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  1. Can you not siphon majority of it out then top up/dilute
  2. Cum inside a few times and go back the next morning it's pretty off but still go again
  3. I'd use bodyconscious for epistane I believe one bottle is enough for a cycle at 15mg/cap 30mg up to 45mg after a few weeks. Highly doubt you need an ai on epistane. Clomid would suffice for pct but I'd rather use both nolvadex and clomid, chance of better recovery = chance of keeping more results (downside to pct and oral only cycles) Taurine might help if you suffer from shin and back pumps, I've had them pretty bad on epistane, it won't cure them though. Epistane is very mild on liver, I ran it at 60mg and had bloods done (hospital checkup for a different reason) after cycle and my lfts were just "ever so slightly off" so I wouldn't bother just drink a lot of water. Some people report dry joints on epi, I've never experienced this myself I imagine the fish oils will help, could use glucosamine sulphate if you had some laying around though.
  4. Can't stand it, tren and t3 as well sweating like fvck
  5. Butter knife to the base of shaft I assume.
  6. Rather do one alone, they achieve the same thing. Both relatively weak but they will give you a harder and drier look for sure.
  7. Strap a barbell to your forehead and shake your head violently until failure. I have seen a video on YouTube of demonstrating something similar to the above.
  8. This is why I keep chugging my overdosed preworkouts on top of my energy drinks (sugar free though)
  9. Hope that's not per cap? If so 30mg sd and 20mg m1t will be brutal on liver.
  10. I wouldn't. That shits going to constantly rise regardless
  11. Yeah this. One person suffers from delusion it's called insanity, a group of people suffering is called religion.
  12. Funnily enough also using Sphinx t300 on my cut, 1 ml a week.
  13. Literally laughed out loud. I'm very mature...