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  1. Had a buzzlight year moment weed, weed everywhere.
  2. you return home okay lad? 100s of flights cancelled me and the other half had flight cancelled and re did flight for the next morning. laid on the airport floor for 10 years without any hotel, food or drink vouchers.
  3. I wish they did stuff crust on the 14 inch pizza at asda.
  4. clearly all lies how can all this bullshit happen to one person. Tune in next week for I slept with a widowed woman whats your thoughts guys... or when the next school holiday has arrived.
  5. was looking around for pre workouts and come across a thread on someone mentioned in a review about an ingredient called Noopept which helped them with focus and concentration. I started to google it just for a bit more in depth description on what its about ect... people take it for anxiety or just when they need a bit of brain booster. Just wondering whats peoples thoughts on it taking it on a daily basis.
  6. receiving a sample soon, maybe dmaa free samples are getting mixed up with the dmaa version. When reading reviews online about the actual product most people are saying its awesome.
  7. happened to previous pre workouts I have used. just crushing usually does the job but looks awful
  8. might get my dick and balls out tomorrow in the gym
  9. I did that with jack3d and craze I learnt it by just having it ever my other day like do a session miss a session with it and I have two days anyway and a day off in between so my tolerance doesn't build up quick.
  10. Tried messaging @faipdeooiad but I never hear anything a part from he said would send then noticed he received samples been about 2/3 weeks since. only wanna try a sample just give me a reason to spend £30 on it instead of wasting money.
  11. Hmm I'm still waiting for mine.
  12. You get the samples out buddy?
  13. Seen to start off with half a scoop, what's your say buddy ?
  14. loading.....