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  1. Could you post the ingredient label for the jack3d version please
  2. Should author that s**t
  3. Both great but roses are shocking live. Seen oasis live in 2008 and didn't sound great either but would rather listen to a s**t oasis any day
  4. @faipdeooiad sent me a sample via post. You can purchase it from strong supps
  5. f**k I didn't think it did so I added a dmaa pill with it, no wonder I felt shocking the day after
  6. One scoop bro that is the recommendation
  7. s**t has wicked got some sort of dmaa ingredient init ?
  8. line up is awful
  9. Can't get it to work @Protein Dynamix
  10. bought some adidas bermuda last week
  11. tah lad
  12. strong supplements @faipdeooiad
  13. Pmed you pal. would love all those if possible. See pm for details
  14. Glad brook got battered can't stand the little pig
  15. f**k army on their way to a college in Trafford roads locked down down and no fly zone