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  1. try IF where there is section on it and find your self a gym along with a diet plan. Eat less exercise more
  2. honey version init
  3. how long does that £3 delivery take for meso mate? thinking of buying a tub today
  4. @faipdeooiad Alright matey Just out of curiosity, how long does the £3 royal mail delivery take? does it come from the states or UK with it being cheap delivery?
  5. Is there any more discount coming up matey for meso? i was away when you posted the previous one.
  6. Finally got around watching rogue one(star wars) and I enjoyed it, like how it ties in with the older ones too.
  7. The basics that I am back on now back/chest tris/bis/forearms shoulders/legs back to the start...
  8. get an amazon stick and kodi pal, join the club
  9. used them loads and never had an issue, usually comes the next day with first class.
  10. Couple pairs of ray bans, wayfarer and aviators. Can get them from most airports in the U.K. For £80 each
  11. and dare not go there lad, we will never hear the end of it....
  12. popes dead
  13. Feck thought I managed to avoid that
  14. Just out of curiosity, why the coconut oil? Sounds nice