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  1. I think you've got to be careful with this stuff, I've taken it 3 times so far, I never knew what was quiet meant about the itchiness coming from the beta alanine, I started with half a scoop first time I took it, was impressed, getting extra reps, here and there, fatiguing less and the focus hits HARD with this stuff, I felt even just to turn my head left or right, I could feel I was stimmed within 10 - 15 minutes. It was great on half a scoop, but the 2nd time, when I took a full scoop serving, I was feeling sick during my first sets, the itchiness from my ear, neck, face, was not nice and I felt flushed and wish I hadn't taken the full scoop. it soon wore off after I was just doing my best to shrug it off, but it wasn't something I want to experience again, I wouldn't attempt to take this for more than 2x a week or you might start feeling like crap, especially if full scoop servings. save it for your most intense and challenging workouts during the week.
  2. wow, hadn't checked this in ages, 1 of the best natural transformations I've seen. well done
  3. Glad things seem to be looking up and you can at least train somewhat properly again mate lol. You change so drastic! bit like myself on that note. I wouldn't be concerned about current shrinkage, territory of injury, when I followed your previous log, you had no problem gaining mass etc, just a matter of time. muscle memory will be on your side. I have the opposite problem, I'm light as a feather, got a good base for them trenbologne sandwiches though. haha
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean, you see, the thing is..... we're notorious for fcuking sh1t up lol.
  5. He wasn't known as 'The smashing machine' for nothing lol. in his prime, he was devastating.
  6. Mark Kerr a MMA fighter, back when it was Pride is a prime example of how devastating a big bodybuilder/wrestler, who has the know how can really be. The funny thing is, the first fight he ever had, he never really had much fight experience, was just a good wrestler, big strong lump etc. can you imagine, having a barney on some street cobbles, with a guy of this statue and force. majority of people, even trained smaller fighters are doing nothing, it's pretty much out the window, when you have such a animal to deal with. alls you could do is stay on backfoot, hope he gasses out and counter.
  7. Legend Hope alls well bruh
  8. A good man beats a little man, but an exceptional big man always beats a good little man. That being said, you could have all the muscle, all the strength you want, but if you can't use it to your advantage, it will be used against you. do you think a 250lb mass monster bodybuilder would be able to kick, land shots, move more efficient and most of all be more cardiovascular fit, than a 150lb - 170lbs trained fighter? the smaller fighter will keep distance and wait for him to gas, that also being said, if the big, strong lump, has the know how about him, he could end the fight in a instance. even more so, when grappling comes into play or even worse G&P
  9. I agree, shocking to say the least. edited
  10. anabolics

    What health supplements, do you recommend for someone wanting to maximise longevity, taking into consideration, that diet is already optimum, lots of fruit/vegetables, minimum processed foods. What is your thoughts on Dr. Gliddens 12 Bad foods? he speaks of anything containing Gluten, wholegrains in general being detrimental if eaten considerably overtime.
  11. anabolics

    What's your views on fasting, training fasted? I have a problem, I have an extremely fast metabolism and ideally for building muscle, I should be eating pre workout, but every time I try, my workouts are not as optimum performance wise, if I was to train fasted. I have read that there are benefits when your body is in a fasting state, your body produces more GH is there any benefit training fasted/fasted in general bodybuilding wise?
  12. see op's opinion B I think 1 on top with a bald fade is a smart cut imo.
  13. Fcuking lol at good portion of forum being just 'shave it crew' the bias. Two good hairstyles for someone wanting to go really short or for someone suffering with receding & thinning. it will be a lot of maintenance, but F*** going bald, there is a massive difference, by having hair follicle showing and it just being clear skin. I'd go for the 1 on top, with bald fade, if you can rock it, it's a smart cut.
  14. This Wasn't nice to see Haye like that. respect to him. I'm speechless. buzzing for Bellew, sorry for Haye