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  1. Oh yes... EXTRA Matured Argentinian Ribeyes & Wagyu Steaks £62.65 Speciality Steak Selection - Now JUST £40!! Enjoy ALL of this for JUST £1.05 per piece! - 2 x 170g 35 Day Matured Argentinian Ribeyes - 2 x 170g 21 Day Matured Pure Rump Steaks - 2 x 170g 21 Day Matured Pure Sirloin Steaks - 4 x 113g 21 Day Matured Minute Steaks - 2 x 170g Wagyu Lean Hache Steaks And These Extras: - 2 x 170g Premium Chicken Breast Fillets - 4 x 113g Free Range Rump Steak Burgers - 12 x 57g Giant Beef Steak Meatballs - 400g Premium Chicken Mini Fillets Plus This Too: - 1 x 30g Grillstock Steak Seasoning Well below COST price because we want you experience the great taste of exquisite 35 day EXTRA matured steaks... *On-page T&Cs apply.
  2. No Problem The portion sizes are because its designed to be a meal for slimmers
  3. You're going to absolutely LOVE this... JUST 25p per item! I have secured you ALL of these lean meats for a CRAZY price!! For JUST 25p each, you receive: • 2 x 170g Matured Pure Rump (Usually worth £7.00 on-site!) • 2 x 170g Chicken Breast Fillets (Usually worth £3.00 on-site!) • 2 x 113g Rump Steak Burgers (Usually worth £3.00 on-site!) • 2 x 113g Extra Lean Chicken Burgers (Usually worth £2.50 on-site!) • 6 x 75g Meaty Pork Sausages (Usually worth £3.00 on-site!) • 6 x 57g Giant British Beef Meatballs (Usually worth £3.00 on-site!) We have RESERVED your 20 Piece Lean Meat Hamper for JUST £5 until midnight tonight - but after this your reservation will LIFT and it's likely the hamper will SELL OUT... For JUST 25p per piece it's daylight robbery, CRAZY price! To claim yours, follow these simple steps: 1. Go to the hamper page - 2. Add the hamper to your basket 3. Enter code: EATCLEAN17 at checkout 4. Make your subtotal at least £25 5. Checkout and enjoy your heavily discounted hamper! *On-page T&Cs apply.
  4. Are we teaching our children the correct skills in school? Ben Coomber explains why nutrition is a life skill, and how to teach good nutrition to our future generation. But with growing rates of obesity whose responsibility is it? Parents or should schools teach these VALUABLE life skills?
  5. It's a Simple Concept - Sleep More, Grow More... But how do we get a better nights sleep? Here are our 6 Top Tips to getting a better nights sleep
  6. For most people, going to the gym is more a chore than a thing they actually want to do - But for you it's a way of life, Here are 23 things you’ll know because you LOVE the gym
  7. Nothing has come through yet - Have you sent it?
  8. Build Your OWN Extra Lean Hamper - JUST £55 DELIVERED! For the FIRST time ever, you can now fill your fridge & freezer with the items YOU want to eat all month... Yep, you can build you OWN bundle with award-winning meats, all cut fresh to order Follow these simple steps to CREATE your own hamper: -> Visit the page - -> CHOOSE your items & BUILD your hamper -> we PREPARE your hamper fresh -> you ENJOY your Muscle Food favourites ALL month BUILD your own hamper from our HUGE range of items! Step 1, select ONE item from Poultry - choose from: • 12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breast Fillets (POPULAR!) • 9 x 166g Hickory BBQ Chicken Breasts • 9 x 166g Dragon Fire Chicken Breasts • 9 x 166g Spicy Tikka Chicken Breasts • 9 x 166g Chilli & Lime Chicken Breasts • 8 x 170g Premium Turkey Breast Steaks Step 2, select TWO items from Steaks - choose from: • 2 x 170g Matured Free Range Rump Steaks • 2 x 170g Matured Free Range Sirloin Steaks • 2 x 170g Matured Free Range Flat Iron Steaks (POPULAR!) • 2 x 170g Matured Pure Rump Steaks • 2 x 170g Matured Pure Sirloin Steaks (POPULAR!) • 2 x 170g Matured Free Range New York Strips Step 3, select THREE items from Favourites - choose from: • 2 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks • 2 x 170g Dragon Fire Hache Steaks (POPULAR!) • 2 x 170g Premium Turkey Hache Steaks • 1 x 400g Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince (POPULAR!) • 4 x 100g Premium Pork Medallion Steaks • 1 x 400g Premium Low Fat Pork Mince Step 4, select THREE items from Essentials - choose from: • 1 x 400g Chilli & Lime Chicken Mini Fillets • 1 x 400g Premium Chicken Mini Fillets (POPULAR!) • 6 x 75g Low Fat Pork Sausages • 6 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages (POPULAR!) • 6 x 75g Premium Chicken Breast Sausages • 6 x 75g Chicken Breast & Chilli Sausages Step 5, select THREE items from Extras - choose from: • 2 x 113g Extra Lean Steak Burgers (POPULAR!) • 2 x 113g Extra Lean Chicken Burgers • 2 x 113g Tikka Masala Chicken Burgers • 10 x 35g Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions (POPULAR!) • 20 x 20g Extra Lean Free Range Meatballs • 12 x 30g Chicken & Sweet Chilli Meatballs Step 6, select FOUR items from Vouchers - choose from: • £5 Premium Chicken Breast Voucher • £5 Free Range Steak Voucher • £5 Muscle Food Pizza Voucher • £5 Live Clean Ready Meals Voucher • £5 Muscle Food Supplements Voucher • £5 Muscle Food Snack Voucher It really is simple & easy to use... Build your own Muscle Food meat hamper to ENJOY all month... & SAVE Big!! For full terms and conditions, see the offer page.
