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  1. Its amazing how unfit you can be when you think you're fit. When I started running I thought it would be easy due to doing things like high rep deads... couldn't have been any further from the truth lol. Was like you... did a 4 mile run, managed 2, but then was stopping every few hundred meters, it was embarrassing lol.
  2. IMO it will have very little difference on the delt. Most the twist happens at the elbow. This alone will have very little impact on the delt. The twist you can make with your humerus will effect it... but this can be achieved consciously in both hand positions if you try. Just one will feel more natural. tbh I rarely do them as we have a machine. You push with your forearms at 90 deg so takes the elbow out of it. Also constant tension across the entire movement which you don't get with flies.
  3. Often thought it's funny how people tolerate it... yet lose their s**t at a 5 second youtube advert lol
  4. The fella's not logged in for almost a year... reckon you'll never know that magical macro split... damn
  5. I've said this all about 5 times now: OP has had a long lay off "Been out of the game for 5 +years now" OP was initially interested in a var only cycle "50mg of anavar E/d for 10 weeks do any harm, I'm only looking for a few lbs lean muscle upper body. " OP stated concern about his age, presumably meaning test levels "As I hope you can appreciate I'm no 20 year old with the world being their oyster and Im going to have a little assistance in my training. " On that above info I think a high does of trt of circa 200mg/week would fit the need perfectly. I don't see how you could disagree with that analysis. You will also notice I suggested a blood test first. 200mg of test should take blood levels above the natural range... if not it can be adjusted. Can I also add that 150-200mg of test e/week is 175-325% more than what Nebido would provide by my reckoning.
  6. It sounds like to me your extender is having trouble getting a wifi signal from the router (and therefore an internet connection)... try moving it closer just as a test if so.
  7. As bad as CEE mixed with unflavoured whey isolate?
  8. The extender isn't connecting to the internet, your router is... so I can't see it being an IP issue. Also not many domestic users use a static IP, so it shouldn't be reliant on that. Don't know what setting you have on the extender but I'd imagine things like dhcp should be off so the router issues the local IP addresses to the devices... basicaly making it as dump as possible. I've never used an extender though so I can't really offer any advice. When you say 'it' loses signal, do you mean the extender or the device connected to the extender? The extender should be located in the direction of the garage, but still in a good wifi signal area i.e. not in the garage itself,
  9. haha... sounds familiar. But yeah... I'd say 95% of all the resistance workouts in my life have been around the 40-50 min mark. Fair play for fitting it all in mate
  10. Missing the point totally and only quoting half ny post. Let me make this clear. It's nothing to do with me thinking someone that age should steer away from larger doses. You also conveniently ignored my question.
  11. Not sure. Maybe a year later... only had 2 profile pics on here
  12. http://www.informed-sport.com/ If it's not on there then you shouldn't take it is the Army's advice. It's not so much if they test for it, it's worrying about if it'll flag a false positive. You have to declare any meds (otc or prescription) and supplements before the test so can't make up some bs after the test. I suspect the test is pretty basic, but I've also heard rumours that what they test for can be random. Wouldn't risk it personaly.
  13. So why not recommend 250mg in this instance? Seems much more akin to what the OP is looking for. Again, my advice to run a smaller cycle is entirely based upon the fact it seems more inline with what the OP was looking for; he's been out of training for a prolonged period and most importantly it can be ran much longer (if not indefinitely if wanted). The tortoise always beats the hare remember Reason why I probably wouldn't recommend a dose quite that low to a 25 year old is I wouldn't say that running test for long periods of time is ideal if fertility down the line is a concern.
  14. Well @DaveC has already explained what those results will show... so no, it won't tell you anything about what you've listed.
  15. Are these all the blood tests I need?... it really depends what you want to learn form your blood test lol There are litteraly 100s of markers.