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  1. You'll come back a fcuking stick, know a few lads, that have participated in these, however it would be a amazing experience.
  2. Good luck with this mate.
  3. This He went in lol
  4. Most Beta post award of UKM goes to.... It's not meant to be then is it LOL The sh1t won't work, unless you get aroused, only then will it induce more blood flow into that dead c0ck of yours, what's wrong with you? you say you been without sex for so long, you should be roasting! just get her on all fours and don't look at her, if she that bad.
  5. No worries fella, Coconut is a underrated superfood.
  6. No worries, the coconut would be a good snack imo.|105651&param=coconut&parentContainer=SEARCHcoconut_SHELFVIEW Typical Values per 100g Energy 1528kJ/371kcal Fat 36g of which saturates 31g Carbohydrate 3.5g of which sugars 3.5g Fibre 9g Protein 3.8g Salt trace
  7. Try mixing something caloric dense into your oatmeal. a meal could be something like Breakfast - 50g oatmeal mixed with berries. - 5 Rice cakes with 50g PB - 3 Large Banana's - 100g coconut - litre of water
  8. Get the large sized Banana's Coconut is pretty dense, around 350kcal for a 100g prepared pack. put 10g of peanut butter on each rice cake, if you can eat them? 10 rice cakes with 10g peanut butter, would give about a 1000kcals+ Regarding cottage pie, hence homemade, it's just going to be potato with mince and vegetables? no pastry. Maybe Couscous as another carb source if you can stomach a lot of oatmeal 200g is about 750kcals
  9. Home made cottage pie would be a good one.
  10. White potatoes Sweet potatoes Rice Rice cakes Almonds Cashews Wedges Weight gainer/with water A good variety of fruits, Banana's especially. Again, same with a good variety of Vegetables. Eggs Salmon Chicken Beef Peanut Butter
  11. I genuinely wasn't aware of this till last week. I always thought likes of oatmeal, wholegrains was/is the way to go and the more healthier option, providing nothing but nutritional benefit towards me. if you skip to that Doctor's explanation,^ he gives a good summary. Yeah, I had a brief look before at Gluten free foods and I was disappointed lol. I can't see myself trading oats, weetabix, shredded wheat or bran flakes for Muesli and the likening. then there is the bread or any other tasty food, like pizza that contains gluten. I think, I'll probably just try and limit gluten and other foods and just make sure I'm consuming 5+ different variety's each daily of fruit & vegetables, alongside health aiding supps. @dtlv @ghost.recon what's your view on this? Yeah, I'm curious just how big the impact is, judging by that Doctor's stance on things, he seemed pretty adamant, which raised concerns. it's the same doctor, that 'blew up' speaking about chemotherapy, if you've seen the vid. I would like to drop bread or at least limit it, as I eat it almost daily, it's 1 probably the most staple thing in my diet. that and bagels. I'd be lying, if things like this didn't frustrate me, because I make an effort trying to draw some benefit from foods. dairy, gluten/wholegrain packed foods, arsenic poisoning in rice etc. I started looking into vegan meal preps haha, realising they get all majority of there protein from beans and eat a load of seeds certainly does not appeal.
  12. Basically prevent you from absorbing nutrients. Which is new to me, as most of the time, I purposely stick to whole grain cereals, consume lot of oats, which lead me to believe I was benefiting from doing so, each to their own, but after some research it has me questioning, just what can I eat? Lol. without raising concern, that from a health perspective on things, I could actually potentially be impacting it negatively.
  13. After a quick little search, just now, I found one.
  14. The whole grains was an eye opener for me.