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  1. Are you eating to grow i.e. bulking? If you're not gaining weight in general then you'll find it hard to grow any one individual body part.
  2. I'm not sure you can read too much into what she says straight after the incident... under the influence of drugs/alcohol and being faced with such a scene I'm pretty sure it's shock that is speaking. People will blame social media, people will vilify the girl... but in reality it's just another death on the roads caused by drink or drugs. Reading another news source it stated "She was screaming that her sister was dead as officers tried to calm her down and lead her into an ambulance"... another stage of shock. Don't get me wrong though... still a stupid bitch and deserves to be locked up.
  3. You've been dieting for 4 days... supplements wont have any effect. So no, they are not good for you (this doesn't mean to say they are bad for you though). As others have said, if anything 5g of creatine a day is ample.
  4. They have a selection of 4/5 flavours in the tesco near me... I'll have a gander
  5. Not a hot sauce... more of a spicy ketchup sort of thing, but I love this. Reminds me of the chilli sauce from my favourite kebab shop
  6. I started a thread on this years ago as I've always wondered what the hell people lug about with them in their holdalls... I just carry a water bottle and phone in my hands and keys in pocket. Occasionally if deadlifting heavy I'll take a drawstring bag with chalk and straps in.
  7. Little changes in diet to start with will go a long way. Whatever works for you, but really no need to cut booze and clean diet up totally. Certainly don't need to eat foods you don't like mate. If you want to lose weight then simply reducing cals slightly will have you in the right direction. Best way is to just reduce your portion of carbs with each meal. You certainly wont catch me eating things like quinoa, fancy breads and green tea. Also don't get too tied up in g's of protein etc It's really easy to fall into the trap of wanting to optimise everything at the start... but you really won't see results any quicker than simply training right and controlling calories. As I'm sure you've figured out, running every day after years of inactivity is just a one way road to destination fvcked. Same goes for weight training. Set a sensible plan and stick to it.
  8. Should be ok after two years I'd have thought... if it was new you'd be left with a big old shortfall though
  9. Did you have GAP insurance mate? Even if not I'd imagine the shortfall won't be too much/non-existant after two years
  10. Doesn't sound like cash is an issue... why not just do something you enjoy on a self employed basis. Only need to work when you want then.
  11. It's very unlikely this fatigue you speak of is because of carbs unless you're on a cut with low carbs.
  12. Has training changed at all during this period (other than the walks)? For me when I lose pressing power it's always much more tricep related than pecs/delts... maybe that's just me though. Thing is (as I'm sure you're aware), although interesting in the grand scheme of your prep your numbers on compounds don't really matter at all, just concentrate on working the pecs, delts and tris as they should be worked.
  13. I'm a bit confused... I'm presuming here you're preping for a bodybuilding comp rather than powerlifting or strongman? How does the 4k cals compare to your cals 4 weeks ago, also is this carbs intra/post workout a new thing? Out of interest, what's this gentle walking malarkey... sound like you're going for a stroll to the paper shop lol
  14. Was gunna say... at 20 stone you must be some sort of stacked Rich Froning/Mo Farah love child to aiming for 2 hours lol
  15. You look completely normal... with your muscle mass you'd need to be at lower bodyfat levels to get any definition in that area. So if you're happy with your size then just cut... if not then you've just got to concentrate on growing your whole chest. The angle of the photograph really wont do any favours either, it flattens out the top and makes the bottom looks bigger than it is.