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  1. I'm a few months off 5 years.
  2. I've got a load of the quest ones I'll start them again from today and try cheers.
  3. Im assuming a fair few people get this on here especially when running certain compounds, its killing me at the moment. Currently running 400mg tren and low dose epistane, omeprazole calms it down for a short while but it comes back with a vengeance, especially waking up at 3am and throat is on fire. Has anyone used anything other than omeprazole or the likes, maybe something natural that has helped?
  4. Thanks mate can't watch eastenders anymore now, when I hear the drums all I'm gonna imagine is you slinging one up some guys arse.
  5. You'll know in a week if d Bol is ok for you. Kills my appetite in a week haha. id take one unopened sd if you'd sell mate. I'd pay £32 delivered just because I can get that price off bodyconscious if it helps you out.
  6. Yep you can also add the automatic stuff to the count.
  7. Whats your kill count with your gardening equipment mate ?
  8. Long as it's not the face all good mate.
  9. 5' 7" was 209 pounds at end of the bulk I stayed fairly lean too. Just got a stupid metabolism when it comes to bulking
  10. A "clen-willy" combo as you put it is the best combo. As you say some agree and some don't. I know @Plate doesn't agree he likes it dirty.
  11. Ah you bastard I'm tempted by this despite the fact it will probably kill me.
  12. I've watched them all apart from the latest season. I assume it's out now I'll have to get back to it soon. Ragnar fvcked up leaving lagertha for aslaug, she was fit asf.
  13. I suppose I'd rather find it harder to gain weight (eat more shite) then be able to lean up easier than the other way around. just lack of appetite I hope after this cut I can get to sensible eating and still progress
  14. Was up to 5100+ on my last bulk to barely see a pound a week. Never felt so sick trying to cram the calories in haha.
  15. Yuri Boyka 3/10. I liked the undisputed movies but this was pretty terrible. Logan was a decent watch.