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  1. cheers guys. think im going to drop the bcaa and invest in a pre workout to keep me lifting the same amount of weight during workouts
  2. I am on very low calorie diet and have been taking BCAA to help retain muscle loss (have just heard it does not sure if it true or not) but it also gives me aburst of energy during workouts and helps me feel less fatigue. Have been reading some of the posts on here and most people are saying they are pointless.. are they really not worth taking? If so are there alternatives that could aid with the above?
  3. Yep i normally get lean beef mince from musclefood. Where is the best place to get lean beef mince apart from musclefood most of the supermarket ones have high fat in them
  4. Getting bored of having chicken and salmon and tuna all the time. Any other meal prep idea would be great.
  5. Yep only electric showers, bath gets used everyday. Nope don't have a hot water cylinder only a reserve tank. Looking to get rid of electric shower at a later date. Is magnacleanse the filter thats always fitted to the boiler or is it just used for powerflush?
  6. 9 rads, 1 bath and electric shower in each. 6 family members Which magna filter and controls you recommend? Will ask installers about power flush
  7. House currently has 2 bathrooms. Got a Vaillant boiler currently which has lasted (still working just not efficient) 30 years! So prob stick with them. Just been looking around on the internet not sure whether its a good idea to change to system boiler with Megaflo or stick to combi.
  8. Looking to replace my current combi boiler with a new Vaillant. I have no idea what to look out for, i was told to get 28kw + Any ideas which boiler is the best to get and also what accessories to buy with it
  9. I have started doing 1/2 muscles a day in the last week and workouts feel more intense but don't know if i would benefit build size this way
  10. Routine looks good, however i like training 1/2 muscle a day. My diet is quite good, i did gain weight but more fat then muscle.
  11. he claims to only do diamond push ups and pull ups to get a good physique?
  12. I saw this blog/site and actually feel like that. After 2 years training i actually feel like that, but looks too good to be true..
  13. thinking of buying a IPTV box, alot of people run them off fire stick what do you guys recommend?
  14. not sure i was just told too look for good quality omega 3
  15. Looking for a high grade Omega-3 that is highly dosed, contains all Omega-3s (not just EPA and DHA) and is purified. Any recommendations?