  9. Email your email address you We'll send you some to review
  10. ** VERY LIMITED... These steaks are taking the UK by storm! ** Regularly heralded by Michelin Star Chefs, we bring you the BEST EVER Steaks on Muscle Food... 300 customers ONLY Why are these Argentinian Ribeye steaks so special? • EXTRA matured for 35 days • Raised free to roam in the humid Pampas • Grass fed on flat, open landscapes • Delicately marbled, with a full-bodied taste • Melt in your Mouth tender The list goes on and on... Michelin Star Chefs are RAVING about them due to their incredibly tender and juicy texture. Available for you at COST PRICE! VERY LIMITED - because sourcing Argentinian steaks isn't easy, and Michelin Star restaurants are snapping them up and selling them for £40+ EACH! These really are the best steaks Muscle Food has ever stocked, but you must be quick because it's first come, first served. To order yours, simply: • Click through to the page • Add to your basket (max 16 steaks per customer) • Checkout & pay (if you don't order now, somebody else will) *On-page T&Cs apply - Max 16 steaks per customer.
  11. "I'm never drinking again"... Something we've all said before... What if we told you there was a SECRET to avoiding that dreaded hangover? Well, we've got 11 secret tips to help you avoid getting one!
  12. Fill Your Freezer ALL March - Not £73.40, Now JUST £55! Our March EXTRA Lean selection is PERFECT for you! All LESS than 5% fat, Protein packed + You SAVE £18.40 on your monthly shop... Plus FREE chilled delivery for a LIMITED amount of time! Better yet, you receive ALL of this: 12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts 2 x 170g Free Range Pure Rumps™ 2 x 170g Matured Picanha Steaks 2 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks 2 x 170g Dragon Fire Hache Steaks Plus All The Essentials: 20 x 20g Free Range Steak Meatballs 2 x 400g Free Range Steak Mince 2 x 400g Premium Chicken Mini Fillets And These Extras: 6 x 75g Low Fat Meaty Pork Sausages 6 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages 10 x 35g Low Fat Bacon Medallions 1 x 30g Grillstock Seasoning + FREE Super Chilled Delivery (Worth £3.95) We know this hamper will make your March. Not matter what your goal, this hamper is perfect for you + £££ savings! Fill your fridge & freezer this March with expertly hand-trimmed, Great-Taste Award Winning produce you will LOVE! Simply follow these easy steps to claims yours: - Visit the page, choose your hamper & Add to basket - Enter your code on the checkout page (Save £££) - Enjoy gorgeous lean meats ALL March! *On-page T&Cs apply.
  13. We all know that sugar itself isn’t the demon it’s made out to be – But what happens to your body when you QUIT Sugar. We investigate.
  14. 20 Piece EXOTIC Steak Hamper - JUST £5.. ONLY 23p a piece!! You will LOVE these absolutely OUTSTANDING Great Tasting pieces... for BELOW cost price - ONLY 250 available! You will receive ALL this: - 2 x 110g Ostrich Fillet Steaks - 2 x 113g Tomato & Basil Buffalo Steak Burgers - 4 x 113g Extra Lean Kangaroo Steak Burgers - 2 x 113g Wild Boar & Apple Steak Burgers - 12 x 20g Prime Buffalo Meatballs You will absolutely LOVE the Ostrich Fillet Steaks.. They're SO good and JUST cost you 23p... Pretty crazy! LIMITED to 250 customers ONLY - so act fast! *On-page T&Cs appl
  15. Due to CRAZY demand, your favourite offer is BACK.. oh yes! >> 400g Free Range, Extra Lean Steak Mince, for JUST 99p << Made from extra special, premium matured Steak trimmings, our Extra Lean Steak Mince is a true customer favourite! + when it's 99p, you don't want to miss out on this CRAZY limited offer... BELOW cost of EVERY supermarket! - Certified Free Range - From Grass Fed cattle - Made from 100% Steak trimmings - Less than 5% fat - Freshly prepared & Minced in Britain Claiming yours for this price is simple, visit the page, add up to 5 packs to your basket and enter code: MINCE99 at checkout. *On-page T&Cs apply.