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  1. I bet it makes zero fvcking difference what so ever
  2. Tren calms me down. I'm just naturally a cvnt I think . It's what my lass says anyway.
  3. Haha what's up with people saying she doesn't do it for them? If she came onto you, no way would you turn her down. lower the ai doses lads!
  4. Haha that is exactly what I do! Well I did I've decided to not bother at all, but still fancy trying an oral I haven't attempted yet no doubt I'll purchase and it will fvck me up haha.
  5. I've been really losing motivation lately to train and doing a fair bit volume also. So I've decided to drop the volume and stick to a smaller routine and see if i can get back on track with it all. Im well into my bulk and training has been pretty half arsed the last few weeks so what's people's opinions on the below? Also a home gym user. Push Flat bench 3 sets 8 ohp 3 sets 8 ez skull crushers - 3 sets 12 dips 3 sets 12 lateral raises - 3 sets 12 Pull pullups 3 sets 8 bent over rows 3 sets 8 ez bicep curls - 3 sets 12 deadlifts 3 sets 8 Legs squats - 3 sets 8 leg press 3-5 sets 12 calf raises 3 sets 12 Once I hit the 3 sets I'll up the weight the next session.
  6. For all dat sweat when you making them gainz son!
  7. 5 7 height around 13 stone 5 pounds ish.
  8. If orals agree with you then yes. I haven't found an oral that doesn't kill me one way or another and hinders workouts so I don't bother anymore. a few more on my list to try but don't think I'll bother with my past experiences.
  9. About 2300-2500 got me leanish in my avi last summer. I stopped early though as I wanted to bulk again
  10. What kind of tramadol are you lads taking? Im pretty out of it on 50mg of slow release hcl. If I take 100-150mg I can't eat and guarantee I'll be vomiting soon after.
  11. Just haven't mate and I don't really drink either, so guess that doesn't really encourage me to go either. Already got a lass so not like I'd want to meet anyone new.
  12. You're thinking waaaaay to much into these protein shakes. Seems the isolate doesn't give you the same issues so stick with that. Stick to your diet (assume cutting) and just use the isolate to help hit protein requirements.