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  1. Not too bad bud....Still a little sore and stiff lol.. getting dressing changed tomo so will get to see if the skin has started to heal over
  2. IMG_1062.mp4 160kg atlas stone PB.. Iv failed 160kg many times.lapped it but could never quite load it so to get it in a run,was well chuffed stones were 90-100-120-140-160
  3. Pre - wicked or No xplode XE Intra - Go nutrition 'amino go' with added HDBC and sodium bicarbonate post - Salts/aminos/ glutamine then Food!!!
  4. Stones were 90-100-120-140-160 on the 140 I got my right hand stuck in the frame,pulled out and ripped finger!! Thats me out for the year!!
  5. IMG_1062.mp4IMG_1063.mp4
  6. @faipdeooiad how long is this offer on? May grab another tub next week!!
  7. Anyone know where I can get this from,uk stores,pharmacies? I need it by Saturday so eBay/amazon are out of the question
  8. Ok guys apart from eBay/amazon..anyone know were I can buy albolene from,uk pharmacies? iv searched boots/lloyds but no joy
  9. Rubbish for muscle gain??? Says ? Gains are typicality slower lets say but far from rubbish..personal preference I suppose iv ran several times,last year I ran it for about 20weeks,not for muscle gain tho..Steady strength gains,joints felt great but the anxiety!! Was a bitch on times
  10. Yes,many years ago,and real eff...the pseudo don't compare but there is a mild effect from them,with some caffeine defo not a placebo dude..
  11. So you haven't tried it??? So you can't really give your opinion other than what you have read? pseudo eff is very mild yes,but pop two and you'll feel the difference 'I've tried it '
  12. 300kg suited deadlift and 270kg raw.... These are lite recent lifts... Iv squated 260kg in wraps and have a 140kg over head.Log and barbell IMG_0438.mp4
  13. Sudafed decongestant from lloyds,Asda,Tesco etc etc 60mg pseudo effedrine in them,same as chest eze
  14. Second tub now bud...punch is really nice wanted to try the new super pump with DMAA but went with what I know
  15. @faipdeooiad ordered some wicked from strong on 13th...recieved today,quick turn around