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  1. yes mate, it only a small track but its convenient for me as i worked in St. Helens. If you want a real experience you probably need to go to a more well known, bigger track.
  2. three sisters race track in Ashton in Makerfield is probably one of the nearest to you...
  3. Adrian Flux was always best for me, you have to ring though!
  4. whats your water intake like?
  5. Should be, myles grew better when i started training them only once per week.
  6. would be happy with any, except A and E.
  7. I got a 360 ticket a few years ago, nobody is interested in taking you on unless you have some good experience. I work in sales now
  8. @Tazz thank you so much for that!
  9. @Tazz, im not exactly sure what that is. I can use dropbox so i would be interested in that!
  10. Thanks @dtlv, i think books at a more accessible level is more suitable for me! Also thanks @grantmax89!
  11. Thanks @Eddias , the problem isn't with eating less, I'm not overweight or particularly underweight. I just fancied expanding my knowledge. I will take a look at the suggested books.
  12. doesn't seem like a massive amount, you always hear of people eating so many thousands of calories each day etc.
  13. probably don't need to know more about nutrition, its just something of interest. I did a lot of reading on training routines and the like, the research has worked reasonably well for me up to now. i just never really thought anything more of diet than getting macros right.
  14. no macro counting or anything like that? do you just go by how you feel?