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  1. At the minute, there are technically 2 brands of Jym protein because of a contractual dispute between bodybuilding.com and Jim stoppani (though it's now resolved) so it could be this. where did you buy it from?
  2. protein

    Who the hell are PSN? **edit** i think it's spam
  3. Yea, definitely. Give it a good shake to make sure you have a thorough mix of all of the ingredients
  4. Just had a look myself and using our Halo-V product, it does show an option for £10 but similarly, there's an option for £3 for first class. It says international, but its shipped from the UK
  5. What're you buying that's showing expensive shipping? Are you in the uk too? not everything is shipped from the uk - just PH's and some popular products like Mesomorph
  6. Good man. did you use UKM10 for 10% off?
  7. Have you tried shaking the tub?
  8. They are banned in the US, which is why we have them stored at our facility here in the UK.
  9. We're based in the US but PROHORMONES and certain other popular products (including Mesomorph) are shipped from our UK warehouse. All shipments from our US facility are discreetly packaged as to not attract customs attention, but as with anything coming from outside the EU, there can be no guarantee of avoiding customs charges. I've been with StrongSupps now for nearly 2 years and have had 2 charges of around £11 each but that's when ive been receiving large orders (one package had 3 tubs of pre-workout, 2 tubs of amino acids, multivits and fish oil). If you're ordering only a small number of items, in my experience you'll be fine, but as per above, that's not a 100% guarantee. I've never had anything opened and inspected and nor have anyone else on here that I'm aware of
  10. Depends what sort of supplements you're after as well. We don't really sell much in the way of Whey or BCAAs but we often have offers on [strong] preworkouts and PH's
  11. Sign up for our daily specials email and get notification of all of our deals straight to your inbox. enter your email at the bottom of the main home page: https://www.strongsupplementshop.co.uk/
  15. Any reason you want them sans sucrose?