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  1. And........ Heath is back!
  2. Bugger me, as if being Natty isn't enough, you now think you're Yoda!
  3. Except Teresa May.
  4. Thank you Sasnak...
  5. Tip. If you were to try this with a wife - forget the holes.
  6. An update on my manky hip.... Had an MRI on Saturday afternoon - took about an hour, bloomin' noisy things they are! It clearly shows degeneration & Avascular Necrosis: Nice! Had a long discussion with the Surgeon & agreed that I really do need a replacement...Oh well, has to be done.
  7. That's're 'on the list'.
  8. I was corrupted by @Disclosure
  9. @Heavyassweights Boyfriends back....
  10. A man and a girl are walking in the forest. The girl looks up at the man and says, "It sure is scary out here!", to which the man responds: "You think you're scared. I have to walk back alone."
  11. Get a room you two. Everyone can see Skye is gagging for you HAW.
  12. Let's try & keep this thread alive then, even if we're not training as we used to. Will call the MRI clinic today & get an appointment & then figure out how to post it up.....
  13. Drop Kjetil a pm, & him to look at the MRI report.
  14. @Kjetil1234 This is the guy to ask.
  15. Why are camels also known as 'Ships Of The Desert'? Because they're full of Arab seamen.....