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  1. You horrible bastard. i went mad last night and had a pizza and some cheesy chips.
  2. I've started doing this. I used to jab 250mcg ed as 500 made me vomit. However must have grown a tolerance as 500 isn't that bad now. Currently jab 3x a week and the third is 30 mins pre sun bed.
  3. My lass veets me every 8 weeks or so. I veet everything including balls and never had an issue. Just make sure you don't leave it on for too long. i have really sensitive skin though and it doesn't really harm me.
  4. Gotta be thorough with these sorts of things.
  5. Yeah I'd be questioning that. She be getting a grilling when she gets home, prob end up checking and sniffing her pants to make sure. May need a trip to see jezza.
  6. Will give this a try when my current tv shows stop airing. Especially if it's similar to inbetweeners.
  7. Haha always.
  8. Yeah one of the worst was probably a pregnant woman who got hit full on by a lorry. Was pictures of the scene, the baby was out of her stomach and was decapitated. I had a week binge looking up that stuff had to stop after that haha.
  9. Haha nah I haven't and I don't plan on looking up anymore. cant remember what site it was might have been goregrish, some mad videos on there. Seen some young lad get his arm took off by a car iirc. The blood was just gushing out he stood there like f**k all was wrong then collapsed soon after.
  10. Haha it defo does. I remember watching a vid called 3 guys 1 hammer or something. Basically took some guy to a wooded area beat him with a hammer, stabbing him with a screw driver or something. I wasn't that old it f**ked my head for ages haha.
  11. Sounds good mate. I'd do 500mg test a week. If you wanted an oral of choice id recommend epistane, very mild and very good for drying you out (plus it's only oral that doesn't fvck me up)
  12. I get them on and off but they're usually gone within a minute of moving my hands/arms around. So nothing chronic (yet)
  13. I know a lot of people preach about hitting certain bf levels before you cycle but I wouldn't. In all honesty if you're leaning up for a holiday now I'd be inclined to get on some test if you have enough time (10-12 weeks), you'll see massive difference even when cutting just keep protein high and decent amount of fat. That's my advice anyway.