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  1. Would you say, bent over rows and heavy shrugging are mainly responsible for your back development?
  2. 1 of the more solid and better channels. I see where this threads going lol, iirc he had it tested a while back. nonetheless legit guy. Intro is class.
  3. The best technique is to make form>weight priority with them. if I had a pound for everytime, I'd seen sh1t rom. I've always preferred to perform them, how you'd typically see a bodybuilder perform them with plates, pumping up before they'd step on stage. 3:26 similar to that, but using a trigrip plate and gripping & raising on the trigrip handle instead how Chris does them here. try the variation one time.
  4. Delicious!
  5. The mirror will tell you this, very unlikely you've gained 4lbs of muscle in 2 weeks of stronglifts, so yes, to a degree, what you've gained is a combo of fat, water weight, glycogen storage. muscle gain, literally takes TIME. especially if natural. aim for 4 or 5lbs a month, NOT per week. and measure progress, by scales + the mirror, before/after photos EVERY 12 weeks at the minimum. personally, I'm not a fan of short duration periods for gaining muscle. imo it's ridiculous. measure progress every quarter of the year, that doesn't mean, not to track scale weight in the meantime, if you're making sudden weight gain changes at a rapid weight, it's anything but lean muscle mass. think long term, not next week.
  6. so does everyone on this forum posting or the likening of social media, otherwise, if you didn't, you wouldn't be posting on no internet now would you softlad? think about it. Mainly due to appearance, as having a beard for so long and having shaved it, it's suddenly made me appear, like I've lost a noticeable amount of weight, as well as for boxing purposes. in that case, check out Mike Tyson performing neck bridges, suppose he was a plonker too, eh? I have a harness, but I'm unsure on the safety of performing the likes of neck curls or neck exercises in general, hence the thread. I want to prioritise myself not becoming injured and seeing, if anybody else trains there neck and what they do to train it. Always did wonder, why your mothers was pretty thick.
  7. This I train to failure in everything I do lol. probably not wise according to many, but when you give 100%, you can't but not grow. I'm happy with training at the moment, need to get heavier though, as hitting plateaus. I just find, having a pretty big breakfast is pretty beneficial to me, when gaining muscle is the goal and I skip it a lot, because I don't want my performance to dip. think I may be quiet insulin sensitive, sometimes I often find myself in food comas. sleepy after carbs often. this is sometimes the case pre workout. even something like 50g oats + banana and this can occur.
  8. I'm the complete opposite. I've tried and experimented with small snacks, light meals prior to training and waiting an hour or so, and every time I eat prior it effects my performance. greatly might I add. although it can differ training lower body. frustrates me, because I know, it's not a good thing to be doing, nor creating the most optimal environment for building muscle. edit: I train of a morning fasted.
  9. You're not my kinda person, if you do. gym on holiday? wut?
  10. Interesting read, thanks for sharing.
  11. What are the best and most safe exercises to perform?
  12. Seen this a long time ago, and ..... What a overly sensitive insecure sack of sh1t. he fcuked himself over and anyone, who was stupid enough to follow his dangerous advice. can tell he has lots of underlying & unaddressed issues. that being said, you see the cycle he put up? wonder what his doses was for the other compounds, if he's using 150mg drol for 8 months, which is straight up jaundice territory. in fact past that. he's no doubt got some muscle and strong, but he's looking soft as hell. rather angry marsh mellow indeed.
  13. No doubt. Bet she loves being drilled stupid by the strongman type.
  14. I'll be sure to follow mate. you know, I'm a fan by now haha.