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  1. Ok guys ive got 2 kids now and thinking about the snip, ive not talked with anyone about it yet so im just on here looking for advice on weather its a good idea or not, the pros and cons and if its painful etc....
  2. Yes they have risen over the course of a year I last went in July and the total test was 12, so I was hoping for it to be at around 15-16 ,this time around. Maybe they will come back more as time goes on. I have another appointment July 2017 with the Endo
  3. Thanks I was just hoping for higher figures to be honest. I know everyone is different, but I know a bloke in his 50's with total test levels at 16 so kind of makes me think mine is low. In what way was you feeling like crap, just so I can rule out any possible symptoms? I seem to struggle with getting up in the mornings, thats one thing I do get. My Anxiety seems to be levelling out a bit so that is a plus.
  4. Im feeling ok After being on such high doses of test for 2 years I am not sure what normal feels like anymore. My Doctor said these numbers are completely within normal range. Is he right or are they at the lower end of the normal scale?
  5. I have been off steroids for 13 months and I have been having regular bloods done to check my Test Levels. Latest Bloods after 13 Months off are: Total Test: 13 Free Test: 3.7 There may be other figures but im not sure on what those are, I feel ok in myself, but my sex drive/libido could do with being a bit better!! Would you be happy with those figures or are they on the Low side?
  6. Hi Does anyone know of any UGL that are very good to avoid Heavy Metal Contamination? Is there any of the Posh UGL around such as Alpha Pharma (Are these guys still around)
  7. Hi thanks for the replies. No I never used HCG because my Endo advised against it so I just went with it... I have no idea what my E2 levels are. I will try to find out... What range should they be in? I have some Clomid and Aromasin to hand. .What dose alongside Prov would you recommend? Remember Ive been off 8 Months !
  8. Hi the story so far is... My Test Levels after coming off a year long AAS cycle with no PCT over 8 Months ago have now recovered to 12 on the readings I am feeling ok but sex drive is still down a little I have some Proviron here and wanted to know if I was to take this at 25/50 mg per day would it have a negative effect on my Test Levels?
  9. Testolic is actually UGL made in Thai Land
  10. Not asking for a source but genuinely asking if test prop is still available in real Pharma grade, if so what brands make it?
  11. Who self prescribes TRT and how do you work it as in timing the injections, what prefered ester and how often do you get bloods done, does your gp know you self medicate etc... and do you still cycle or just purely for TRT?
  12. Does it free up test ?
  13. Does anyone run Proviron during TRT or a Cruise. Just wondering what benefits this would bring if any... ?
  14. Thinking of self medicating myself but what regular checks should you be taking in terms of blood tests etc... ?