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  1. you would hope - although I think it would be that and a combo of a house price crash!
  2. Couldn't agree more - people like Simeon Panda ... " take these BCAA's and you will look just like me, because I'm natural" Winds me up that does, my understanding of that is that they are "ambassadors," literally anyone can become one and its basically free promo for the company, but in the kids eyes they are "sponsored" - my mate came to me saying his friend from uni was sponsored, only to look him up and find out he is one of these "ambassadors"... such a joke!
  3. So, I don't post on here much, but over the last year or so something is becoming more and more apparent... "Sponsorships"... and they are bugging the hell out of me! Firstly, it seems that every little gym noob is so desperate to get sponsored these days that I don't think they have any concept of why they actually went to the gym int he first place - other than to take photos of their little pigeon chests or noodle arms while they pout! Now don't get me wrong, I understand the advantage of having a sponsor, but "Dave's supplements" based in a shed in Milton Keynes is hardly a sponsorship. A prime example of this is a guy I competed against this year mentioned he was sponsored ... I later found out it was by a company that him and his mate created - and they are the only 2 "athletes!" It made me laugh to say the least. Yes, everyone is in the game for a different reason, but when it comes to something like this I believe it should be simple. It is a reward and testament of your own hard work if you attract a sponsor. Personally, I couldn't be less bothered about anything like this, but what I do know is if it were to happen, it would not be because I chased it or because I can post 50 Instagram photos a day on how I can "curls for the girls"... it would be because I "look the part." when it comes down to it does it really matter about sponsorship!?! I mean does anyone know who Arnie's, Franco's and Haney's sponsors were? I doubt it because they all spoke for themselves ... not through a clothing brand or a supplement brand. I do sometimes wish I was born in that era - more simple - more raw !! Anyway - rant over! Feel free to share your thoughts
  4. Lol, Cheers - he is a bit of an odd ball!
  5. These are my two - Patterdale and husky cross German shepherd And my favourite is a vizsla
  6. clean bulk

    Hello pal, it looks like you have some good size on you. However, you are the only person that can really answer your question regarding cut, clean bulk or bulk. All I will say is that if you don't want to gain too much fat the "bulk" (I am assuming dirty bulk lol) would be out of the window. at the end of the day, many people on here will say cut where as other might say bulk - but its down to opinion really. If you are happy with your size then go for a cut, you can always stop and return to a bulk if you aren't liking what you see .... and visa versa. With the above in mind, I have found that training doesn't play the hugest part in a cut or a bulk (with the exception of cardio (or circuits)) I have found that the diet is the key to both. As long as your sessions are progressive and you are challenging your body then just go for a programme that you enjoy - there are plenty out there! Anyway, a bit vague but as I said - you are really the only person that can set your sites on what you want - either one you choose it is not going to be right or wrong! Good luck!
  7. He is in the line up on the Olympia website. Annoying considering he has a big fan base and it's a repeat of last year.
  8. Thanks Pal! ... Ah nice one! I did see you as I was walking round to backstage, but you were chatting with your mate I think. Good luck at the Finals pal!!
  9. thanks pal
  10. not sure why this posted twice yesterday - but if anyone cares, I found out that an intermediate is for those that have never qualified for the British finals.
  11. Hi All, Thought I posted this last night but I can't seem to find it! Anyway, can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Intermediate bodybuilding classes and the bodybuilding classes as the weigh categories are very similar with bodybuilding only having over 100 kg as an extra? Just a bit confused and as they were Fairly far apart when watching I didn't clock on to any noticeable differences in the classes... is it age? Cheers! Grant
  12. Hello Everyone!I hope you are well. So, I Competed in the Kent Klassic Last Sunday. Being a natural I had my reservations about how I was going to look on stage .... would I be ready?!?!Arriving on the day I was aware that the majority of guys would be on PHD, and it never bothered me as this was just for experience. When the time come to go back stage, I was almost blown away with the calibre of the guys that were there - almost scared me off. But no, I was there to do I job and one that I had worked my arse of for the last 16 weeks of prep. Stepping out on the stage was great and after receiving the statuary medals and walking off stage I was told to take my medal off and turn around. I WAS TOP 3!!!!!!! I ended up finishing 3rd with an invite to the British Finals! What more could I ask for! I am one very very happy guy! .. I was aiming to MAYBE beat one guy that was assisted and I managed to smash that goal!... It just goes to show, if you put your all into something you will reap the rewards Unfortunately, I obviously was not expecting to do so well let alone an invite to the British, and as a result I have a holiday booked to Canada, so I wont be attending - however, bring on the journey to come! I know I haven't been a member here long nor posted much.. but hey! ... I am one happy guy so I thought I would share it with you! Anyway, enough of the boring stuff - here is a pic of me (right) and the top 2
  13. Try looking up Helen Derbyshire - just heard her name floating a round.