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  1. I've never got on with mp whey. Bulk powders has never let me down and currently using bodybuilding warehouse for my last few bags of whey and impressed.
  2. I usually do 25 days. I haven't tried longer as I usually kick start cycle with an oral and finish last 4 weeks with one too.
  3. Genuinely 20mg, I've done 30mg and that was ok but 20mg seemed seemed better for benefits vs sides. 40mg wrecked me haha.
  4. I prefer it at very end sd enhances physique very well, look full and constantly pumped it's a good way to finish a cut haha
  5. T bullets is superdrol and max lmg if I remember rightly?
  6. Tren chills me out. Superdrol actually makes me more aggressive or that's what I've noticed when I've added it to cycles.
  7. The daddy of orals
  8. Only used ph version. I'm running triumph in my next lean bulk I'll be putting a log up.
  9. Looks all scientific and that init
  10. It's all about superdrol lads,
  11. I bet op empties all his whey protein and weighs it to make sure he hasn't been short changed a few hundred grams
  12. Have read that even dosing 5g eod can be enough once saturated, can't remember where I read it though haven't looked things up in a good while.
  13. I stopped using Creatine myself made no difference to me. People say it can help you look fuller with water etc I look fuller without it haha.
  14. Can't answer that myself. I deem most supplements useless and a waste of time. I stopped taking Creatine a few weeks ago noticed zero difference. Some people take glutamine daily, from what I've read people think it helps with recovery and also has benefits to your stomach, it's one of them supps you'd probably never know of it's really benefitting you like a multi vitamin.