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  1. Orange Triad (Controlled Labs) but try and get the American version *ahem* as the EU version has been really watered down thanks, in part, to a recent ban on chelated minerals in the UK/EU. They use the most bio-available forms of each vitamin and it also has a comprehensive joint, immune and digestion formula. you also get 45 days supply in each tub too, as opposed to the usual 30, so it's that bit better value
  2. Yes Sir! (or madam)
  3. Yea, i think i answered my own question as I was typing it. I know i'll regret it in 6 months time if i don't.
  4. Hola! I've been working for the same company now for 5 years and have recently (3 weeks ago) started a new job which came with a small (but welcome) pay rise and offered new opportunities and, importantly, no evenings or weekends. The dilemma I have now is that an even better position has come up internally, offering significantly better pay and is a job i'm currently studying towards. I've only been in my current role 3 weeks and I'm still in training/accreditation. I'm aware that if i apply for this other job and don't get it, it could possibly cause some issues where i am (though my manager is really laid back and probably wouldn't care). Just to add - we have a baby on the way in september and the hours are a lot more suitable in my current role and there is ample overtime available for the forseeable, the pay is better in the other role. Given what I've explained, what would you do? Stay here for a while and hope a position opens up in the future or bite the bullet, look like a bit of a c**t and go for the newer job? (actually, as i type this, i think i've already answered it, but i'll leave it open to the floor)
  5. It'll likely be finished by now - they're on for a week at a time
  6. Shouldn't have done - when did you last try? It should be about £3
  7. what do you mean by 'cardiovascular supplements'?
  8. Maybe concerned about shipping costs going up and tighter border controls as products will be entering the EU as opposed to moving between EU nations.
  9. How does Whey give you anxiety? Why doesn't casein? Not taking the piss, just genuinely curious.
  10. I always aim to please
  11. I'll drop you a PM
  12. Up last few days
  13. You can have 10% off PH's on our site with code UKM10 (just had it made especially for you). don't tell anyone either
  14. Hey, strongsupplementshop.co.uk ship PH from the UK. You have a few years before Brexit is finalised, so you'll still be able to benefit from shipping from the UK. Anything on our site with the Union flag on the product image is shipped from the UK. keep an eye on the forum for special offers and remember code UKM10 gets you 10% off our PH range.
  15. I know it's a bit of a slog getting through these and given there's 5 finishers, I'm going to organise something for 4th & 5th - it might not be a product, perhaps just a t-shirt, but we'll sort something out for finishing outside the top 3