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  1. Your a legend you but you missed using them anally for more gains??
  2. page 10, left column half way down
  3. not sure if serious or trolling, how will you get a prescription from the uk for anavar?? Are you a burns victim??
  4. The expert on Jeremy vine at dinner was saying he thought it wasn't environmental but more likely down to diet and lifestyle choices, for example types of fats was mentioned
  5. @El Chapo any input on this?
  6. He's not gonna say it's s**t now is he lol, sphinx, TM, triumph, neuro pharma, alpha pharma are all underground labs, search for them and you'll find lots of reports, they may be a new lab, but why take a chance when you can find someone like sphinx and get a well known product that's gonna get decent reviews and be what it says, I don't see why you'd even risk it!
  7. Don't make me laugh!! My skin doesn't fall off, you don't suddenly get urges to beat children, your hair won't suddenly fall out on a cycle of test, being on a keto diet means nothing in relation to gear!! this magical chemical is it in the bro science library with your reasons for not taking gear?? Seriously I've never read so much drivel and miss information in my life!! your first post you say you don't want to get big... then you post above that you have a chemical that stops you getting big and var will help with that... make your mind up and while your at it research what gear will and won't do and stop reading bro science monthly!
  8. 40 is about 5% better than 20, save your money, 20 is plenty strong enough, the difference between 40 and 20 is tiny, 60 would be a total waste theres some study's on it somewhere on here kicking about for proof if you can be arsed to search
  9. 10+ years as a mechanic is a good improver for grip when I started training bjj I was known for my grip strength, once I latched on I could stay latched, grip saved my ass more than once while rolling! besides a career change I use normal common or garden plaster (the stuff you mix with water) for grip, it goes miles and I had some on a shelf so I used it, try it, works awesomely well! Got a little paint pot lid full that I use for rows, bench etc... lasts forever, never tried proper chalk but all it will do is remove all the moisture from the skin and enable full grip strength with maximum friction, cest parfait!!
  10. I didn't see the first time round, musta missed it... was it fun??
  11. I've been doing full body routines which are great if workouts are spread unevenly (I think I have a little OCD going on lol) as pointed out above you don't have to worry about what days your doing what etc, works for me and takes the routine out of a routine, I then find I enjoy it lots more I've made more progress in the last 15 weeks than I ever have! any way if these little fellas dont make you smile nowt else will, oh to be a squirrel and not give a f**k ps they are squirrel proof bird feeders lol
  12. What do you eat now? Enter it in my fitness pal and start recording weight loss or gain so you can work out what maintenence is, to lose fat you need to be eating in a deficit list what you eat in a typical day with quantitys and we can then help start at say 2500 calories with a decent amount of protein, say 175-190g, then the rest from fats say 500 calories at 9 calories per gram, so maybe 55 and then 310-325g (depending on protein decided previously...) of carbs, but it depends on your maintenence and you need to do the leg work to find that out initially using my fitness pal and a set of scales
  13. Which everyone in this thread has seemingly missed (I know what I'd do and once a year at least for oil changes, but it's definately not got full service history in that case!) and means he has to go the route of the selling dealer that sold it with full service history which it doesn't have, and hope he has evidence it was sold as such, tbh he's a bit screwed I reckon... and obviously you'd need documents/service stamps to confirm services...
  14. What is it used for then?? Playing devils advocate are you saying bmw fit a system to there cars that doesn't give accurate servicing instructions?? And should be ignored?? I don't think so somehow... however proving the previous owner has followed said system is a whole different ball game! the setup does tell you when to do bigger services I believe and bmw use timing chains which are life of vehicle I believe unless they fail before end of life which is another crap setup that's implemented on cars!
  15. seemingly bmw do have a setup in the cars that specifys when services need doing and there's an imaginary service time schedule setup, if the car does 3000 miles in 3 years it's very possible the system may recommend an oil change after 3 years, if bmw have said it considers it full service history and the car does too and there's no mention of any set time in any manuals that they can find then I don't see how there's any argument regardless of if YOU say there is or not, if bmw don't actually list any set time then you are wrong in this case (and I know 95% of manufacturers list time or distance whichever comes first) bmw alledgedly don't and if they don't according to them then he could well have full service history as he and the garage claims regardless of what other manufacturers say or do! You can't just make up a figure when bmw don't, nor can the warranty company, now I'm not saying there isn't a specific time, but if bmw can't come up with one then how can a warranty company, I've been in the trade for 20 years and I know what your saying but if there's no set rule written down then it's not a rule sorry regardless of whatever you or I think (and I'm not saying I think it's correct to leave a car that long, but again it's not what I think)