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  1. I'm the opposite. Squats I struggle most with out of big 3 lost 15kg on my 1RM in past few months, probably due to losing weight, going out and losing consistency. I've always been decent for bw with deads, pulling exercises. Take it with a pinch of salt, until I get a log up myself, but just some food for thought. consider implementing krock rows, dead hang bursts long as possible on a pull up bar, with 40kg+ on a belt, ditch straps if using them and stick to chalk. And then just build up hamstrings, core, posterior chain work and you would surpass current imo. I have stopped deadlifting at moment, but I'm going to start again around winter and dead just once a month. I'm more concerned with building up pendlay and rowing variations for time being. But them two things ^ previously had great carry over for me personally.
  2. Apologies to ask some questions, that's probably been covered and simple. 1. What needle sizes for drawing + pinning, do you recommend for a naturally lean individual. 2. Could a aas virgin, start pinning with a slin pin and if so what sites? 3. What sites, do you recommend and what would be good to rotate? e.g glutes/delts
  3. If I have a bad workout, energy, focus, drive all being down. (rarely) I either get really p1ssed off and it suddenly becomes a good workout or slash the volume completely. their have been days, when I've supposed to of trained: chest, shoulders, triceps and I've just done 5 sets of flat bench and left. I really don't like not progressing. if I can't get another rep, lift a tad heavier or just do more, I feel I've wasted time.
  4. No one gets HUGE and lean on any sort of food. thread equivalent of kali muscle claiming tuna raman and noodles got him his physique.
  5. Surprised no mention of Methyltestosterone. something to be said, that if you don't naturally have it in your locker to begin with, it probably won't give you as much as a boost in that department as you might think.
  6. Nando's Peri Peri (orange bottle) best I've tried, that and Sriracha as mentioned.
  7. I'd hopefully expect to keep a solid 6kg, I think a hardening agent, more dryer compound would benefit you greatly tbh. had any thoughts on your next cycle? can see you having a really good physique in future.
  8. Chelsea Liverpool Man City Man Utd
  9. always guaranteed a stir up with these sort of threads.
  10. I can see why, I really dislike the dumbbell variation personally. I think they're overrated and a real waste of time tbh. the difference in emphasis on quads/glutes placed in comparison to performed with a barbell, doesn't compare. I opted for dumbbell lunges, when I started training with limited equipment, could never get the mind-muscle connection, felt bad on knees also, not to mention the fatiguing grip strength. performed with a barbell, either 1 leg at a time (my preference) or even walking is a really good exercise. I don't think they're far from behind the squat. I opt for a moderate weight and keep rep range at 10 - 12, the pump delivered after 2 sets alone is enough to keep them in my arsenal.
  11. Consider the barbell variation. it feels easier as far as balance goes too. I rate it highly.
  12. Swelled right up, what you eating? that's a significant weight gain in that length of time. delts in particular appearing far bigger.
  13. What lab you opted for now, given the sis was bunk mate? shame that, but you know it's garbage, when you've lost a lb in a few days @ 150mg Are you still opting for the year blast on 500mg? Best of luck anyway, impressive your back at 3 plates, it's been what? 6 or 7 months since you tore it. crazy.
  14. Out of curiosity, which one makes you appear that more 'fuller'?