperature has to be above 5 degrees
  14. I have a fairly new freezer but appears to have stopped working because it has been below the working temperature in my garage. Can anyone recommend a freezer that would be suitable to put in the garage