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  1. Cheers bud. just been having a look and looks decent to start at 4000 IU
  2. Don't tend to get much in a day. iv had some s**t ones and a couple of good ones from Holland and Barrett with good measurements per dosage, but way too expensive. which should I go for that has good dosage but won't cost an organ? or don't I need the whole lot? was recommend to get d3 but unsure which one as unsure about the dosage ect.. cheers
  3. Just had one myself and feel worse off for it.
  4. This... best thing i ever did and also I don't feel like I have to check my phone every two mins. Work aren't impressed but f**k em.
  5. Was out of this world. 1 foot of snow on top but some great views where possible. Water falls dotted about and that too. my hamstrings are in pieces but worth it. First every climb and it is the biggest in the uk. Deffo doing it again in the summer. Funny thing is a guy jogged past us on top with just shorts on which was mental, me and the lads had 5/6 layers on and were freezing too...
  6. Today is the day lads, not the greatest of weather but bring it on!
  7. Will be annoyed if it goes off shelves again. Hi tech will be screwed I bet though if it goes cold again.
  8. Of course you're going to lose weight you're swapping whole foods for liquids.
  9. SCAM hate it.
  10. bulk suppliers for sure for the simple things in life.
  11. jesus christ, how many times is this going to change? I thought they won the appeal so why has it changed again?
  12. do you only get so many clicks? on the phone app you only get 5 a clip, but on the info (them showing you how to use it) it says tap on things even if it might not be a hazard i.e. a car just going past on the opposite side of the road or a pedestrian just walking along a pavement, but I am guessing you hover your finger above say a car coming from a side street then if the hazard occurs then you click or dont if the car doesn't effect your driving?
  13. is there one hazard per clip? its set out like that on the phone app.
  14. When did you pass and did you have any questions that required more than one answer.