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  1. Anyone alive?
  2. Can someone embed the above video please.
  3. Yes Ken, back in the day.....
  4. Anyone remember Best, who wanted to just take dnp & not try to lose weight conventionally first?
  5. Yup, I have. Glad you've found happiness.
  6. Yes he did..., @hackskii Come back....we miss you!
  7. Loved his posts, & also a very knowledgeable guy in many different ways.
  8. DiggyV or whatever his name was. Became a mod & nobody knew who he was. Banned sc4mpo for no good reason as well.
  9. Milky..... Great bloke....why did he leave so suddenly?
  10. Yup, remember the name....Welcome back!
  11. Saw a sign in my local shop this morning. "Mosquito nets £10" Didn't know mosquitos did the lottery.
  12. That's the Tiger Bar in Patong...
  13. @Slagface