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  1. Father has had this, I imagine this possibly increases the chances of me possessing it in the future. for anyone that knows, how would AAS use effect chances of increased Prostate risk? I think, I seen something from Michael Skally, suggesting administered Testosterone, didn't increase the chances of Prostate cancer, however don't take my word for it, will try and look for the study soon.
  2. I'd stay clear, in that case mate.
  3. Not so fast, time to well & truly p*** on your parade. he's a member here, forgot his username.
  4. This in terms of appetite suppression? pumps? I thought you responded well to the BC Sdrol a while back? if you try another Tbol may be worth a shot.
  5. Not sure if srs, op in 70s, running cycles and on the DNP Just lol at running cycles at that sort of age range. lol at lifting in fact, surely you would want to enjoy final part of your life in comfort. I'd rather place focus on cardio, if anything, golf and sh1t that old people do.
  6. 2 Bagels with a total of 50g of PB on each, maybe a tad bit of jam spread over the PB, makes it easier to eat. and 500ml of milk. that's a good 1000kcals right there
  7. on a different day maybe yeah, haha
  8. I think this is a stupid idea, when people suggest this, why make your own, when you can go and buy a reputable one? I'd rather drink instant black coffee and maybe take some caffeine alongside, like 150mg caffeine. making your own stim based, caffeine drink, use too much of an ingredient and you will know about it alright.
  9. If I had just a Pull up bar and my bodyweight, this is what I would do. Pull Ups - 5 x 4 - 12 Close Grip Pull Ups - 3 x 6 - 12 Chin Ups - 3 x 6 - 12 Press Ups - 5 sets of AMRAP (Ideally aim for 25 - 50 rep sets) Burpee Press Up Jumps - 3 x 12 - 15 Incline Press Ups - 5 x AMRAP Seated Bench Tricep Dips - 3 x 25 - 50 Leg Raises - 5 x 10 - 15
  10. Totally agree, however if unable to source one, a snicker should be a wise alternative.
  11. Was this intra?
  12. inbe4 @swole troll