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  1. Nothing for meso at the moment I'm afraid. thanks.
  2. it's been put on hold for now
  3. if you have any issues, contact the card provider of how you paid and put a claim in for non-receipt.
  4. if you use the scoop, can you crush the clumps against the side of the tub? I've just replied to your PM BTW
  5. RE the samples - the parcel I received from america had the total sum of 1 (one) sample sachet of Mesomorph. I ended up posting it off to Fortis.
  6. Top man. Would kill for a Chinese buffet right now.
  7. You could order with a few friends and split the cost?
  8. Indeed. we sell it here - http://www.strongsupplementshop.co.uk/mesomorph-by-aps-nutrition postage for the UK is around £3
  9. Package due this week, so I'll be getting samples sent out (if they've put them in)
  10. @Lorian Have you had chance to reply to the StrongSupps email about a 2-4 day banner?
  11. Nolva
  12. it's hammered every year. we're doing the VIP tickets on saturday this year. I wanted to do Friday but my mate's a PT and has quite a few clients on friday, so we're doing saturday.
  13. people do fall for them - in a previous job as an underwriter, i had a guy wanting a £6000 loan as he had to pay for some shares in the US to be released. I asked him when he took them out and he hadn't, he'd had some company with 'a pretty legit looking website' contact him telling him there's around $250000 waiting to be released but in the US you have to pay first before the funds get released. He wouldn't be told that it's likely a scam. I didn't ask for them but he'd faxed in a bunch of PDF 'bills' from this company that showed the amount he owed. they were absolutely riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc.
  14. it's amazing how many new members on here and other similar forums declare love for the same company. no company has ever delivered such mind-bendingly good service that i've felt it necessary to sign up to multiple forums to shout from the rooftops.
  15. take them whenever - timing is largely irrelevant. If you're eating a meal post workout, i wouldn't bother with the dextrose in your post-wo drink. save the calories and have them from a whole food source