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  1. I'd avoid builds if you're just after movies/tv shows, only need a few addons. Builds run to slow and updating all the time did my head in.
  2. Cialis lasts a good few days, it's usually worse the second day after taking it imo.
  3. An incredible massive one
  4. Needs to cut to become real life Hercules lol
  5. Was soya mate.
  6. Probs mistaken it for my d1ck
  7. I've got one on my left lat, been meaning to tie some thread around it for ages now. used to have one on my groin too but that randomly went by itself never had them around eyes though
  8. No sides on tren really, keep my appetite and metabolism goes stupidly fast. The only issue I get toward the end is heart burn and it's horrible waking at 3am or something with a burning sensation, just need some omeprazole on hand.
  9. Yeah I've heard it has traits to help with pain, especially some long term issues. i used between 500mg and 2g. Made no difference in the pump though.
  10. Some of them comments haha
  11. @Plate why u hide yo sexy face behind da bomb ?
  12. Agmatine sulphate is a strange one. I used to supplement with it myself along with Citrulline and nitrates. Removing agmatine has not reduced my pumps etc in the slightest. I've also tried it solo and it didn't give me any more noticeable pumps. Some people seem to respond well to it for pump enhancing and others just don't. Although it has other benefits I wouldn't say preworkout especially if you don't get the pump enhancing with it like me.
  13. I use arginine nitrate. Arginine also lowers nitrate tolerance iirc
  14. Nitrates I'd say as well pretty much all you need is them 3 things.
  15. Double Citrulline dose Beta alanine and Creatine need to be taking daily to saturate pwo makes no difference arginine has been debunked as pointless for any kind of NO production and the likes Taurine meh Caffeine is ok though