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  1. Phone the polis?
  2. It does make me laugh seeing people in brand new expensive training gear, usually always in Jan. Never to be seen again after march. saw my first face mask of the year on the weekend too!
  3. If there's a pure gym nearby, you can get a free 3 day pass on their site with code WELCOME
  4. Sorry, I wrote it and then edited it as it was a bit snide
  5. I've asked Ares to update the title thread, but we're going to be offering a few more prizes than I initially expected. Just a quick one to say we'll be offering a few extra prizes than previously anticipated. First Prize: APS MESOMORPH (Pre-wo) Assault Labs WILD THING (Pre-wo) and REDCON1 FADE OUT (sleep supplement), as well as a StrongSupplementShop branded t-shirt and a shaker. 2nd & 3rd places - Assault Labs WILD THING (pre-wo), StrongSupplementShop branded t-shirt and a shaker.
  6. Nothing near as bad as this, but I got some trial pots of PNI PRODIGY pre-workout. they came in single servings, so one day i'm up for an early heavy legs day, so pop both bottles. had the most freakbeast workout of my life, calves pumped like balloons and energy for days. finished workout at 9am, straight into manchester for breakfast and to meet a friend. I ate so much food that day. my legs were pumped, I felt amazing until about 4pm when i chucked up hard. Calves pumped for the next 5 days, to the point it hurt to stand up or walk. stairs were a no-no. a few other people provided feedback on how amazing it was and it soon transpired that the labels were wrong. each pot was 2 scoops and not one, so i and a few others had bust 4 scoops of pre-workout and had the best workouts of our individual lives. never again.
  7. In fairness, he did offer
  8. It actually kinda does. I think it tastes a bit like skittles. A mouthful of the red and purple ones.
  9. Get 15% off BRUTAL 4CE by Blackstone Labs with code BRUTAL4CE15 Bring an end to being small and let the bulking begin with Brutal 4ce by Blackstone Labs!
  10. Hoping to have a firm answer tomorrow night - I've referred it to HQ and with them being located in California, it'll probably be tomorrow night (hopefully)
  11. Rocket pop FTW
  12. Up!
  13. them feels when you're missing out
  14. It's the same as here really, always tastes better cold out of a glass bottle.