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  1. It'll be fine. Petrol can cause big issues with modern diesel engines (mainly injectors and the fuel pump), but a bit of diesel in a petrol shouldn't cause any issues, especially in an engine that old (they are not as highly strung as modern engines) You could just brim it with petrol, but it's pretty easy to disconnect the fuel line and short the fuel pump at it's relay... it would then just pump out into a container.
  2. 87% blood sats at that altidude isn't bad at all... we had someone in the 60s at only 4600m
  3. Depends really... if benching for numbers then yeah, you turn it into as much of a compound lift as physicaly possible by recruiting as much assistance from the whole body as you can. If just trying to target the pecs or tris specifically then flat on the bench is 'probably' a better option.
  4. You can swap exercises around all you want, but if your bench isn't great then that's because your pushing power isn't great. Sure something like decline db press might be a bit better, but still wont get round the problem. Generally strength will increase with bodyweight... so to lift heavier you've got to be eating to grow. Is this happening, are you putting weight on?
  5. I'd tell her to buy a better wig... that one looks fake as f**k
  6. I heard that pricking your mushroom tip is the unoffical method that people in the know use. Let me know how you get on mate
  7. Whether you need to or not who knows... 1g per lbs is only a rule of thumb. Personaly I'd keep protein exactly the same, only difference between a bulk and a cut is the portion size of carbs and maybe a bit less fat.
  8. You for real lol? Listen to what you're saying mate... you're calling me a sheep for suggesting news should be sought from a variety of sources Surley it's people who lap up content people like Tommy Robinson produces, or if you want an opposite from the left Russel Brand, who are the sheep. He has an adgenda... you really can't dispute that. I'm not sugesting there is anything wrong with having an adgenda... eveyone does to some extent. And when you're producing 'news' content you will always put your own spin on it to suit your audiance, whether that be the 10 o'clock news, The Sun or your local rag reporting on the local football team... after all, for most news is just a form of entertainment.
  9. Well if you go PayPal Pro then you can rebrand the page to your company style so people don't even realise they are using paypal. Only costs about £10 a month I think. You don't need a paypal account to use it, works pretty much just like any other payment gateway... just put your credit card details in. It's also pretty easy to set up an alternative gateway using a different provider and give the user the option of which method to use... that's what I do. I pay about £50 a month for the gateway and internet merchant account. Processing fees are lower than paypal, but you pay a monthly fee, so bit of a trade off depending on turnover. Bit of a ballache to set up though. If it helps last year on one of my websites about 60% paid me via my authorise.net gateway, 30% via paypal and 10% by bank transfer. Although I do try to steer people away from paypal as the processing charges are higher. The trend that's most common is private customers tend to pay by paypal and companies pay by the payment gateway or bank transfer.
  10. Try and move that bar upwards using just your legs and core lol... tbh you could use that argument for literally for any movement that require you to stand on your feet and hold a weight... bb row, curls, upright row etc etc. Moving onto a push press... yes you use leg drive, but that's because you have more weight on the bar. So although the legs are assisting, the load lifted is more. This means you can overload the delts (especially on the negative).
  11. This is the thing... Now I've not even watched the video, but the fact it's Tommy Robinson doing the interviewing would make me question the reliability of the resource. I'm not saying it's 100% not true either... just that I would rather hear an account from a few more reliable source first before I started to get outraged... maybe a Police source stating why charges wern't made.
  12. When you say use PayPal, in what sense... as a payment gateway i.e. using a paypal gateway for a debit/credit card transaction, paying using your paypal account, or sending money via paypal?
  13. Yeah I thought that looked a bit awkward. Will probably take a more natural route down when using a proper weight though I'd imagine lol
  14. Sounds boring af Sure you'll find some odd ball attention seeking whore who'll be up for it though that will make us all look like weirdos.