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  1. Hi just looking for some feedback on Orbis Labs, there oils inparticularly there test
  2. What type of Laser did he use? That don't seem right to me to blister that much! Have you got any recent pics?
  3. Can someone post a pic of the size of the container because I have tried to pin pr**k before for glucose blood sugar and thats hard enough to get a small droplet out!! How much blood are we talking here? It seems pretty ridiculous if you ask me. And where are you finding nurse for £20?
  4. Has anyone here had any positive experience with Tattoo Removal?
  5. Has anyone used or tried CBD? Its a legal form of Cannabis oil made out of hemp or cannabis but contains No THC so its legal and still has all the benefits of the plant. I started taking this for Anxiety and its helped alot. I noticed that its also good pre-workout so I now take it before I go to the gym and feel im more energetic, focused and can power through sets better! Has anyone else used this or think it has potential ?
  6. Another question I have regarding Estrogen, is this.... If its too low then how do I get it higher? Because Ive read that it can go too high or too low?
  7. I was on taking them x3 a day, I can't remember the dosage now but the Dr said its because I am very fit that I don't need to take much as my resting heart rate was lower to start with but im not sure thats all true. I didn't really get much relief from them anyway to be honest, I found Diazepam much much better at calming me down and getting me out of that Tense up, Dizzy Anxiety state! I am doing fine on the CBD oil now though. You should look it up, its all legal and totally natural. Very good for your health in many ways aswell.
  8. Thanks I will try and have a word with my Doctor when the time is right but im not sure he will agree to all of the above. You must have a very good Doctor!!
  9. Thanks I am going to speak to a Dr but I know they will roast me about wanting to take AAS long term. Are you self prescribing yourself TRT or is is just bloodwork for inbetween courses and too see if your recovering?
  10. yes I was prescribed Propranolol and it made my heart rate go too low! I had a resting heart beat of 39 BPM. I had to come off them and was then prescribed diazepam which I took for about 2 years. Anxiety slowly reduced and I take CBD oil now which is a cannabis oil extract without the THC in and its working pretty good at the minute. I am just worried about going back on cycle and getting anxiety come back in a bad way again!
  11. Hi very interested to hear about what your GP has agreed to do for you? Sometimes it can be very difficult to get Doctors to agree on anything especially blood tests as they do cost the NHS money. I have been recovering from zero test levels for the past 1 and half years alongside terrible anxiety due to steroids so im not sure im ready to go back on yet, I feel like I want to and I feel like I need the testosterone for a kick in sex drive as my sex drive is quite poor, even though my levels are back to normal range (lower end) im considering self trt but its quite a big step to make for a bit of added sex drive. So may just do a few short cycles of test and keep cycling it , get bloods done, or use HCG throughout if using for longer. Don't fancy a full on TRT just yet as I don't fully know the consequences
  12. Excellent guide, thanks for the info. I will do some reading up on E2.
  13. But what about the heavy metals that could be lurking in UGL ??
  14. Thanks guys is Sphinx still around? I used this stuff over 2 years ago and it was the best UGL stuff ive ever used, absolutely great stuff. I worry about heavy metals and contaminations alot though so I am trying to stay away from UGL gear if possible. Where I can I will just use Pharma Grade as I feel healthier on it
  15. Thanks Medichecks looks good but im wondering how a finger pr**k will produce enough blood to be tested? Have you used them yourself?