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  1. Just spat coffee all over my work monitor, y'funny bastard
  2. Not had this for years but it's a fooker.
  3. I'll reply to this later but there's no such thing as a 'hard gainer' outside of marketing. You're just not eating enough.
  4. yea, i think there's an option either for one amount regardless of weight or value of package or it covers your location (some being more expensive than others)
  5. Pineapple's incredible too. in4 snowcone
  6. Just realised you've not ordered yet, so disregard my previous post. the £3 delivery is from the states and takes roughly 3-4 working days (as per previous posts in this and other threads)
  7. This makes sense that they're designed for slimmers. I'd made it after a game of football, so whilst it did a job, it felt like i could've had two. Got another defrosting for lunch tomorrow
  8. 3-4 working days. It's actually surprisingly quick, given the company are based on the west coast of 'murika
  9. Have you had a dispatch email?
  10. Yea, it's kind of garbage. I'm not sure BP produce anything at present that's on the WADA anti-doping list do they? Apart from maybe caffeine which i believe is banned in higher quantities (I'm happy to be proven wrong on that as it's a complete guess). As above, I buy Informed Whey as it just tastes better than the regular whey concentrate and it has the digezyme in it too - I get some jip with lactose intolerance and my IBS with whey and it's not an issue with blends with digestive enzymes in.
  11. Got these yesterday and tried one last night. Not the biggest portions in the world, but they're enough for a lunch meal and are surprisingly tasty. I'll have a few more and do a proper write up. Thanks again Ryan @MuscleFood
  12. not that i'm aware of, but If i hear anything, I'll let you know ASAP
  13. I'll dig them out if I get chance this weekend
  14. No problem at all
  15. top banana, glad you're delighted with the service and the product. Any questions, drop me a PM Thanks again!