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  1. Gym music, sounding like something from The Getaway game for the PS2 lol. great news in the scheme of things, hopefully you won't of lost too much strength. do you think, you'll compete again in the future?
  2. Applied Nutrition - Critical Mass, far better than serious mass and any other.
  3. I have this problem, it's hard to eat a fair amount of calories, whilst keeping protein on the low side.
  4. My thoughts entirely. inbe4, they start bidding the 80mills for Alexis Sanchez and fans teams star players. sh1ts ridiculous.
  5. Reps for username, I like it, haha
  6. China are taking it to another level. a ridiculous one at that. no English club would offer anything like 56mill for a Oscar, who's benchbound.
  7. These Chinese clubs are crazy, they say, they want football to be as big in China as elsewhere, paying wayyyy over the valuation of players, e.g Oscar for 56mill? Diego Costa here offered a 30m salary a year? rumoured 80m transfer? crazy. I hope they sell him personally and it fcuks there season up but, I can't quiet believe what these china clubs are doing, it's absurd. a side, footballers are definitely getting too big for there boots and now with the financial side of things, getting way out of hand, just what does this mean for football? I remember Raheem Sterling, kicking up a fuss, now Dimitri Payet? 50m years back, would of got you a Zidan or Luis Figo, now it get's you a rising prospect, a player unproven, far from the finished article.
  8. That would be some finisher lol. Dragon nutrition, Bodyconscious to name two, take a search of SD Matrix as well. that's strongly rumoured to be M1T
  9. You have problems, if you limit your food intake or will starve yourself, because you have some sort of party or whatever, jesus, it's not like you're dieting for a comp now is it? eat what you want and have fun, life is too short.
  10. You're not, I was disgusted, when I read it. no need whatsoever.
  11. Haha how does it compare to the original Jack3d? that's the only PWO, I've ever really rated, used to love that stuff. I'm actually quiet excited to try this, feeling like a supplement kid all over again. Edit: if it's the dogs, I'm stocking up on it, before it gets banned.
  12. You're gonna have me stimmed of my t1ts, haha. cheers Been meaning to get round to trying this.